7: 00 AM..

Mumbling incoherent words, I rolled on my comfy bed trying to block out the bright sun rays blinding my eyes through the cracks of the curtains but failing miserably.
Giving up, I sat up groggily and leaned against the headboard, rubbing the remnants of sleep from my eyes. I groaned when I felt another headache coming on. All because I’d cried myself to sleep last night.

Yep. Right. For no reason, Will’s words had strangely cut deep and it hurt much more than any form of ridicule I’ve ever faced over the years.
Speaking of Will, I still don’t know if my Father has managed to get the case reopened.
Shrugging the duvet away from my body, I planted my feet on the floor. Grabbing my robe from the floor, I pulled it around my body and head out.
I need to talk to my dad.

When I reached the door to his room, I stopped when I saw one of the maidservants coming out of the rooms. A maid is never allowed into my Father’s room unless to clean up the room.
I made my way into the room, completely unprepared for the scene awaiting me.
There lay a sick pale man who was completely healthy just a few hours ago with a drip attached to his arm.


8:00 AM
“Who would want to hurt you, my boy? Who? Oh my God” mother sobs and despite the excruciating pain I’m In right now, my heart still breaks for her.
“Mother, please. I hate to see you cry” I reached out to touch her face but then I winced immediately at the pain.
I’ve been injected with something supposed to act as painkillers but all I feel is numbness in every part of my body except for the occasional pain in my wound.

I feel drowsy as hell, my eyes feel heavy desperate to be closed so sleep can take over but I can’t. How can I sleep when I’m still aware of the pain in my abdomen.
I don’t know how I’m still conscious after getting stabbed twice.
Maybe it’s because I’ve had far worse injuries than this in the past and yet I survived every one of them.
“What did you get involved in Will?” Richard questions, bringing me out of my thoughts.
I got involved with a lying backstabbing bitch.

My mind screamed but I didn’t say it out loud.
“I told you already didn’t I? I don’t know. I was weeding just like everyone else and these guys came up to me and before I knew it…” I trailed off letting them come to their own conclusions.
I wasn’t going to tell them about Alexa. No.
Whatever’s going on is between Alexandra and I. This fight was between us and I wasn’t going to involve them.

“Stop making him talk too much can’t you see he’s hurt?” Mother scolds my brother who just sighs tiredly.
“You should go. I don’t want you to get fired at your workplace because of me Richard. Go. Mom, you too. I’ll be fine” I told them.
“You aren’t fine Will. You aren’t. They wouldn’t even let me bring you food!” She protests and I sighed.
“Mother,” I said as softly as I can taking her hands in mine.
“You trust me don’t you?”
“Of course I do son”
“Then trust me when I say I’m fine. I’m fine mother. I’m okay” I forced out the words.
I’ll be okay.

But deep down, a part of me knows my life has taken a drastic turn and I won’t ever be okay from today.
And the one person for this drastic turn will pay. Dearly.
I know I won’t be okay from hereby and so will Alexa’s fate.
Making my decision and feeling my thirst for revenge ignited, I sighed and shut my eyes as sleep finally overcomes me.


Alice strolls lazily into the kitchen just like she had been doing for the past two weeks since her husband fell sick. And like every other day for two weeks, she had taken it upon herself to be in charge of preparing and serving Henry’s meals.
Two weeks was enough, she thought.
Two weeks was enough for a long wait.
Now was the time. Today was the day for her to give her last straw and end everything.

By tonight, she was going to officially be the sole owner of the entire Wallace’s wealth. Alice smirks satisfactorily as she grabs a bowl from the rack.
Scoping a reasonable amount of light soup, she pulls out the bottle which Eric had given her and poured everything into the soup, leaving no drop left and then stirs the soup.
Done, she hides the bottle in her bra and heads back upstairs with the soup.
This much medicine was enough to finally kill Henry.
Today. At last.


I rubbed my palm against my father’s pale skin as he just stares at me. Blankly. Like every other day for two weeks now.
Its been two weeks since he strangely fell sick and there’s been no improvement in his health whatsoever despite all the medicines we give to him precisely as we were instructed. But instead of getting better, his health seems to be deteriorating each passing day.

Alice wouldn’t even let me take him to a hospital.
I haven’t Even gone to see William.
I sighed. How do I tell him his case can’t be reopened since the person who ordered for his arrest is lying on a sickbed?
My thoughts got interrupted when the door burst open and Alice steps in, with a bowl of soup.

A scowl etches on my face as she walks towards the bed with a smile on her face.. A smile which is so damn fake and forced.
What exactly did my father see in this witch that he married her?
Gah! Infuriating.
I stepped away when Alice takes my place and scoops some soup with a small spoon and takes it to my dad’s mouth.
I almost missed it. But I didn’t. I saw how my dad’s eyes flicked continuously from the spoon to me, his lips pursed tightly.

My father kept staring at me, flicking his eyes back and forth. It was like he was trying to send a message across with his eyes. He had lost his ability to speak a week ago.
I stared at my father hard. He’s refusing to open his mouth to drink the soup. It’s almost like he’s scared of drinking it.
His eyes kept flicking, begging me with his eyes.
My father is tense. Now that I recall, he becomes tense whenever Alice is around of late. Like he’s scared of something.

He pursed his lips tighter, outrightly refusing to drink the soup..I frowned.
Something is not right.
Walking back towards the bed, I snatched the food from her and she turns scowling at me.
“I think my dad doesn’t want this soup,” I said
“How can you tell? bring it, let me feed him!”
If my guess is right and she’s been doing something to prevent my dad from getting better, I’ll find out.

“Alexandra give me the soup! Your father is hungry and I’m hungry too. I need to feed him so i can eat also!” The woman practically screamed in my face.
“I said no. It’s clear dad doesn’t want to eat”
“Stop testing my patience girl else..!
“Else what?” I challenged.
“Why? Is there some special ingredient in this soup”
I asked knowingly and I noticed something flash in her eyes but it disappears before I could grasp it.

“What? Of course not. I just haven’t had time for myself since Henry fell sick and I really need him to eat so i can prepare something for myself too”
I could see right through her flimsy lies. Is that the best lie she could come up with?
“If you’re so hungry then drink this soup yourself” I held out the bowl to her.
“N..no” she stammers.
“Oh, it’s okay. Since it appears dad doesn’t want it, I’ll just prepare him something else.

So go on. Eat” I pushed the bowl into her hands.
“Uh..no… I…”
“Go on. Since you’re so hungry, eat it. I’m waiting” I said and I saw Alice gulp hard as she tries desperately to cover the fear lingering in her eyes.
And there and then,my Suspicion was confirmed.
The witch was trying to poison my father.
Well, I’m going to make sure she drinks this entire soup.



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