Trauma Episode 25


It’s midnight in Adedokun’s bedroom. Bayo was fast asleep while his wife lay awake beside him deep in thought. Tolu was so deeply troubled to see her husband sleeping heavily while she had such a big issue troubling her mind. She tapped him gently to wake him up.
“Dear, what is it? ” Bayo asked groggily.
“Please sit up, I have something to tell you,” Tolu said.
“Why na? Can’t it wait till tomorrow? ”
“No, it can’t. Just listen to me ”
“Alright, am all hears”

“Bayo, do you know I have been suffering deep inside?” Tolu said.
“Suffering? How?” He asked surprisingly.
“Because we haven’t got a child of our own. Am worried darling”, Tolu complained.
“But why are you bringing up this issue tonight? We have already done all we could, let’s leave the rest for God” Bayo explained.
“What about the test we were told to do? When are we going to do it?”

“You know I don’t have time, we will have to fix a date next week,” he said.
“Next Week? What about this week? Why are you being so indifferent about this issue? ”
“What do you mean Tolu? You already know how busy I am this week ” Bayo said.
“So you are busy? No problem, it seems you already have a child somewhere else when the time is right, I will find my own solution” Tolu said angrily.
“Hahaha, how could you say such a thing? My dear, I have no one else but you” he said trying to touch her.
“Leave me alone ” she shouted before she got out of bed and left the room.

Jummy’s compound was rocking that Sunday afternoon. Music was blaring from the home player with kids clad in different clothes dancing. Aunty Ngozi was there looking after the kids with Jummy and her workers serving foods and drinks.

Juwon’s car grind to a halt opposite the house, he came down holding a package and proceeded into the building. The moment Juwon entered, Bolaji rushed to greet him.
“Uncle welcome ” Bolaji greeted.
“Happy birthday Bolaji, here is your birthday gift, ” Juwon said handling Bolaji the package.
Bolaji rushed inside to show his Mum what was brought for him and Aunty Ngozi came to greet Juwon.

“Oh Mr. Olajuwon, thanks for coming. What should we offer you? ” She asked.
“Actually am about leaving. I have somewhere important to be, I only showed up because of the promise I made ” He rose up to leave.
“But Sir, you should relax and have some refreshments,” she said.
“Let me go now, send my apologies to Bolaji’s mummy ” With this, he walked out of the house.

Bolaji was dragging his mother out of the kitchen to see the ‘Uncle ‘ but unfortunately, when they got to the sitting room, they couldn’t find him.
“Where is the Uncle? ” Jummy asked.
“He left just now” Aunty Ngozi replied.
Bolaji and his mom ran outside to see the Uncle before he leaves but when they got out, all they saw was a glimpse of his car.

TRAUMA Episode 24

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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