A strange thought crept into Charles’ mind as he watched Anita’s wiggling waist heading to the kitchen. His mind went to the image he had seen earlier. He remembered seeing her average size ass, fully wrapped in a pink pant. Possessed by lust, Charles turned and took the route leading to the kitchen. As he went, he kept imagining what it would feel like making Love to Anita.

Anita’s sharp mind hinted her the moment Charles tiptoed to the kitchen. She was startled when she turned around and saw him standing by the door.
‘Charles ! You scared me. I thought I told you to wait at the dinning.’ She said.
Realizing he had lost the element of surprise, he aborted his mission and feigned a smile.

‘I just thought it will make a lot of sense to come help you instead of sitting down waiting for the food.’ He replied.
‘That’s so thoughtful of you but as you can see am already done with everything.’ She said as she placed the food in a serving tray.
‘Ok but at least let me help you with this.’ He took the cups and the mugs before he proceeded towards the dinning room.

‘Thanks so much Charles.’ She said placing the tray on the dinning table.
Charles sat down impatiently as she served the dinner.
‘So Anita, when are you starting the shooting of your video?’ He asked after swallowing a spoonful of food.
‘The director said we should start next week.’ She answered.

‘That’s all right. I think you should drop a new single after releasing that video.’ He suggested.
‘I also thought about it, I have a song am working on but it just hasn’t come through yet.’ She explained.
‘Ok, just take your time. It will come through very soon.’ Charles said.
After the dinner, they both greeted themselves goodnight and went to sleep in there different rooms.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Segun was dragged out of the dream land by the incessant ringing of his phone. He groped for his ringing phone at the other side of the king size bed he slept on. He had came to Abuja to talk to the event manager and pay him. That done, he had booked a room at a hotel to spend the night before returning to Lagos the following morning.

He eventually found the disturbing phone and picked the call.
‘Hello DJ Nature, have you seen the video that was posted on nairaland yesterday.’ The caller said.
‘What is it this early morning Rosco? What video was posted on nairaland? Segun questioned.
‘I sent the link to you on what’s app, please check it out.’ Rosco said.

‘All right.’ Segun dropped the call.
He was planning on taking another trip to the dream land when his curiosity drove him to pick up his phone and check the video Bosco was buzzing about. Clicking on the video, he was taken aback to realize that it was the exact scene that happened with Clara at the junction.
‘Oh my God! This girl has ruined me.’ He said with regret.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Charles kept rolling around on bed inviting sleep but his invitation wasn’t honoured. He checked the wall clock, the time was fifteen minutes past one. It had been three hours since he got on bed in a bid to catch a flight to the fantasy island but the thought on his mind won’t allow it.

Right from the moment he lay on bed, the lascivious thought he ditched hours ago had came back and had been eaten him up. To worsen the situation, his little man was responding positively to his thought. All effort to control it proved abortive as it erected defiantly. Seeking comfort, Charles reached in to the drawer and brought out his usual stuff. He sniffed a little and returned the rest.

His hope of finding solace was shattered by the drug he sniffed, It further aggravated his predicament. Losing his control wheel, he jumped up from bed and headed out of the room with his mind fixed.



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