“Go on eat it, Alice. It’s okay. Really” I smirk as I watch her squirm in discomfort, gazing at the bowl of soup she prepared with her own two hands like it was some garbage.
“Won’t you drink it?”
“I said no! Leave it, girl, don’t test my f*cking patience!” She finally snaps and I smiled satisfactorily.
She’s definitely hiding something.

I watched in amusement as Alice lifts the bowl and drops it to the floor.
I jumped back as the soup spills across the tiles, the bowl and spoon making a cluttering noise as it hits the floor as well.
Alice stares at me with murderous eyes before storming past me, practically pushing me aside.roughly.
I jumped over the mess on the floor to the other side where my father lay… He stares at me with relief in his eyes, a small smile on his lips.

“I’ll get you out of here dad. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you get better” I assured him and then stretched my hands towards his drawer near the bed.
I pulled it open to reveal my father’s second phone. Retrieving it, I switch it on and began to search through his contacts. Finding what I need, I dial the number immediately.
It took a while for my call to be answered.
“Hello, Wallace Charity hospital” the voice answered.
“Hello, this is Alexandra Wallace, daughter of Henry Wallace,” I said

“Oh… Miss, good morning. How may I be if help?”
“My father is very sick and I need an ambulance to come fetch him at the Aston villa please”
“Sure sure ma’am. An ambulance will arrive there ten minutes at most.”
“Thank you” I hung up and sighed.
The benefit of owning a hospital.
“An ambulance will be here soon dad and I’ll get you treatment whether Alice likes it or not”


The police van finally stopped in front of the blue painted semidetached house as two police officers alight, staring ahead at the house…
They had received an anonymous call, claiming that a house which belonged to one doctor Eric Brown had been producing bad odour believed to be a decaying body which had gradually become unbearable for the neighbours.
The same doctor who had been reported missing two weeks ago.

“Shall we?” The first officer asked His colleague who nods in return.
Together they walk towards the house and stopped in front of the door when a faint smell hits them.
Both officers scrunched their nose in disgust but then walk further.
“Let’s break down the door. Who knows what we might find” the second officer said to the other guy to which he agreed.

Together they break the door down and take one step into the house when they immediately jumped back at the strong unpleasant smell.
“F*ck!!” They both screamed reaching into their pockets to retrieve handkerchiefs which they wasted no time in covering their noses with…
“Oh, lord!”
“Come let’s go and get this done and over with”
Taking in a deep breath of fresh air, they venture back into the house only to be met with the most horrible scene a human eye could contain.

On the floor, beside the couch in the living room lay a dead man whose body had rotten to the maximum. So much so that, worms had evaded his body crawling in and out of his eyes, nostrils, mouth and other parts. Uncountable flies were buzzing over the body.
And besides the body lay an empty wine glass, a tiny bottle and a bottle of half drank wine.
“Oh my God!” Both exclaim at the gory sight.
No amount of preparation could have made them ready for such a disturbing sight.

“The missing Eric Brown has been laying here dead all along” the second officer, Josh cringes.
His colleague just shakes His head.
“This looks like suicide Josh. And there’s been no evidence of struggle or anything”
“No, we can’t be so sure Greg, We have to make sure first. Call for forensic personnel to arrive here and tape this entire area so that no one can come near the house” Josh instructs and Greg quickly walks out to make the call.



Josh runs his fingers through his hair, tugging at the roots in frustration.
“What do you mean there are no signs of any fingerprints. Are you sure your camera and devices are working?” He questions the forensic team who frowned at him in return
“Detective, our devices are working just fine. We’ve done everything for the past three hours but we haven’t been able to capture any fingerprints” one of them answered.
“This can’t be. This is ridiculous! Even if this is really suicide, we should at least find the dead man’s fingerprints on the glass of wine, table or something but nothing! How is this possible? OK look, maybe it’s because it’s been two weeks but didn’t you at least notice any faint lines of fingerprints?”.

“No detective. Everywhere is spotlessly clean”
“This is too good to be true. Does this mean he drank the wine without touching the glass or he wore gloves?” Josh questions sarcastically.
How could the entire house be so clean? Something is fishy.
Someone had cleaned the entire house so that nothing will be found.
“Detective, we found this through” a female amongst the forensic team Interrupts his thoughts holding out a diamond earring.
Josh narrows his eyes infinitely.

