I pick at my food with the fork, twirling the fries around my plate.
I sigh.
I’m hungry.
Really hungry. But I can’t eat.
I won’t.
I stare at the food, my stomach grumbling immediately but I ignored it, patting it softly.
“Alexa? Hey? Earth to Alexandra!” Someone yells bringing me out of my reverie and I suddenly remembered I’m with Sophie In a restaurant near campus.

We both got enrolled in the same university but Lydia got into a polytechnic which she found quite affordable because of her family’s financial status. I wish I could help but aside paying for my fees, I wasn’t allowed to withdraw money for a different purpose.
Strange, I know. I had tried to withdraw money several times but somehow, the stupid bank teller will place a call to my father’s lawyer and ask for a go ahead.

Because according to the lawyer, my father gave strict instructions not to let me withdraw money unless it’s for educational purposes. And also, I will only be allowed to do whatever I want after my father’s Will testament is read a year after his death, which is precisely today.
Today, my father’s Will will be read and I’ll know who and who will receive a share of his properties. There are not many people actually.

Just me, the twins and well… Maybe Alice. I cringed at the thought of her.
Strangely and miraculously, she’s still not been found. It’s like she disappeared into thin air. I must say, that woman knows how to escape the police very excellently.
I sighed again.
I seem to be doing a lot of thinking these days.
“My God! Alexandra! Are you pregnant and thinking of abortion?”
Now,that totally got my attention.
I whip my head to glare at her.
“Why would you think that Sophie? I’m still a virgin unless I’m the second Virgin Mary” I said sarcastically and she rolls her eyes.

“Why else would your mind be so occupied if it’s not about pregnancy hmm?” She queries.
“Today is the reading of my father’s Will”
“And? It’s what you’ve been waiting for right? So the lawyer can stop checking up on you 24/7?”
“Yes but… I don’t know.. I just have this bad feeling Sophie”
“You’re just thinking too much. Everything will turn out just fine, you’ll see” she assures me and I want to believe so.
I want to.

I turned my attention back to my plate of fries and start picking at it again.
“Why are you playing around with your food?”
“Nothing. I’m not hungry” I avoided her eyes.
“You’re not hungry yet you ordered for food because you feel like throwing around cash?” She spits sarcastically.
I kept mute.
She sighs after some time of silence.

“Look Alexa, I’m not blind. I’ve seen how you avoid food these days. I can literally hear your stomach rumbling from where I’m sitting. You can’t possibly tell me you aren’t hungry. What’s going on with you?”
I’m on a diet.
I want to tell her but I didn’t.
Instead, I pushed my chair back as I got up, dragging my bag with me.
“I’ve got to go. I’m late. here.” I hand her money for the bills.
Turning, I pulled the hood of my sweater over my head, covering my scars pretty well as I rushed out of the restaurant ignoring Sophie’s calls.


3:00 PM. 15TH AUGUST,2018.

“William Wilson! You’re up!” The chief guard shouts my name from where I’m standing amongst the line of the prisoners who are being freed today.
Some, after completing their jail term and a few others whose cases were reopened and they were proven innocent and the rest have been set free because of the presidential pardon.
Eagerly, I stepped out of the line and walked towards the guard who hands me my clothes, packaged in a transparent bag.
The same clothes I was wearing the day I had come to jail and I was made to change into these ugly non-patterned cream colored jail clothes.

“Go change,” he told me and continues to call out the rest.
In the tiny room that’s supposed to be termed a changing room, I rid the jail clothes and began to put on my clothes.
I sniffed my armpit…
Hmm. Not bad. I don’t smell so bad.
Well, who cares?
I’ll take a long deep shower In my small bathroom at home.
Home. I can’t wait to get home, embrace my mother and brothers.

I can’t wait to sleep on my bed and be wrapped in the comfort of my sheets.
I remember how I always used to whine and complain about living in a small home and a tiny bedroom that could easily pass for a storage room.
But then, thinking back to how my back always hurt every morning after I wake up from my hard-floor-bed, I realized I should have appreciated what I had because there was nothing like home.

Zipping my jeans and rolling the bands up because
1. My belt seemed to have miraculously gone missing from my clothes and
2. I’ve lost weight.
Well, so what, I can always gain back the weight after eating my mother’s delicious meals.
Done, I stepped out and a guard leads me out of the prison.
I Look back at the building. Never am I returning here again.
“Bye Wilson, make sure you don’t come back here” the guard waves as I exit the huge gates.
I smiled. Never.

As soon as I’m totally away from the four walls of the hell hole I spot them.
My brothers, standing side by side and my mother in between grinning at me.
With quickened steps, I rush over to her like the mama’s boy that I am and hugged her.
“Oh, my boy. My baby. At last” she plants numerous kisses to my face and I didn’t whine as I would normally do. Hell, I miss the woman.
“I’ve missed you, mother. I’m back now, for good”
“I missed you too my boy”
“And here we go again,” Richard says with a groan rolling his eyes.

