Isabelle opened her eyes and let them upon the wall clock. It was three minutes past eight o’ clock. Sitting up, Isabelle stretched her arms upwards and made a loud yawn.
“It’s going to be a good day,” Isabelle said, sniffing the cozy breeze that invaded Its way into the room through the partially opened window. “I know It.”
Early eighteen, Isabelle was tall, chocolate in complexion and had a good body structure. She had black beautiful eyes, short dark brown hair that surprisingly matched her skin color and a killer dimple at the side of her cheek whenever she made a smile.

Things had been quiet on the bright side for young Isabelle. She was one of the three children of Mr. And Mrs. Isaac. In the midst of two boys, Isabelle was the only girl. Like most girls, Isabelle was an extrovert and an explorer who loved to place a question on everything she could Let her eyes on. But what made her different was the unquenchable urge of knowing a little too much about everything and that made her the brightest girl one could hope for.
Isabelle stood up from her bed, walked into her bathroom and stared at the mirror above the washing hand-basin.

“God! I look like a mess.” Isabelle Said, irritated by the way she looked in her pajamas. “But that needn’t last for am going to have a good day.”
“Practicing the accent huh?” A feminine voice said from the room’s door.
“Not exactly aunty Lora,” Isabelle said, taking her toothbrush and filling it with a red shinning toothpaste. “Am just telling myself that it’s going to be a good day.”
“Well do that sharply, freshen up and come downstairs,” Lora said. “You have chores to do.”

“Yes, aunty Lora.” Isabelle shrugged at her reflection. “I shall do the endless chores and hope they don’t take the good out of the day.”
“Good girl,” Lora said and her voice disappeared thereafter with her footsteps heading quietly down the lobby.
“Great!” Isabelle shook her head. “Another good day going bad.”
Isabelle brushed clumsily and when she was done, she took a quick shower and freshened up. She walked to her wardrobe, wore a gray trouser and a black bra and then started contemplating on the shirt to wear.

“Hmmmmm.” Isabelle glanced at the two pair of shirts in front of her. One was black with ‘if god was a woman’ written on it while the other was just plain yellow. “Black or yellow. Which one suits the day?”
Isabelle stared at the shirts for a while before finally making a pick.
“I’ll go with the black.” Isabelle picked the black shirt and wore it before squatting down to lice her black shoes. “Hope Lora’s chores are not much.”

Isabelle stood straight, walked out of her room and headed downstairs to the parlor. She met Lora doing some paperwork on the couch. Lora was an agile single lady of mid-thirties. She was Isabelle father’s younger sister. Isabelle had been staying with her since her parents got divorced a few years ago. When the divorce happened, Isabelle felt been dragged by her mother and father and was given the dilemma to choose between both parents. But Isabelle was young, she was hurt, she was wounded by the divorce and she couldn’t choose between her parents. She felt completely lost and broken and when she thought she had nobody to turn to, Lora swooped in and took her in, giving her the home she had irrefutably longed for.

“Am set to go and I’ll be going now,” Isabelle said, making a turn to the door.
“Stop right there,” Lora ordered without lifting her face from her work. “You got chores remember?
“Ohooo.” Isabelle turned back to Lora. “C’mon aunty lo, can’t I do the chores tomorrow? I have a big event today.”
“What exactly is the big event?” Lora lifted her face up. “Clearly it’s not about your boyfriend.”
“Of course not.” Isabelle rolled her eyeballs. “Maxwell and I haven’t spoken for a while. He said he needs time to sort some family issues out and am giving him plenty.”
“Then what is it?” Lora asked, going back to her paperwork.

“Faith is taking me to this really cool shop with ancient artifacts,” Isabelle said with a gentle smile that triggered her beautiful dimple. “I’ve been planning for this day for like months now. Please, it’s important.”
Lora sighed, looked up at Isabelle and then said. “Even if I let you go, what about your boss?”
“Already taken care of.” Isabelle smiled. “He’s giving faith and I the day off. We are good to go.”

“Very well,” Lora said. “Just know that you’re giving yourself double chores tomorrow.”
“You’re the best lo!” Isabelle bolted up to Lora and gave her a peck. “Thank you so much.”
“Stay safe okay?” Lora smiled.
“Of course.” Isabelle smiled back and backwardly headed towards the door. ” And we are coming back around ten o’ clock.”
“No, you’re not.” Lora snapped. “Woman! you Better get here before seven.”
“Okayyy lo!” Isabelle turned around and stopped at the door.

