TANGLE Episode 23


Contrary to Malik’s thought, Helen’s mom never asked her daughter what happened to her or the reason she left her all alone. She was more than satisfied that she could set her eyes on her daughter again. Helen nevertheless explained everything to her mom. Since she saw her, all her lost memory came back fully. They both shared old times memory with abundant joy as they sat down eating the ill nutritious food the woman, Sikira, prepared.

Malik who had excused himself from eating, watched and was amazed by the kind of joy they had, the type he had never seen before in his life. How can someone live in such a slum like this and still be that happy?’ He thought.
He can’t imagine Helen growing up in such a dirty area.
He checked his time and realized that it’s early evening already and he told them it’s time they get going but Helen declined, she insisted on staying with her newly found mom for the night and returning to their house the following day.
Malik bade them farewell and took his leave.

He got home to find his friend pacing all around the house.
‘Hello, Jeff’ Malik greeted as he slumped to the chair tiredly.
‘Where the hell have you been? I was worried sick about you’ Jeff asked anxiously.
‘I went to help Helen find her family’
‘What? So you went ahead and helped her? Where is she now?’ Jeff questioned.
‘She is with her mother; she insisted she would sleep with her tonight and come back tomorrow’

Jeffery sighed; he wanted to say something but stopped.
‘The Chairman called me, he said he was trying your number but it didn’t get through. He seems pissed off by that’ Jeff said.
‘It must be owing to the poor network around that place, I will call him back to apologize’
‘He said a new deal is coming up in the next five days, the biggest we have ever dealt with. He said we should be prepared and that you should send the bio-data of the new employee’ Jeff said.

‘Did he give you the detail about the job?’ Malik asked.
‘No, he said he would brief us both together. Are you going to tell him about Helen?’
‘No I can’t now, let’s wait until tomorrow and hear if Helen will still work with us or not’ Malik answered.
All through the night, Malik couldn’t sleep; his thought kept going to Helen. What would be her decision tomorrow? Is she going to leave them? A mind suggested the girl isn’t going to stay anymore. The moment she set her eyes on her mother, it seems she just got all she wanted on earth. She can’t forsake her again and come live with them. The bond between her and her mother is strong.

Another part of his mind argued that she would come back when her eyes got opened and she realized the big difference between poverty and wealth. The little time she had spent with them, they had given her the very taste of wealth. No one in his or her right sense would cling on to poverty when he or she knew an affluence life awaits him or her somewhere.


TANGLE Episode 22

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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