Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Abuja.

The Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) is headed by a board of nine commissioners. It was founded in November 1992. The NCC is charged with the responsibility of regulating the supply of telecommunication services within the country.

With the aid of the China Exim Bank, the Nigerian government acquired the funding to launch her first communication satellite (NIGCOMSAT-1) on May 13, 2007. The satellite was deorbited on November 10, 2008, due to technical failure, but was re-launched 10 months later.

This satellite was instrumental in national security and intelligence operations such as in phone calls interception, IMSI number catches and signal direction finding. Much more it had helped in acquiring intelligence that prevented a terrorist bomb attack once in the past.

Three weeks before the ghost appeared at Alagbaka, the NCC intercepted a call believed to have originated from Sambisa Forest, Borno State. ‘’Take those ripe Tomatoes to PPP secretariat. Be careful not to let it burst before you get inside.’’ The call was believed to be received by someone around Oba Adesida road. Akure.

The message would have passed for normal if the word “Tomatoes” was not mentioned. Terrorists often used it to mean bomb.

The NCC analysts tried tracing the call recipient via the SIM card but only came up with the names of two Biafran soldiers that died during the civil war. The fingerprints with which the registered belonged to two ladies who were believe not to have survived the June 3, 2012, Dana plane crash. All attempts to trace the call led to dead ends.

Little did they know that after the suspicious call was made, the caller and receiver destroyed their SIM cards wiped the phones clean of any fingerprint, and dumped them in the nearest incinerators. After hours of deliberations and detailed analysis, the NCC concluded that the call was a bomb threat on the Ondo state PPP secretariat. The big question then was, “when will the attack take place?”

One of the NCC commissioners picked a secure phone in his office and dialed the director of the one body he believes could stop any bomb threat, The Department of State Service (DSS).



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