She opened the door and walked out before closing it, leaving Lora alone in the parlor. Isabelle later opened the door quietly and popped only her head out.
“Is nine thirty okay?” She asked.
“Get out of here.” Lora squeezed a rough piece of paper and threw it at Isabelle but before it could reach its destination, Isabelle had already bailed and shut the door. “And make sure you come before seven!!!”
“Yes lo!!” Isabelle’s voice launched from the corridor.


The town, Boundary Walls was one of a kind. Although it was small, it’s inhabitants were quite numerous and that made the town hectic. A bus drove down the road and made it’s stop beside a sidewalk. Shadow slowly got out of the bus and stood on the safe distance of the sidewalk as he clumsily watched the bus drive it’s way down the road.
Shadow looked early nineteen, he was averagely muscular, had extremely dark eyes that seemed a little red when double checked, he had black well-cut hair that was embellished by wonderful sideburns. Shadow was dressed in all black, he wore a black inner shirt with a black leather jacket on top. His trouser was black and the same his shoes.

The outfit gave the shadow a few numerous stares from the girls that walked passed him. Shadow nodded at some and smiled at the others. He was surprised at how the town had changed. The buildings were different; the roads were different from the way he last saw hem, but he wasn’t all surprised. Of course, everything around was bound to change for if the shadow could remember correctly, the last time he stepped into boundary walls was the year 1972, precisely October 1st, during the country’s independence.

Being an immortal has Its advantages; Shadow would get to live a long unending life without the fear of any death known to man, Shadow will get to visit every part of the world he so chooses, he would get to watch civilizations rise and crumble and he would get to remain young forever. But everything that goes with advantages also goes with disadvantages; being an immortal, Shadow would have to move constantly from one place to another in every ten years in order to maintain his dark secret.

Shadow walked down the sidewalk, focusing strictly ahead as he walked, ignoring every stare he got from the young ladies and every aggressive stare he got from the young thugs. After a few minutes of trekking, Shadow got to his destination which appeared to be an old motel. He got into the verandah and walked passed the various rooms. Approaching room number seven, Shadow slowed down, stopped at the door and made an audible Knock.

“Hello…is anyone in?” Shadow made another knock. “I wish to speak with you.”
The door handle turned and the door opened slowly and a young man of early twenties walked out of the room. He was shirtless, proudly exposing his muscular body and his six-packs. He was dark, tall, a bit taller than shadow and he had a low cut hair.
“Excuse me.” The man said, examining Shadow with a quick glance. “You looking for someone?”

“You are clearly not the person I was expecting.” Shadow made a sneak peek into the room. “Is anyone else inside?”
“No.” The man said. “Who are you looking for?”
“Am looking for a young Lady,” Shadow said. “She has something I want.”
“You must be talking about the lady that lived here.” The man said, leaning his back on the wall. “She’s no longer here. She moved out a few days ago.”
“Do you know where she stays now?” Shadow asked.

“No.” The man shook his head. “Sorry, but I don’t.”
Shadow studied the man carefully. He could easily tell the man was lying. But luckily for shadow, he has a number of supernatural gifts. One of those gifts allows him to get the truth from liars, such as this man that was standing in front of him.
Shadow walked closer to the man and stared deeply into the man’s eyes. As shadow stared deeper and deeper, the man lost his grip and quickly lost himself into shadow’s stare.

“Listen to me very carefully,” Shadow said confidently. “You are going to say the truth, nothing but the truth.”
“Nothing but the truth.” The man repeated obediently.
“Where is the lady living now?” Shadow asked.
“Number twenty-six, Old lock street.” The man answered quickly. “She moved out because she felt insecure around here.”
“How do you know her?”
“She’s my ex. We broke up a few days ago.”
“What led to the break-up?”

“She met this guy on Facebook. They talked much too often. I Felt jealous and confronted her and we fought.”
Shadow hummed, then he went on. “Do you know the guy she was talking to?”
“No.” The man shook his head. “She never told me about the guy.”
“Okay.” Shadow nodded. “One more thing, what’s her name?”
“Her name is Mena.” The man said.

“Good”. Shadow patted the man on his left shoulder. “Thank you for your honesty.”
“You are welcome.” The man nodded humbly, then suddenly started looking around anxiously, realizing all that he had said unintentionally. “Why did I tell you all that? What did you do to me?”
“I simply made say the truth,” Shadow said, stepping back from the man.
“How?” The man asked, still surprised.

