Tangle (Episode 12)


On getting to his own room, he sat down dejected. ‘How could I have done this? How could I have hurt my bosom friend because of a girl, a mere girl’ he thought.
‘She isn’t just a mere girl, I liked her, Jeffery shouldn’t have done this, he should have controlled himself, and this is all bullshit’ he thought again. He brought out the sugar box and attempted to open it but he drops it on the table and slumped on the bed.

‘Mr. Malik, Mr. Malik’ Helen called.
He opened his sleepy eyes and before him was Helen but this time not naked.
‘What the fuck is it?’ He asked angrily.
‘Mr. Jeffery is now awake, he is asking of you’ she answered before turning her back and left.
Malik got himself up, put on a cloth to cover his bare hairy chest and dashed out of the room.
‘Oh, Jeff am so sorry’ he apologized when he saw his friend with Helen sitting beside him.

‘It’s alright, right now I need something light in my stomach’ Jeff said in a weak voice.
‘Helen make yourself useful, go make tea and bread for him’ Malik commanded.
She walked out of the room to perform the quest.
‘You shouldn’t have lain with her Jeff’ Malik said.
‘And you shouldn’t have fallen in love with her. She is the one who called me into her room and I found her naked. Come on, am a man’ Jeff said.

Suddenly Helen rushed in with the sugar box in her hand.
‘What type of sugar is this? It tastes STRANGE’ she cried.
The two friends looked at each other
‘Come give me that, go find another sugar’ Malik shouted.
She went out of the room.
‘We have to kill this girl Malik’ Jeff said.
‘Indeed she must die’ Malik approved.

TANGLE (Episode 11)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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