Barrister sits still in the DPO’s office, with the evidence playing before him.
‘How did you get this?’ He questioned.
‘One of the CCTV around the area captured it.’ The officer replied.
‘I must confess this is a really big but I need you to do me a favor.’
‘And what’s that?’ Asked DPO.
‘I need you to release him for me on bail.’ The lawyer requested.
‘Haaa, that is going to be difficult.’
‘You have to do this for me DPO, you know we have been together for a while.’ He pleaded.

‘Oh! All right but he is going to pay one hundred and twenty thousand naira as a bill.’
‘No problem, he will pay.’ With that, they sealed an agreement that Segun would be released on bail.
A few hours later, the DPO make good his promise and Segun was released after a wire transfer of One hundred thousand has been made.

Linda walked into the DPO’s office the second day.
‘Good morning sir.’ She greeted.
‘Oh Linda, it’s nice to see you.’ He responded.
‘Thanks for yesterday sir, without you there is no way I could get justice for what that scumbag did to my friend.’
‘Let’s give glory to God.’ The DPO replied.

‘So hope your boys have taught him some manners?’ She asked.
‘ They did but eventually, his lawyer came and bailed him out of our custody.’ DPO explained.
‘Bail? What do you mean? I don’t understand sir.’
‘You need to understand, I tried my best to deny it but the order came from above. There was nothing I could do about it.’ He lied.
Linda stood up.
‘So despite how much we paid you, you went ahead and granted him bail? No problem, just tell him he will hear from me again very soon.’ She walked out of the office.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Charles came home after a long day at work. During his two days off, work had piled up on his table and that was what kept him till late in the evening. He dropped his bag on the table and sink into the sofa to relax.
‘Anita am back.’ He announced but got no reply.
He called her again and got no response. He was sure she was in the house, the door would have been locked if no one was home. Charles rose up and started parading the whole house in search of Anita. He checked the kitchen but she wasn’t there, he turned back and headed for her room.

On getting there, he met the door slightly opened so he peeped in. The sight he beheld stunned him. Inside the room was Anita half naked applying cream on her body. Charles immediately retracted and headed back towards the kitchen. He gulped glasses after glasses of water before his mind could completely calm down. He washed his face and went out.
After Anita had fully dressed, she came out of her room and bumped surprisingly into Charles who was just coming out of the kitchen. They both were amazed.
‘Charles when did you come back?’Anita asked.

‘Not quite long ago, I was even calling you.’ He replied.
‘Oh sorry, maybe I was in the toilet then.’ She explained.
‘All right. Have you eaten? ‘ She asked.
‘No I haven’t.’ He replied.
‘ Sorry, Just go wait for me at the dining room. I will come serve you.’ She said and darted to the kitchen.
‘Ok, I will.’
Charles eyed Anita as she walks away, his eyes went to her backside and he felt his libido rising.



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