“It’s one of the gifts I inherited from my father,” Shadow said. “And believe me, you do not want to know who my father is.”
Shadow turned and walked away, heading back the way he came. The man watched shadow as he walked down the verandah, trying tremendously to understand what had just happened.


Bartholomew Tracy, the sheriff of boundary walls, drove down the road in her police car. Tracy was a young woman of twenty-seven. She was fair, had black short hair, quite sexy for a woman her age and tremendous agile as well. Tracy has been the sheriff for two years now. She had come to despise the job and had longed endlessly for a batten job at the big city. After her breakup a few months ago, Tracy had been working day and night just to keep herself occupied.
Tracy pulled over and parked her car in front of a small apartment. She had received a call about a homicide and had decided to lead the investigation herself. Tracy got out of the car and walked straight for the apartment. At the door, she met Jude, a police officer that had been working with her for a year now. He was dark, a bit taller and was the same age as Tracy.

“What have we got?” Tracy asked, standing beside Jude.
“Nothing out of the ordinary,” Jude said. “Just some girl who was stabbed.”
“Shall we?” Tracy motioned at the door.
“Of course.” Jude opened the door and led Tracy into the little sitting room.
It was quite small, there was a television hanging on the wall, a table in front of a red leather sofa, two chairs and a luxurious blue carpet. Beside the table lied the dead body of a young girl. She was wearing a short pink nightie and she looked late eighteen. Her skin was already pale and she had a knife callously plunged into her heart.

“Well, that’s a nasty one,” Tracy said, glancing at the dead body. “What’s victim’s name?”
“Annabelle Mena,” Jude said. “She lives alone, mom and dad got separated when she was eleven, severally arrested for drugs and just finished her secondary education.”
“She is pretty young.” Tracy squatted beside the dead body and put on her blue gloves. “And what idiot will leave without taking the murder weapon along?”
“Some dumb dude I assume,” Jude said. “I’ve called the ambulance. They’d be here in few minutes to take away the body. I just called you here to check the body before it’s taken away.”

“Sure.” Tracy nodded. “Have you checked around… To see if the murderer left anything behind.”
“Apart from the knife, nothing else here is out of the ordinary,” Jude said and brought out a phone from his pocket and offered it to Tracy. “I found the victim’s phone. Surprisingly, It’s not locked.”
“Good, guess that saves us the trouble.” Tracy stood straight and took the phone from Jude and glanced at the messages. “Quite a lot of messages.”
“Yeah, I know,” Jude said. “The girl got a lot of contacts too.”

Tracy clicked onto the first message and read it out loud. “I have the information you want, meet me at Andrew’s motel, room seven.”
“Check the receiver,” Jude said. “Maybe that can lead us to our suspect.”
“Already did.” Tracy switched off the phone. “It’s an unknown ID.”
Jude sighed and then said. “How about the motel?”
“You think something might be there?” Tracy asked.

“I don’t know,” Jude said. “Just a hunch. Look, I’ll be going now. Have to fill this in at the station. Can you stay until the ambulance gets here?”
“Sure.” Tracy nodded.
Jude walked to the door and stopped, then turned around to face Tracy.
“Hey, I was thinking.” He said, showing signs of nervousness. “Movies tonight?”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Tracy said and when she realized Jude’s visage immediately went moody, she swiftly added. “But I’ll think about it.”
“Of course.” Jude brightened his face and walked out of the apartment.

In the next few minutes, Tracy quietly thought about Jude’s offer. It would be nice going on a date with Jude. He was cute, smart and bit funny, although sometimes Tracy noticed he acted funny because he wanted to impress her. Tracy wanted to say yes the moment Jude asked her out but what stopped her was that she needed focus at work and obviously wasn’t ready to date anyone at the moment.
Tracy slowly began to notice another presence in the room. She looked up and saw Shadow standing at the door. Shadow had his eyes strictly affixed at the dead body and his countenance looked sadden and gloomy at the same time.

“Please. tell me that is not Mena’s body.” Shadow said slowly.
“Am afraid it is,” Tracy said in a sad tone. “Are you her friend?”
“Not quite,” Shadow said, walking closer to Tracy. “She has something for me.”
“May I ask what?” Tracy stared at the shadow and examined him wholly.
“I cannot say,” Shadow said sharply. “Who did this?”
“We don’t know for now,” Tracy said and brought her face down to the dead body. “I believe—–.”
“Oh my God!” A feminine voice cried out from the door. “Oh my God! please tell me she isn’t dead.”


MAGUN (The Swift Killer)

To be continued…..


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