IN LOVE WITH THE DJ (Episode 10)


Anita gently sank on the sofa as the news of Charles’ departure hit her.
‘Why is Charles behaving like this? I should be the one angry at him and not the other way round. Where has he gone to?’ Anita lamented.
She dialed his number on her phone but it was only ringing no human voice was heard. She tried the number again and the result was the same. She dropped the phone casually.

‘That’s his problem, I have done what I ought to do. He would come back whenever he wishes.’ Anita concluded.
‘Oh, thank goodness he drops the new pin before he leaves. Let me try to transfer the money to Mr. Johnson.’ She did the transaction on the phone and was certain that it was successful. She relaxed a little and slowly she dosses off.
When she woke up hours later, she realized it was past time for her to visit the studio and see if she could record something. But before leaving, she had to cook something for her self, so she went to the kitchen.

As she was about to commence her cooking, her phone suddenly rang. She checked the caller’s identity but it had none.
‘Hello, good morning.’ She greeted.
‘Hello is this Anita?’ A female voice asked.
‘Yes this is Anita, what can I do for you?’
‘Your friend Mr. Charles was involved in an auto accident .’
‘Oh my God !’ Anita exclaimed.
‘Calm down madam, he is in our hospital under intensive care.’ The voice said.
‘Where is the hospital please?’ She asked anxiously.
‘Golden flower hospital along opebi lane ikeja.’
‘Am on my way.’ As soon as the line goes dead, she rushed to her room, got her purse and dashed out of the house.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As Segun drove out of Clara’s street, he kept thinking of what he could do. He tried her number but it wasn’t available.
‘Clara isn’t from around here, she is a Cameroonian. She only came to this country to pursue her modeling career.’ Segun thought.
‘She can’t just travel to Cameroon this early, she must still be somewhere in the country. Where could she be?’ He questioned himself.
‘Oh yes, Linda !!!’ He remembered.

Clara had once introduced her to Linda a long time ago and he had dropped Clara off several times at Linda’s place. He immediately turned the car along the route to Linda’s house.
He pulled over opposite the gate of a yellow duplex building. He swiftly alights and proceeded into the building. As he entered, he sighted Clara’s car parked in a corner. He went to Linda’s apartment and knock. The door opened revealing Linda’s beautiful face.
‘Morning Linda.’

‘Oh Dj Nature, it’s so lovely to see you this early morning. How was your night?’ She asked.
‘Please am looking for Clara, is she here?’
‘Oh no, I haven’t seen her since the day before yesterday.’ Linda said.
‘But that’s her car over there.’ Segun said.
‘Yes, she brought it here, saying she has to travel home this week, her father is sick.’ Linda lied.

Segun’s eyes caught a glimpse of Clara’s favorite pink bag lying on the table inside.
‘I got to her house this morning, her neighbor told me she has traveled.’ Segun said.
‘Yes, she told me she would be traveling this morning, hope no problem.’ Linda asked.
‘No, am just surprised she didn’t tell me she is traveling. All right, thank you so much.’ With that, Segun left the house. Along the way, he touched the bonnet of Clara’s car and discovered that it was still warm. This convinced him that Clara is still very much around, hiding in her friend’s place.



(C) Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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