“Oh shut up!” Mother scolds him and he rolls his eyes again. I didn’t fail to see the smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
“Well hello to you too. I must say, I’ve missed your spectacular way of welcoming a brother” sarcasm drips off my voice.
“I must say, I’ve missed your spectacular sarcasm” Michael bites back and I laughed.
“Ah, such loving brothers God gifted me with”
“Look, dude, if you’re expecting us to hug you, pfft then look elsewhere cuz we ain’t homo.” Richard says.

“Ewww. I’d rather have a threesome than hug you” I lied.
My mother gasps.
Oops, I forgot she knows what threesome means.
“Oh dear!!, your brain has been corrupted. Such dirty talks! Come, come son” she grabs my hand, pushing the wheelchair with the other.
She’s taking me to the pastor, for endless prayers. That’s what she does anytime we use a cuss word.
“Mom, Richard, and Michael too,” I said earning a glare from them.
“Yes. Come, boys, let’s go pray and have you baptized”
We all groan as she said this.
Ah, How wonderful.



“Okay, shall we?”
“Hmm,” I nod.
“Very well. Here it goes, and I read. I, Henry Wallace of sane mind state that….” He begins but I cut him off. No time for long talks.
“Can we skip that please Mr. Dante? Just give us the details” I said to the lawyer who nods curtly before reading the Will silently.
After a few minutes, he looks up.

“Well?” Marcus questions impatiently.
“Well, it says here your father willed seventy percent (70%) of his properties to his only daughter Alexandra Wallace and thirty percent (30%) to be shared amongst his sons, Marcus, and Fraser Wallace. Fifteen percent each”
My mouth drops open.
What?! Seventy percent? Me? Why so much?!
“What the f*cking hell!” Marcus yells springing up to his feet.

Oh no. Here comes the fight for the inheritance.
“Thirty percent? Fifteen f*cking percent to each of us? Bullshit!!” Fraser shouts, backing his brother.
“Watch your tongue boys!” Mr. Dante warns
“Like hell, I will! This is a scam! A scam!”
“A scam you say? What did you work for? What money do you have to be scammed huh? This money belonged to Henry Wallace and he did whatever he damn felt like doing with his money. His own money got it? So don’t stand here shouting scam. Who scammed you?!

“it’s cheating! How could she get seventy percent and we get thirty huh? How? We won’t accept this!”
“Well, you better boys. In case you didn’t know, all this wealth did not belong to Henry alone. It was a joint wealth. Lorena, Alexa’s mother was also from a rich background in Chile. She owned fifty percent while Henry owned fifty also. And so after her death, it was quite normal for her fifty percent shares to be transferred into Alexa’s name. And the remaining fifty, Henry divided it. Gave Alexa twenty percent and the rest of the thirty to you boys. It’s no ones fault Alexa’s mother had a share in the properties.

If Henry owned everything, maybe it would have been shared amongst you differently but it’s not. Henry’s added twenty percent to Lorena’s made it seventy, which is why you think you’ve been cheated but it’s a fair deal if you ask me. It would have been wrong if Henry shared Lorena’s money amongst you especially when she’s not your mother nor related to you. So I think Henry’s decision was good. Gave you thirty from his part of the shares and the twenty to Alexa” Mr. Dante finishes his long speech and I’m left in awe.

My mother was rich too? And she left me her inheritance?
“Still this is bullshit! Why don’t you take your mother’s money and leave fifty percent for us?!” Marcus spits and I frowned.
Seventeen-year-olds fighting over inheritance?
Wow, that’s new.
“First of all, mind your language. And secondly, it’s not my fault my mother was rich too. It’s not my fault my mother’s inheritance was automatically passed on to me. I didn’t ask for it. I was never interested in inheritance. You’re not even eighteen yet and you’re ready to fight me over money? You should be thankful in the least that my father was generous enough to leave his stepsons a part of his wealth!”

My last words earned sarcastic laughter from them, infuriating me the more.
“Oh, he didn’t tell you did he?” Fraser asks with a dirty smirk I never knew he had till now
“Tell me what?”
“Oh. So you don’t know? Well news flash Alexandra, we are not your stepbrothers. The blood that runs through your veins is the same blood that runs in ours” he spits and I immediately felt my heartbeat accelerating.

‘Exactly what you heard. Your father impregnated our mom while he was still married, seventeen f*cking years ago and he did so well to hide it from the public’s eye… We..” He pauses, pointing between him and his brother
“Are Henry Wallace’s children. And so we have equal rights over this inheritance and I demand that it be shared equally or I swear, there’s going to be bloody war!”
Wait what?!!!


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