Tangle Episode 16


The Captain having waited a long time for her, was about to leave the hotel when she came in. It was obvious with her dressing that she was ready to
give him more than he yearns for.
After a little chit chat, he suggested, he gets a taste of her and she agreed.
While he went in for a shower before they start the show, she quickly put sleeping pills into the drinks he was having.
The Captain came back and laid on the bed. Helen offered him his drink which he was about to take when the cup slipped from his hand and landed
on the ground.

‘Am sorry’ Helen said as she attempted to clean the liquid spilled on the floor but the Captain pulled her back.
‘You can do that later, let’s get this party started, I can’t wait to drill into you’ he muttered softly pulling her to the bed.
He bounced on top of her and started kissing and caressing all part of her body.
‘Wait Wait Wait, take it easy’ Helen said.
‘What is it?’ He asked stopping the game.
‘You are rushing me, you won’t enjoy this game with rushing, rather take it slow’ She said as she kissed his ear passionately. She changed the position
putting herself above the Captain, pulling off her clothe and bra revealing her
bare bosom.

Captain Thomas dipped his mouth into one and sucked voraciously. Helen moaned as she works her fingers toward his neck, suddenly with only two
fingers, she snapped the captain’s neck and he became unconscious.
Helen got up, put on her things, cleaned the spilled drink and ditched the broken glass cup. After all this, she picked up her phone and made a call.
‘Hello guys, you can come in now’ she spoke.
Moments later saw both Jeffery and Malik dash into the room.

‘Whoa! This is great’ Jeffery exclaimed when he saw their enemy lying. down unconsciously.
‘Let’s not waste precious time’ Malik advised.
In no time the show started and Helen pulled off all her clothing again. She drew close to the unconscious Captain and they started taking photo shots as
Helen takes a various outrageous se*ual position with the Captain.

Captain Thomas opened his eyes and found himself all alone in the hotel room. The last thing he remembers was that he was having fun with Katherine’s
succulent bosom.
‘Where has she gone to? Did we eventually had s*x?’ He thought as he felt a sharp pain on his neck. He looked around to be sure that he wasn’t robbed and found a white envelope on the table with the word ‘My Dear Captain’ inscribed on it.
He quickly took, opened and brought out its content which was a few pictures. He was taken aback when he saw the first picture, he proceeded to look at the
remaining ones and by the time he finished checking them out, he slumped to the bed in despair.

‘How could I be so foolish like this’ he cried
He realized that a number was on the envelope so he dialed it on his phone.
‘Hello Captain T, how u dey?’ the voice said.
‘Who is this?’ Captain inquired angrily.
‘This is Jeffery on the line, I bet you have seen my present’ the caller said.
‘How did you get it? What are you going to do with?’ he asked.

‘I already have an appointment with the chief editor of one of our country’s newspaper, I have got a corrupt customs officer to expose’ Jeff explained.
‘Please I beg you don’t do it, I will give you whatever you want’ The Captain cried.
‘Okay lets trade, give me my truck full of goods and the story of your escapade will be a secret’ Jeff promised.
They both agreed to do the exchange at a rendezvous point the next day.


TANGLE Episode 15

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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