IN LOVE WITH THE DJ ( Episode 8)



Anita got home still confused. She had been trying to transfer Mr. Johnson’s money but it hadn’t been successful. After countless trials, she concluded that she might have been misplacing the digits in code. On getting home she found Charles in the sitting room watching a national football match and sipping from a cup of tea before him.
‘Welcome Anita, how was the day.’ He greeted.

‘It was stressful, when did you come back from work?’ She asked as she sat beside him.
‘Not quite long ago, I came early because of this football match.’ He replied.
‘You and this your hobby.’ She sipped little from the tea.
‘You won’t believe what happened to me today. I forgot our ATM pin code.’
‘Oh, you mean the new pin?’ Charles said.
‘What do you mean the new pin? We didn’t change the pin, did we?’ Anita asked surprisingly.

‘Am sorry, I thought I already told you. I changed it the day before yesterday.’ Charles replied.
‘But why should you change it behind my back?’
‘I just didn’t want to bother you with such a trivial thing when you have a lot going on.’ Charles tendered his excuse.
‘All right, what’s the new code, I have to transfer part of the video director’s money ‘ She said.

‘Anita I think you should slow down a bit. You have been giving yourself too much stress over this your music.’ He advised.
‘I can’t, my songs are making waves now but if I don’t drop a video very soon, it will fade away.’ She explained.
‘Anita, am your manager and am in the right position to advise you on this. People don’t spend money on music like you are doing, instead, we should save this money and invest it into something profitable later.’ He explained.

Anita was shocked at what Charles said, she stood up angrily.
‘Charles, how could you say such a thing? So you don’t care about my music career? Wait, you intentionally changed our ATM pin to prevent me from spending.’ She asked but Charles didn’t answer.
‘Answer me, Charles.’ She yelled.
‘Calm down Anita, I did it for your benefit.’ Charles spoke.
‘Don’t give me that at all, you did it for your own selfish interest.’
‘Anita, you dare talk to me like that?’ Charles got infuriated, lighted her cheek with his palm and left for his room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Segun got back from the club late in the night, although not drunk but dead tired. He slumped his tired body on the couch, the conversation he had with Benson at the club played in his mind. Benson had urged him to forward part of the money to the event planner to start making preparations for the show. This reminded him of where he placed the cheque. He checked it and to his surprise, the cheque was nowhere to be found. He became confused and ransacked the whole sitting room but the cheque didn’t materialize. Picking up his phone, he dialed Benson’s number.

‘Hello, Benson how far?’
‘Nature, I am just about to sleep. What’s happening?’ Benson asked on phone.
‘Please my guy, can you remind me where I kept the cheque you gave me?’ Segun asked.
‘Come on Nature, how would you forget? You kept it under the CD jacket on the table when Clara came. Didn’t you retrieve it from there?’
‘I didn’t and now I can’t find it anymore.’
‘Haa, that is big trouble. Who visited you?’ Benson asked.

‘I had no visitor except Clara and she didn’t stay long.’ Segun replied.
‘Just try search for it but if you can’t find it till tomorrow morning, go ask Clara about it. I will call the telecommunication company to delay the payment of the cheque.’ Benson said.
‘Thanks so much, guy, I will really appreciate it.’ The call ended.



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