Trauma Episode 26


The three friends were sitting down having fun at Jummy’s supermarket.
“Jummy you need to see what Dr. Fadairo made me go through in school,” Bisi said.
“Who is Dr. Fadairo? ” Jummy asked.
“Don’t tell us you can’t remember that pot belly lecturer who wanted to date Bisi?” Tolu said.
“Oh! that devil’s incarnate ” Jummy replied.

“Yes oh, he almost made me spill, if not for Daniel’s intervention ” Bisi explained.
“What did Daniel do? ”
“He went to see him, claimed am his girlfriend and paid him off,” Bisi said.
“That was so nice of him. Your cousin would have been a very good guy if not for his rugged life ” Jummy said.
“I pray he has changed, for the sake of his wife,” Tolu said.
“Is Daniel married? ” Jummy asked.
“Don’t tell me you haven’t heard that he is getting married this Saturday?” Bisi said.

“Whao that’s great ” Jummy replied.
“So are you going to the wedding? ” Tolu asked.
“I don’t think I would go” She replied.
“Why don’t you want to go? It’s like a reunion, we will get to see our old friends” Bisi said.
“Am not interested joor” she replied.
“Let’s go together, we may even come across the father of your child,” Bisi said.

Jummy’s expression changed when she heard what her friend said.
“Bisi haha!!! “Tolu exclaimed.
“Am so sorry about that Jummy, it was a slip of tongue ” Bisi apologized when she realized that she had annoyed her friend.

Bayo and his wife were having their dinner at the dining table.
“Baby I want to ask you something,” Tolu said.
“What is it? ” he asked.
“Please my love, let’s go see the doctor for the test this coming Saturday ” She pleaded.
“This Saturday? But you know this Saturday is Daniel’s wedding and we have to attend it”
“Is Daniel’s wedding more important than we having our baby? ” She asked.
“Why are you being like this? You know what Daniel did during our wedding, don’t you? ” Bayo said angrily.

“I don’t care. I know you don’t want to go for the test because you already know something is wrong with you ” Tolu accused.
“How dare you talk to me like that?” He said raising up his hand in an attempt to slap her but he restrained himself.
“OK I know what to do,” he said leaving the dinning for his room.

Jummy and her son walked into the reception hall elegantly dressed. She found a vacant seat at an extreme end and settled herself down. Bisi who was directing the serving of foods and drinks saw her and went to meet her.
“Hey Jummy, thanks for coming,” she said looking at the little boy beside her friend.
“You welcome Bisi, you are looking good, ” Jummy said.
“I presume this is Bolaji”

“Yes, Bolaji greet Aunty” Jummy commanded and the little Boy greeted Bisi.
“You can’t sit here Jummy, come let me take you to your seat,” Bisi said.
“No am OK here,” Jummy said but Bisi insisted.
She took them to the front row where they saw Bayo.

“Hey Jummy, it’s been such a long time, how have you been? ” Bayo greeted.
“Fine, I was made to understand that you eventually stole my friend away,” Jummy said.
“I guess I am a lucky guy. Is this your son? ” Bayo asked.
“Yes, this my Bolaji ” Jummy replied.
“Young man come here, how are you doing? ” Bayo asked carrying the little boy on his lap.

Tolu who was watching from a distance fumed with anger as she saw her husband playing with the little boy.

TRAUMA Episode 25


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