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Zoya’s POV

Shit, shit, shit.

I threw my bag on my already laid bed and struggled to get my phone out.

I have not called Eric today and I was out there kissing a total stranger. Manir was not really a stranger, I am sure I know more about him than all his girlfriend’s put together. Him asking the boyfriend question was a low blow. I was at fault too, telling my businesses to a random stranger. Maybe I had mentioned to him one of those many days I was angry with Eric about how useless he was as a boyfriend. I was the one always doing the calling, caring and listening. He never for once tried to reverse it. I was stupid enough to continue the relationship, and it was going to a year.

When I had imagined a relationship after my last breakup before Eric, it was one in which the other party would not be able to live without me and worship me. My smile, my frown, everything would matter but it was as if I was pulled into the dating game too soon because five months later, I was dating someone similar to one of my two exes.

I flipped through all my social media pages as I was not expecting a call, maybe a message to say he remembers me instead, but I came up with nothing from him. However, I got a message from Chiluba tagged #relationshipgoals. I dialed her number instead.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” I could hear indistinct voices in the background.

“I’m good. I just got in from work, still at work?”

“Yes o, I am trying to wrap up this customers’ family cloth. It is stressful getting my staff to do anything.” Lucky Chiluba, the entrepreneurial of all my friends, had minions she could tell to do her bidding and her work was actually spectacular.

“I can’t feel your pain. Enjoy your kingdom. I actually called to gist you about today.”

“What happened?” I could imagine her adjusting her tape rule on her neck, pins in her mouth and handing the material with her to someone else just to listen to my gist.

“Remember that guy I’m always chatting with, Manir?”

“Yeah…your imaginary boyfriend.”

“I met Manir today!”

“Okay… and…”

“Yeah,” I think she does not understand. “Urmm he is the owner of Andero limited. Okay, okay, not really the owner but he owns a large portion of shares there.”

“How come you are only just finding out today?”

“Well, doesn’t work with the architectural side per se, he’s into the real estate aspect.”

“Zoya? Is that why you called out of the blues this evening?”

I closed my eyes and I could feel my face becoming hot. “We kissed.”

“Eeeeiiii. Zo! Zo!” then she burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but join in too.

“Stop making annoying sounds jor –”

“No, you mean it? You met a random stranger and kissed him today? You have been watching too much American movies and reading too many books.”

“It’s not like that na..”

“Hah, and I thought I was the spoilt one. You have a boyfriend remember, even though I don’t like that oneself.” Like I don’t know. I think it’s high time I end that childish nonsense and everyone knows that I am single.

“It was an old dare –”

“Don’t tell me nonsense, aunty. Do you like him?”

I lay back on my bed and looked up the ceiling, trying to find the right words to describe my feelings.



“Still with me?” And then her voice changed. “Or did he force you?” Mother Chi chi to the rescue.

“No, it’s not like that. I actually like him and he is actually a great guy, but low key he is a fuckboy.”

“Aren’t they all? How did you know he was the one?”

“He was the one who found out. It started all awkward, me getting to work late, the rain, everything.”

“Awwnn, cute love story. You better take your head out of the clouds. You would give me full gist when we see on Sunday, don’t think this is all.”

I smiled as I shook my head at her predictable self.

“What’s up babe, how far your uncle for the importation business?” she asked and I began to experience a familiar feeling. It was not jealousy, just a feeling that I should be chasing for more in life.

“The rate at which you start and run businesses, I am beginning to feel like I am not serious with my life.”

“Haba. You have your own plans now.”

“I know, but babe, you need to chill and stop making feel like I have all the tools and I am wasting them –”


“Shut up there before I change my mind.” That made her cackle like a witch and I promised her that I would let her know when my uncle was back in town so they could meet. We talk about other insignificant things and as usual, she asked about Zena, then we hung up.


It was great seeing you today.

See you next week when I return? 

7:22 PM


You bet. 

7:23 PM

The way he made the kiss feel so normal, I decided to avoid talking about it or scrutinizing it. It was the simplest and most powerful kiss. I don’t know what made me accept his invitation but well, the universe had made us meet so why don’t we follow through. All these years, I have been stylishly avoiding meeting him and today, it seemed like a fairytale. Don’t warn me, I’m not even going to build castles in the sky, I’ll just play along, after all, we’ve been friends before all this.


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