Trauma (Episode 27)


Tolu in anger stood up from where she sat and went to meet them.
“Jummy Jummy, you are looking so fresh” she greeted feigning a smile.
“Thanks, bestie, you are not looking bad yourself, I can see Bayo is taking good care of you ” Jummy replied.
“This must be your son Bolaji, he is so cute” She sat beside her husband.
“Darling come, there is someone you need to see ” with that she took her husband away.

Jummy was contemplating on leaving the party when suddenly she couldn’t find Bolaji. She was about getting worried when she saw him and Juwon coming toward her. She was stunned to see Juwon who was looking more handsome than he was in school.
“Uncle this is my mummy” Bolaji said before the two could greet each other.
The word surprise was registered on both their faces.

“Jummy so you are Bolaji’s mother? What a coincident? ”
“Juwon where did you know Bolaji? ” She asked.
“Mummy he is the Uncle that gave me a present on my birthday” Bolaji explained.
“Jummy you are really wicked, you forgot me immediately we got out of school. I tried the number you gave me but it wasn’t going through. I asked your friends, they said they couldn’t get through to you either ”
“Am so sorry about that. I lost the sim on a bus” she explained.

“I came here praying to find you not knowing that I already met your son. How has life been? ” Juwon asked.
“It’s been good and you? ” Jummy replied.
“I have been managing ” Suddenly Juwon’s phone started ringing.
“Excuse me, I have to go take this, I will be back” He stood up and went away.
Immediately Jummy saw that he was out of sight, She stood up to leave.
“Mummy, are we leaving? Let’s wait for Uncle to come back” Bolaji said.
“Come on get up now,” she said angrily and they both left the party.

Bayo and his wife were both sitting before the doctor for counseling.
“You people have taken a bold step by coming for this test. Most couples are always scared of having a fertility test” the doctor said.
“Thank you, doctor, we have actually been married for over a year now. My wife has been so worried about having a child. I have made her understand that our child will come in due time but she wouldn’t listen” said Bayo.

“Mr. Adedokun, I understand why your wife is deeply troubled. Mrs don’t worry, you will carry your baby soon” the doctor said.
“Thank you, sir, when is the test result going to be ready sir? ” Tolu asked.
“It would be ready in the next three day. You can go now” the doctor said and they both left.

Jummy was watching tv when her son ran inside.
“Oh my baby, welcome back. How was school? ” she helped him pull off his bag.
“Fine, mummy Uncle came to my school today,” Bolaji said.
“Which Uncle? ”
“The Uncle we met at the party, he asked me to give you something. It’s inside my bag” Bolaji replied.

“What is it? ” Jummy asked.
She quickly got hold of his bag, opened it and brought out a package. Slowly, she unwrapped the package and was shocked by what she saw. It was her old handbag, the one that was snatched away from her. Opening the bag, her hand rummage through its content. She brought out her old cell phone and dropped it on the table. She poured all its remaining content on the table and saw the money.

Tears cascaded down her cheeks as she counted the money that was meant to be used for the abortion.
“Mummy, what is that money for?” Bolaji asked as he saw her mom crying.

TRAUMA Episode 26


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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