She sat in front of her porch, arms crossed over chest as she stared at the bamboo gate.
A routine she’d picked up ever since her daughter’s demise a week ago.
She’d made it a habit to sit in front of her porch for hours on end, staring at the gate.
Hoping Annamarie will walk through that bamboo gate with a big smile on her face and shout
But no.

This nightmare seemed like it was here to stay.
Stay for good.
Yet her brains somehow shut down completely, refusing to accept reality.
So like she’d been doing for the past seven days, she sat.
Hope never leaving her.


Mr. Quaye exits the cottage, pushing the mat that served as their door away from his face as the image of his wife seated on the porch came into view.
His eyes travel to the small table near her.
The bowl of boiled plantain and tomato stew still sat on the table, untouched.
The calabash of water was also untouched.
He sighs.

She hadn’t taken a single bite neither had she drank water.
She was going to get sick if she kept on going like this. Clearly, he couldn’t afford to lose another beloved.
Not when Anna’s demise was still fresh on his mind. Like a pricking thorn.
He moves to her.
“Please eat something. Even if it’s just one bite, please. You’ll get sick and I don’t want to lose you too” he pleads, the usual strictness in his voice was gone.

His wife shakes her head, licking her slightly chapped lips due to dehydration.
“No. If I eat, I may not see my daughter come in. I want to be the first to see her when she returns”
Mr. Quaye rubs his temple.
Grief had its own way of worming into a human’s system and dismantling everything, even their way of thinking.
Grief could make someone go crazy.
And his wife was slowly and blindly going down that path.

“Look…” He begins but pauses when the loud creak of their bamboo gate interrupts him.
It was a few village elders and a white man. The only white man in the village who happened to be a doctor.
Mr. Quaye goes to meet them.
“Greetings” he greets
“Greetings Mr. Quaye.” The white man nods
“What brings you here at such wee hours of the morning?”
“I examined your daughter’s body and I found out…” He trails off
“Found what? Tell me”

“Umm… That your daughter was r*ped to death. Not once, not twice was she violated. It could’ve been three or probably four times simultaneously. Her body couldn’t take it. Which was why she gave up the ghost. I’m sorry”
Mr. Quaye stands quietly for a while…
Annamarie had gone to meet her four best friends who’d returned from the city.
She was r*ped.
Not once or twice. But more
This could mean one thing.
It was no coincidence.

Those stupid city boys were his first suspects.
Without another word, Mr. Quaye rushes into his cottage, returns with his cutlass and storms past them.
Someone had to pay for Annamarie’s death.
And those city boys will be his first target.


Leaves crunching underneath shoes and boots could be heard as all four boys made their way through the bushes, each carrying a duffel bag around their shoulders containing a few clothes and necessities.
By morning, they’d be out of this village if they kept walking through the bushes nonstop.
Sooner or later, someone was going to realize Annamarie was r*ped to death and they’d be the main suspects.
That white doctor could use his technology to detect who the r*pists were.
No way in hell they’d wait for calamity to befall them before they start running.
Better safe than sorry.
“Hurry!” Anthony nudges Eugene from behind who groans In annoyance.


Lord Hades sat on his throne, watching on the screen as the boys escaped through the bushes.
He snaps his fingers.


The earth suddenly shook.
All four boys stood frozen, a thick white smoke surrounding them as layers of ice began to crawl up their feet. Up and up it went until the ice froze their entire body.
Their faces turning completely white, eyes wide with shock and mouths open as the ice-encased them, freezing them until their hearts stopped beating.


Hades nods in satisfaction.
It was better this way. He had frozen them and trapped them in time. He had cast an invisible wall around them also making them invisible to the human eye.
They’d remain frozen and trapped in time until Annamarie’s reincarnation process was through.
And then… It’ll begin.
Her revenge. His fun.
The destruction.


YEAR- 2018

She stood behind the bathroom sink, her dark hair cascading graciously down her shoulders as she stared at her reflection.
She licks her lips. And then stares at her hand. They were shaking.
The small pregnancy test she held between her fingers, blinking the colors brightly.
She blinks. And blinks again.
Maybe her eyes were deceiving her she thought.
But no.

She stares at all six pregnancy test tubes she’d bought.
All read positive…
She was pregnant.
A piece of news she’d been trying to grasp for the past ten minutes.
Trying to accept.
It was no news that Maria Kent and her husband hadn’t been able to bear a child after eight years of marriage…

The doctor had said Maria’s fertility was low. Meaning her chances of getting pregnant was one out of hundred. Slim chances.
After several tries, Maria and her husband had given up and began to think of adoption.
But then a few days ago, she’d started to feel sick.
Nauseous, vomiting, fatigue and all the symptoms associated with pregnancy.
Maria, not wanting to raise her hopes had brushed it off, blaming it on the irregular menstrual cycle.

But of late, her hormones were all over the place. Craving for ridiculous foods at odd times of the night.
And so, having decided that there was no harm in trying, Maria had bought six pregnancy test on her way home and all of the tests read positive.
She was pregnant!
But the doctor had said her fertility was low right? She thinks.
Yes, but he never said it was impossible to conceive…

He’d only said her chances were slim.
Carefully, Maria touches her still, flat belly, her lips breaking into a slow smile as tears of joy Cascaded down her rosy cheeks.
She was pregnant!
Finally, she was going to be a mother!
Maria stares down at the belly, love blossoming already for the child yet to arrive.
“You’ll never lack for anything my child” Maria promised, touching her belly.



And so following his promise and deal he made with Annamarie fifty Years ago, on the 25th of April, 2018 at exactly 10:30 pm when the moon had finally taken its full shape in the sky, Maria Kent gave birth to a baby girl.
Annamarie was born to the Kent family.
She was named Valerie.
Valerie Kent.

THE LAST VIRGIN Episode four


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