“Ah. Earring? Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He smirks.
“Someone was here. A woman to be precise. And we found a cell phone. The battery is dead though but we switched it on and managed to get a contact before the phone went off again. Here” the Lady continues handing him a piece of paper.
“The last person he contacted was a female, two weeks ago. The number was stored under the name, Alice with a heart emoji attached. And also several umm, romantic messages exchanged. I’m guessing this Alice lady was his lover”
“And I’m guessing this earring belongs to this lover as well,” Josh says, eyeing the earring.
After much deliberation, he pulls out his phone and dials the number on the piece of paper he held.


Pacing Angrily in her room, Alice couldn’t fathom why her hard work had suddenly gone down the drain in a matter of seconds just because of that stupid girl she calls a stepdaughter. Today was supposed to be her final blow so she had used all the poison only for her to lose it all. Where the hell was she going to get another of the same poison from?
And to think an ambulance had arrived to pick up Henry made her blood boil.
Alexa was a stumbling block in her path. She felt like snapping someone’s neck. Ugh!
Her phone suddenly chimes and without looking at the caller, she answers.

“What?” She barks.
“Who the f*ck are you? And why are you calling if you won’t speak up?”
“Idiot!” Alice screams and hangs up, throwing the phone.


Josh stares at his phone…
Alice lady had hanged up.
Dammnit! She was so rude.
“Why did you call her without speaking sir?” Greg asks
“Because I wanted to track her number to know her current location. And I got it” Josh smiles.
“We are going to Aston Villa, that’s her current location. Greg, call for back up and ask them to wait for your command. We might never know if she’s the murderer or not. Come on!” Josh ventures into the van while Greg trails behind speaking into his com phone, calling for reinforcements.


Alice rushes down the stairs, fixing her dress. She was going to the hospital. Maybe bribe a few nurses to finish off Henry.
But then there was a sudden knock and on impulse, she stops as one of the maids goes to answer the door.
Fear grips her when two police officers are ushered into the house.. what do they want?
“Good morning. I’m detective Josh and he’s my partner, Greg Bans and We’ll like to see Alice please” Josh greets the maid showing her his badge.

“Uh oh. Madam Alice? She is inside”
“Can you please call her?”
“Okay sit” the maid answers and both men sat down.
An earring falls off from his pocket and the Maid spots it, gasping.
“Oh God! Madam’s earring! I found it!” The maid, thinking the earring had been there all along bends to pick it.
“Your madam’s earring?”

“Yes yes. She lost it two weeks ago. she said it’s made of diamonds. She fired one maid because of it. Oh, thank God I found it! I’m going to give it to her. Please, will you like anything?”
“Oh no, we’re fine. Thank you”
The Maid nods and rushes upstairs.
Both policemen turn to stare at each other.. Seeming they were thinking the same thing…
That earring belonged to the same Alice… Hmm.


With fumbling fingers, Alice packs a few clothes into a small bag, grabs one of Henry’s cheque books at her disposal, grabs Henry’s gun as well and sprints out. Heading towards the backdoor… She had to escape. How did her earring end up with the policemen? How?
And that stupid maid!
She just had to open her big mouth!…
“F*ck!” She curses, throwing her bag over her shoulders and heading out onto the compound after running through the backdoor. If the police were here, with her earring, specifically looking for her then it meant one thing…
Eric’s dead body had been found and she was the main suspect…
Entering into one of the cars, she sparks the car, shouting at the gateman to open the gate…
She needed to escape.


They were still seated, waiting when they heard the sparking of a car. Alert, Greg and Josh jumped to their feet rushing out of the mansion only to be met with the scene of a woman they presumed to be Alice sparking her car and driving out of the house…
If they were seated in the living room, how did she get out without them noticing? Unless… Unless she left through the backdoor. Why would she leave through the backdoor?

Both men stared at each other, thinking the same thing.
Springing into action, Josh began to race towards the car. While Greg called for the reinforcements to take position
“Close the gate! Close the gate!” Josh shouts to the gateman.
Alice pulls out her gun, rolls down the window and shoots the gateman dead.
Alice steps on the accelerator, driving backwards, fast and hard making the back of the car hit the half-opened gate hard, the impact causing the gate to open wider.

“Greg! Back up! She’s escaping! Call for back up!” Josh screams running.
With the way Alice was driving, he couldn’t run to catch up so he did the only thing he could think of.
No one can drive a car with a punctured tyre.
Pulling out his own gun, he aims at the front tyre of Alice’s car and then shoots the tyre twice.
Alice screams as she loses control of the steering wheel.




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