TRAUMA Episode 29


Tolu wept profusely as she thought about what her husband did. Ever since they had started sailing their love boat, Bayo had never brought up his hand to hit her. Her marriage was heading towards the rock and she needed to do something about it. Her eyes suddenly fell on the paper that dropped from her husband pocket and she picked it up. She unfolded the paper and went through its content. When she had deciphered the inscription on it, she screamed.

It was the result of their test and it has been proved that their inability to produce the fruit of marriage was actually her fault. The fibroid growing inside her had blocked her womb making it impossible for her to conceive.
“Oh my God, so it has been my fault all this while,” she said. Suddenly her phone rang and when she discovered the caller to be her husband, she quickly picked it up.
“Hello my love,” She said but she was surprised when she was replied by a female voice.

“Hello Madam your husband was involved in a ghastly motor accident,” the voice said.
“Jesus Christ! Is he okay? ” Tolu asked.
“He is in a very critical position please come to the hospital now,” she told her where the hospital was and Tolu left home Immediately.

Olajumoke sat opposite her date sipping a drink while Juwon was smiling as he stared at her with love written all over his face.
“Juwon, please say all you have to say. I have only got five minutes ” Jummy said after taking a gulp of the drink before her.
“There is no need to rush. I can’t believe your eyeballs are still as pretty as they were back then in school” Juwon said.

“What is that supposed to mean? Are you trying to flirt with me? ” Jummy said a little bit serious.
“Would it be a bad thing to do? From what I heard you are still single ”
“And who has been feeding you trash about me? ” Jummy asked angrily.
“A little informant very close to the source” he answered.
Jummy sprang up from her sit.

“I don’t think you have anything important to say. I consider this meeting over ” She turned to leave but Juwon held her hand.
“You can’t leave me again ” He muttered.
“Take your hand off me now” Jummy shouted and Juwon was embarrassed to see all eyes around shooting at him. He released her hand and she left.

Bayo was lying on the hospital bed breathing with the aid of oxygen and a life support machine plugged into him. His beloved wife sat beside him holding his hand with tears cascading down her cheeks. A woman was also seated with her head bent down. The doctor came in and saw the two women.
“Doctor please how is my son doing? ” the woman asked.
“He is getting better but he is in a delicate position,” the doctor said.
“What is the problem again?” she asked.

“While we conducted our test on him, we discovered that he sustained a spinal injury and this has affected his bone marrow. We need to develop a new one for him and to do that we need a donor within two days” the doctor said.
“Doctor please can I donate mine for him?” Tolu said.
“Am sorry, you can’t. Only his blood relation can donate the bone marrow. Please go get his brother or sister here” the doctor said.

“Sir please have mercy on me, he has no siblings. He is the only one I have got ” the woman explained.
“What about his child? We can also use that of his child” said the doctor.
“They just got married. They are still expecting a child” his mother replied.
“This is bad, he needs the transplant within two days or else he won’t be able to walk anymore,” he said.
Tolu’s heart pounded as she heard what the doctor said.
“This is disaster looming,” she thought in her mind.

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