Before David left the old woman’s house, he made her a promise to use the content of the flash drive to get justice for her daughter’s death. After that, he left with curiosity.
When he got home he discovered that neither of his parents had returned so he went to his room. Although he felt so heavily tired, his curiosity wouldn’t allow him to rest until knows what secret the flash drive holds. To satisfy his mind, he opened his laptop and inserted the flash. Immediately the system recognize the flash, he clicked on it but he discovered a password was required to access the content. Having learned a few tricks about hacking while he was in school, he was able to bypass the security and access the file.

The flash contains lots of folders which David went through one by one. And after reading a few of them, David was able to realize the sort of man Don Carlos was. Calling him a criminal will be an understatement. Don’s world of crime went far beyond his drug business, it stretched to money laundering for politicians and sometimes to selling off his employees overseas to those who harvest human part.

Tired of reading that, David opened another folder and saw a whole lot of pornographic pictures. He had wanted to close the file when he noticed someone he recognized in a picture. He checked it out and saw a picture of Chief Dennis: one of the elders in the church, having his dick sucked by a nude lady.
The door to his room suddenly opened and Pastor Charles came in but David was fast enough to have closed the picture before his father could see it.
“Welcome back Dad. ” He greeted.
“Thank you, what are you doing? ” His Dad asked
“Am just checking something out online. ” He lied.

“Ok, son I think I was being selfish asking you to leave whatever you were doing in America and come here. Am sorry I never considered the fact that you have your own life to live but now I want to correct my mistake. ” He brought out a passport.
“I took this from you the day you came back from the hotel, take it. You can now leave any time you like. ” His father said handing him the passport.

David looked amazingly at the passport in his hand as his father walked out of the room. He very much desires to return back to U. S but he couldn’t, not with what he has gotten himself into. He kept the passport and reopened the picture he was staring at before.

“This is really disheartening, a whole Elder in the church .” He said to himself. He thought about showing the picture to his father so he could take necessary action against Chief Dennis but he jettisoned the idea.
David tried Lara’s number to give her the news that he has got what they needed to free her but she didn’t pick up.

Lara was surprised when she got to work that night and was informed that Don removed her from the group dancing that night. She had no idea why Don had made such a decision so she went to his office to ask him.

“Evening Don. ” She greeted as she came in.
“Oh Cherry having been wanting to see you, please have a sit. ” He said.
“Don I was told you removed my name from the dancing group tonight.”
“Yes, I did, for a very good reason. Cherry you have been working diligently for me since all these years, you deserve a reward. An opportunity just came up and I know you are going to like it. ” Don said.

“What kind of opportunity sir? ” Lara asked.
“A client of mine is desperately looking for some smart ladies who would help him transport his goods out of the country. ”
“How? ” Lara questioned.

“No need to be afraid, it’s something simple. You will just have to take in a certain quantity of hard drugs and when you get there, they will just take it out. Simple. Do this and we are even. In fact, it will fetch you a sum of four million naira and you can decide to stay over there if you like or return home. ”
“Please allow me to think about it. ” Lara requested.

“I thought you would jump happily at this golden opportunity. The man only needed five ladies and he already got four, I want to slot you in as the fifth. There is no time for thinking my dear. If you are in, you are in. If not you are out, that’s the way it is. ”
“Ok am in. ” She replied.
“That’s my girl, you are to go in three days time so I suggest you go get ready. ” He said.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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