Aso drive, Maitama. Abuja.


The Department of State Service (DSS) is one of the security outfits that arose from the ashes of the National Security Organisation (NSO). It was founded on 5th June 1986. The DSS is responsible for domestic intelligence.

Its headquarters was located at 15, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi before General Sani Abacha moved it to Aso Drive Maitama, Abuja. The headquarters complex is known as ‘’Yellow House.’’ It was rumored that the Director General (DG) of the DSS earns a whopping 1.36 million naira monthly.

Yellow House looks inviting, but not everyone knows that there are hidden cameras at the front of the building. They allow a specially trained analyst to run a background check on people entering the building. At strategic locations around the building, are directional microphones that pick conversations.

Those tinted glasses in front of the DSS headquarters are bulletproofed and are designed to neutralize listening devices. At the top floor, east of the building is a small soundproof room. It has no window and it contains many sophisticated electrical devices. The room is swept to eliminate bugs before any meeting because matters of national security are discussed there.

There exist various basements at the DSS headquarters. One of the basements contain the best technical types of equipment in this side of the world, calls made by Nigerians are monitored and intercepted in that room. There are pressure pads in the office of the Director General, these help secure the movement in his office. There is a secure telephone in the DG’s office that leads only to the president’s office, also the DG travels in armor-plated cars.

In the intelligence world, it is a known fact that the American CIA takes Mossad – Israeli Intelligence agency, to bed regularly. However, Israel sometimes cheats on America by laying with Nigeria. Most, if not all of the weapons used by the DSS are supplied by Israel. In fact, rumor has it that, the Late Gen. Sanni Abacha used Mossad agents as his personal protection.

One of the outstanding successes of the DSS was the interception of a large consignment of arms and ammunition smuggled in from Iran at the Apapa port in October 2010. Despite several successes, the DSS was blamed for failing to prevent the bombing of the United Nation’s House on August 26, 2011, because it had prior intelligence before the incidence… That negligence led to the death of an assistant director of the agency in a car bomb.

On receiving the tip-off from the NCC commissioner, the DG called his Fifth Directorate – the one responsible for security and protection. The fifth directorate had little worries, he knew the right person for the job.



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