Alice steps unto the large compound as she made her way towards the gate. Opening it, she pushes the door aside to reveal the man she presumed to be the lawyer.
She smirks.
“Can I help you?”
“Good afternoon Mrs. Wallace. I’m actually here to see your husband. He called and asked me to meet up with him” the middle-aged man answered.

“Oh really? He didn’t mention anything of that sort to me”
“I’m sorry about that ma’am. Can I meet him?”
Alice feigns sadness
“Oh. You are a few minutes late. Actually, he got a call a few minutes ago about some really tragic accident so he rushed out. I’m guessing he forgot to tell you since he was in such a hurry”
“Oh,” the man’s shoulder sags in disappointment.

“Umm you can leave a message for him so I can give to him when he returns”
“Oh no. That’s fine. I guess I’ll have to call him or wait for his call”
Alice smiled
“Okay then. I’m sorry for the inconvenience”
“No worries ma’am. I’ll take my leave. Do have a good day” he flashes her a smile and turns to walk away.
Alice quickly shuts the gate and rolls her eyes in annoyance.
Good riddance to rubbish.

What did Henry need the lawyer for anyway?
She’d find out sooner or later.
For now, other important stuff needed to be taken care off.
Leaning away from the gate, she makes her back inside the house.
She was barely inside when she heard an agitated scream.
Fear and panic ran down her spine as she slides the glass door open, running towards the sound.

On the kitchen floor lay her son, lying on the ground and clutching his belly in excruciating pain.
Hovering over him was his brother, shaking him.
Alice made to move when she suddenly halted, her eyes fixated on the now empty glass of juice which she had left a moment ago.
She could feel her pulse quickening. Her heartbeat accelerating with each second as thousands of thoughts run through her mind.

“What happened? Marcus?”
“M..mom… I.. I don’t know mom. He drank a glass of juice and… This started…” Marcus’ lips tremble at the thought of losing his brother as he explained.
Alice gasps, staggering backward.
‘If this drug gets into the wrong hands, it’ll elicit really grave consequences’
Eric, The doctor’s warning resonated in her brain instantly as it registered what was happening.

“He… Drank the j..juice… Why didn’t you stop him!!. That juice contained….” She swallows her next words realizing she was about to blow her own cover.
“What did it contain mom?”.
“Nothing. Come on, let’s lift him up into his room” she says trying to sound as calm as possible but God knows she was screaming inside at Fraser’s condition.
“B..but mom. We should take him to a hospital” Marcus says.

F*ck no!
Hospital? They may find out her son was poisoned then they’ll ask her to file a complaint. Then the police will begin to investigate how he got poisoned…
No no no. She shakes her head.
She can’t be caught. Not now.
“No! I’m calling the doctor. No one is going to the hospital. Let’s carry him” she bends down to assist Marcus as they carry Fraser upstairs.


3:00 PM
“He’s stable now. You’re lucky this drug is a slow one else your son would have been dead by now. I’ve kept him sedated. Give him these antibiotics as prescribed for one week” Eric, told me as he hands over a prescription to me.
“Is that all?”
“Yes. And I’ve kept your husband sedated. He’ll be awake by evening or at dawn” he whispers wary of Marcus in the room as well.
I grinned.

I need Henry asleep for more hours, I’ve got something to do.
Thankfully, that b*tch of a stepdaughter still hasn’t come back.
Part of me is wondering where she could be.
But then again, I don’t care.
In fact, it just makes my work easier.
“Stay here with your brother Marcus I’ll be back”
He nods as I drag Eric out. I’m glad he didn’t ask me where I’m headed.


I bite my lip sensually as Eric pulls me to straddle his lap.
He stares at me, fixated.
He bends to kiss my neck but I swiftly pulled away.
“We can’t do this Eric. I’m a married woman” I faked sadness.
“We both know you and I are made for each other. I love you, Alice. I’m ready to accept your kids like mine. We both know you don’t love Henry” he says and I almost scoff.
The fool, does he think I love him?

“I know Eric.” I lied through my teeth and the fool grins.
“I wanna make love to you Alice. It’s been so long. You only call me when you need me as a doctor, not a lover” he stupidly pouts.
“I’m so sorry Eric. That’s why I followed you home. To make up for everything” I said sweetly and he grins.
“Good. Else I would have ratted you out to your husband. I would tell him and the entire world your secrets. Don’t forget I have evidence against you. So be a good girl yeah?” He grabs my neck for more emphasis and I choked on air.

This isn’t the first time he’s threatened to expose me and I know it won’t be the last. He never fails to blackmail me at any given chance and I’m sick and tired of it. Because I know one day, he’ll carry out his threat and that’s why I’m here, in his room today, to end everything.
Because dead people, don’t talk.
At all.
I nod feebly like I’m truly scared. The bastard. I’ll kill him before he gets to spill anything.

“Go change while I pour us some drink,” I told him and he nods immediately. He sets me on my feet as he scurries into his bedroom.
As soon as he’s out of sight, I pulled out the tiny bottle containing the drug. The same drug he had given to me days ago to poison my husband with so we could run away together. Well, let’s see how he feels to taste his own medicine.
Pouring some red wine into two glasses, I squeezed a few drops of the poison into one glass and shakes it well. Done, I pushed the poison into my bag then I began to take off my clothes, stripping till I’m covered in only my bra and undie.

