Omolara alighted a taxi that stopped opposite the Royal suite hotel. She paid the cab driver before walking in. As soon as she entered, she took the stairs all the way to the third floor. She paced around the corridor carefully checking out the number on each of the doors until she found the one she was looking for. She knocked the door to room 73 and it was opened by a middle-aged man.
“You must be Cherry, please come in. ” He invited her and Lara strode in.
“Please feel at home. What should I get you? ” He asked.
“Am fine. ” She replied.

He opened the wine bottle on the table and poured its content inside two cups.
“This is for you Lady. ” He offered Lara the drink and she accepted it.
Soon they both started sipping their drinks.
“I have heard so much about you from my friends, they say your service is the best. That’s why I insisted on having you, hope I won’t be disappointed? ” The man asked.
“No, you woooon’t .” She replied feeling tipsy.
“Are you alright? ” The man asked as he noticed she wasn’t herself anymore.

“Sorry, where is the restroom? ” She asked and he pointed to the direction. She attempted to stand up but fell to the ground.
While she was lying helplessly on the floor, she saw someone that resembled her boss.
“How are you feeling my dear Cherry?” Don asked.
“DDDD Don.” She managed to say.
Two men pulled her up and sit her down on a chair.

“Cherry, I have a few questions to ask you and I would appreciate it if you will provide me with an honest answer. ” Don said.
“Your friend stole something valuable from me before she died and my instincts told me she gave it to you. So where have you kept it? ” He questioned.
“I don’t know what you are talking about. ” Lara replied and she was awarded a heavy blow on the face.
“Where is it? ” Don questioned again.
“Please, I don’t know.” She cried.

She was dragged to the bathroom where the bathtub was filled to the brim with water.
“For the last time where is it? ” Don asked.
“Don I swear I don’t have anything. ” She said.
A strong hand grabbed her by the neck and dipped her head inside the water. She struggled for breath but the hand kept her head still in the water. She had almost drowned when her head was eventually brought out. She coughed heavily trying to get rid of the water in her lungs.

“I won’t ask you again Lara, where have you kept it? ” Don demanded.
“I swear on my father’s grave, I don’t have …” She didn’t finish her sentence before her head was being pushed back into the water. The force holding her neck held it still until he realized she had given up the struggle.
“Noooooo” David screamed from where he hide watching the whole scenario.
“You are next. ” Don said pointing his finger at him.

He was about running when he opened his eyes and realized it was all a dream.
“What a terrifying dream. ” He thought as he switched on the light to check the time.
It was a few minutes before six. He picked up his phone and dialed Lara’s number but she didn’t pick up.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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