Trauma (Episode 19)


Jummy was sleeping on the couch in the sitting room when her mom came in and woke her up.
“Oh mummy you are back, welcome ” she greeted yawning.
“But Jummy you should have gone to sleep in your room when you were feeling sleepy ” Her mom complained.
“Am sorry mom, I fell asleep while watching TV. How was your day?”
“Fine. Why don’t you pack all these to the kitchen for me as I go upstairs to change ” She said pointing to the three polythene bags on the floor?

“OK ma” she stood up, picked up the bags and head toward the kitchen.
Once inside kitchen Jummy noticed raw meat in one of the bags so she brought it out, washed it thoroughly and then put it on fire. Her mom came in as she was seasoning the meat.
“Did Wale eventually come? ” her mom asked.
“Yes he did but didn’t stay long ” she explained.
“Why didn’t he? Hope you didn’t fight with him? ” her mom asked.
“Something like that”

“Jummy how could you be so stupid? You should go beg him first thing tomorrow morning “her mom advised.
“Mom, I don’t think Wale and I can get married ”
“What? Why would you say such a ridiculous thing” her mom asked in surprise.
Jummy was about opening her mouth to tell her mother the secret when her father suddenly strolled in.
“Ladies and gossip are inseparable, “he said as he went to pick up two glass cups.

“Na you sabi ” her mom replied.
“Welcome Dad ” Jummy greeted.
“Thank you. I came home with a friend, Jummy leave the cooking in your mother’s care and come help me serve my visitor ” he said.
Jummy took the cups from him and walked out of the kitchen.

Later that evening, the whole family sat at the dining table to enjoy their dinner. The cluster of spoons with plates soon replaced the silence that had previously prevailed.
“I was told Wale came here to see you today, how did you feel with his company? ” her father asked.
“His company was really great, I had a really nice time with him ” she replied.
“That’s good and I bet you two are able to pick up your love from where you left it,” he said.

Jummy was bemused, she never knew how her father found out that she had a history with Wale.
“Do not be surprised, I knew it all. It’s a good thing, it will help strengthen the bond between the two families. That reminds me, I had a talk with Chief Omoyeni and we chose two weeks time for the traditional introduction” he said.
“What introduction? ” Jummy asked.
“Your introduction Jummy, you are getting married to Wale ” he announced and everyone was shocked.

Ever since she heard it last night, Jummy had not been able to sleep. It was so ridiculous, how could her father just conclude on her life without giving her a hint? What was going to happen once they all realize she is carrying a baby. She wished her mom would come in so she could tell her about the pregnancy before it becomes too late.

A moment later when she heard knocks on the door, her heart leaped for joy but was disappointed when she opened it and saw Wale standing at her doorstep.
“Good morning Jummy, can I come in,” he said in a polite manner.
“Sure” Jummy who had no choice invited him in.
“My love, am so sorry about the way I behaved yesterday, it was so immature of me to treat you in such a way ” Wale pleaded.
“No No, you didn’t do anything wrong. I am the one who should be begging you ” Jummy said.

“You didn’t offend me Jummy” he said.
“Wale I did. You promised to come back for me and you fulfilled your promise but I broke my promise of waiting for you ” she said.
“What do you mean babe?” Wale asked.
“Wale, am sitting down here talking to you with a pregnancy ”
“I don’t get you, please elaborate,” Wale said.
“Am carrying another man’s baby” Jummy announced with tears rolling down her cheeks.

TRAUMA (Episode 18)


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