Smirking, I lift both glasses and hands the poisoned one to Eric as he emerges wearing only his boxers.
“Mmm. Your body is still as perfect as ever. So beautiful, s*xy. Come here”
Eric licks his lips as he gulps down the entire wine in an obvious hurry. I gulped mine too down and set my glass down as Eric grabs me by the waist, pulling me towards him.
His arms began to roam my entire body, his dark eyes filled with lust.
Without much ado, he kissed me. Slowly at first but then his kisses became hungry and sloppy, filled with need. I smiled against his lips, kissing him back.

Eric’s hands somehow managed to find my bra to unhook it. I broke the kiss immediately and pulled back, shaking my head.
“Uh uh. Not so fast Eric. Not so fast. I came to visit you after a long time and all you can think of is s*x? Too bad Eric. Too bad.” I wiggled my fingers in front of him teasingly. I heard him groan and I chuckle.
If he thinks I’m going to sleep with him today then he better be disappointed beforehand.

His biggest mistake was threatening me.
Turning around, I poured more wine into both glasses.
“Come on Alice, I want you so bad” he whines.
“Everything in due time Eric. Relax. I’m all yours for today. Let’s just have one more drink hmm?”
“What are we toasting to?” He grumbles, gulping his wine.
I do too.

“To my freedom.”
“F..freedom? O..oh… Freedom from Henry r…right” Eric stutters clutching his chest. I smirked knowingly.
The poison is beginning to take effect.
“No. Not him. Freedom from you” I stressed my words hoping he catches on to what I mean.
And oh, to my relief, he does. His eyes widen with realization and then darkens instantly with rage.

“You… Promised you’ll run away with me… You traitor! If you dare try to outsmart me I’ll expose your dirty secrets!”
“Oh shush!” I pushed him back with less force but he stumbles back and falls.
“You don’t scare me, Eric. Just because you’re my lover doesn’t mean you have the right to threaten me.”
“I… B..bitch… W..water… M..my chest… Water…”
Yes, beg Eric. Beg. That’s what I want.
Ignoring his pleas, I picked up my clothes and then dress up.
What a killjoy.

“A..Alice..m…my chest…h..hurts… C..can’t b..breath.” Eric stutters uncontrollably, gripping his chest as he struggles to breathe.
Time to put my plan into my action. I have to clean this entire house so that my fingerprints won’t be found. I can’t risk being caught.
The fool, how dare he threaten to expose me.
Reaching into my bag, I ignore the helpless fool and pulled out a pair of gloves. I wore it and then pick up a large cloth, sprinkled some liquid onto it and began to work…

I made sure to wipe every particular place I must have touched. Including the door handle, fridge, and table.
I wiped everywhere.
In case the police come here and find Eric’s dead body, they won’t find my fingerprints.
Done and satisfied, I put the cloth into my handbag and pulled out the poison and gently lay it beside Eric. I grabbed one empty glass and put it beside him also.
I smiled. This is going to look like suicide, not murder. Even if they figure out it was murder, they won’t find any clues which will lead to me. I’ve wiped everything. I grabbed the second glass and pushed it into my bag.
“Ha! Finally!”

“A…Alice… Y..you b…B*tch… You… P..poisoned… M…me… B…b*tch!” Poor Eric still has the guts to insult me even when he’s dying. I kicked him angrily.
“You fool! You were threatening to tell my secrets to Henry because I refused to run away with you. Do you think I’ve forgotten all your threats? No one threatens me, Alice Wallace and goes scotfree. You may be a doctor but you’re stupid. How does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine huh? Remember you gave me this poison to Kill Henry but I refused? Now let’s see how you spill my secrets. You know, dead people don’t talk! No one Eric, no one will know what killed you. You’ll die alone, a miserable death!” I laughed.
Oh, this feels f*cking good.

“B…B*tch… You’ll… R..rot… In h..hell” Eric says as the frost coming from his mouth sputters.
“Adiós mi amigo! Do you know what that means? It means bye my friend. I’ll see you in hell Eric. Say hi to the devil for me when you get there” I blew a kiss to him then wrapped my still-gloved hands around his neck and began strangling him.
He’s taking too long to die. I don’t have all day.
Eric’s body jerks as he tries to fight me while I strangle him harder.

“Die you f*cker! Never threaten a smiling woman ever! Because a woman’s smile even in times of danger means nothing but destruction! Die f*cker! I may love you, but I love myself more than I do you” I strangled him harder making him jerk again.
“B…b*tch! I…I…pray you..r..rot in h..hell..” He struggles, gasping for breath as more frost oozes out of his mouth.
“Prepare a three bedroom house for me when you get to hell!” I snapped his neck hard, annoyed at the fact that he’s not dying… I heard the crack sound and I know I just cracked his neck as he goes limp on the floor. Dead. No breathing.
Ha! It’s about time.

Getting up, I wiped his body to make sure none of my fingerprints are found on him. Then I dragged his dead body near the couch and left him there.
I pulled off my gloves and pushed it into my bag. I picked my bag and began to walk out.
“Rest in perfect peace Eric,” I said to the dead body with no remorse and then walked out.
Mission accomplished.



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