Tangle episode 21


They both left her to sleep again.
Malik sat on the chair in the sitting room while Jeffery went out. He switched on the television and started watching a programme. Helen who they thought should be asleep came into the sitting room.
‘Helen, aren’t you sleeping anymore or did you remember anything again?’ Malik asked surprisingly.
‘I tried to sleep but I couldn’t, that is why I came to the sitting room, let’s watch a movie’ she said.

‘Okay let’s tune to the movie channel’ Malik did and they both started enjoying the film.
‘Oh my, God’ Helen said suddenly.
‘What?’ Malik asked.
‘I remember this place, it’s my neighborhood’ she said referring to a riverine location on the television.
‘You can’t be serious’
‘I remember falling into that river when I was little, I was on a canoe with my father’ she said.

‘Maybe you are making a mistake’ Malik said.
‘No, I definitely recall it, that is how I got the scar here’ she showed Malik a scar near her ankle. He became convinced by the scar.
‘Please help me, Malik, I want to see my parent again’ she begged.
‘Okay, we will go there tomorrow and see if anyone recognize you’ he promised.

The second day, Malik and Helen took off to the riverine area they saw in the movie. Helen couldn’t remember anything again till the morning despite how hard she tried. She was so eager to have all her memories back. As Malik drove the car she kept thinking how happy her parent would be when they see her. Malik, on the other hand, isn’t happy; he never wanted her to regain her memory. He wants things to continue the way they were, he feared she might abandon them once she found her family.

As soon as the car was brought to a halt, Helen couldn’t wait as she jumped out and started checking the whole place out. She went to some fishermen by the river bank asking if any of them recognize her but none of them did. She asked everyone but no one gave her a positive answer. After a few minutes, she saw a canoe and she remembered a name. She ran
back to the fishermen.

‘Please sir, where is Rafiu Agbeja?’ she asked them.
‘Rafiu agbeja has been dead almost fifteen years ago, he died saving his only daughter who fell into the river’ an elderly man answered.
Helen’s expression changed as soon as she heard the news.
‘That was my father, I can now remember the whole incident clearly. It’s the truth, he died saving me’ she said to Malik.

TANGLE Episode 20

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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