David followed Omolara calling her to wait but she didn’t. He watched her mount on a bike and zoomed off. He went back to his car and drove home.
As he was about getting home, his eyes fell on something in the car. It was the gift his mom gave to Lara and her handbag. She had forgotten them while leaving in annoyance. David despite being tired made a “U” turn and started on the Journey to Omolara’s house.

When Omolara got home, her mom noticed the expression on her face.
“Welcome Lara, how was the service? ” her Mom asked.
“It was fine. ” She replied.
“You are not looking good, what’s the problem? ”
“No problem mom, am fine. ” She replied.
“Omolara, tell me what happened, am your mother. ”
“Please let me be. ” She said before walking into her room.
When she got to her room, she lay on the bed and silently wept. What should she do? Her heart yearns for David but she dare not get into any relationship. Most of all, the son of a renowned Pastor. As she was thinking this, she slowly drifted into slumber.

She later woke up and realized it was past time for her to head down to her workplace. She dashed into the bathroom to take her bath. As she baths her beautiful body, she looked at the various tattoos on her body.
What would David think when he sees all these? Would he be willing to date her after knowing all she had done? She thought as she dried her body with a towel. Opening the hidden hole on the wall, she brought out a wrap. She poured a tiny portion of the white powder from the wrap on her palm before sniffing it. After returning the wrap, she got out of the bathroom and started preparing for work.

As soon as David was about entering the street to Omolara’s house, he suddenly sighted her in a taxi going out. He made a turn and started following the taxi.
“Where is Lara going to? ” David asked himself.
He picked up his phone and dialed her number to inform her about the items she forgot in his car but she didn’t pick up. He continued following the taxi until it eventually pulled over opposite a club and he also parked his car but before he was done, Omolara had already entered the club.

“What is Lara doing in a club? ” he asked himself as he alighted from the car.
His instinct told him to drive home but his curiosity got the best of him. He went to the security at the entrance.
“I would like to see a friend of mine who just walked in here. ” He said.
“Sir you will have to join the queue and obtain a ticket to get in. ” The security replied and he obeyed.

After waiting for a while, it eventually got to his turn and he procured the ticket.
It was crazy inside the club, the music was deafening, the weird lights were going off and on, smokes of all sorts tainted the air.
“So this really what a club is? A man house.” He said to himself as he kept looking around searching for his friend.
“Hello handsome, would you buy me a drink? ” a half-naked lady asked him.

David simply ignored her and walked away. His search for Lara amidst the crazy crowd was futile, he really was finding it difficult to breathe in the obnoxious air. He was about making up his mind to leave when the music stopped and the light changed colors. The stage opened and he was stunned to see three naked ladies on the stage. The music started again and the ladies began dancing around the pole. It wasn’t until they pulled off their masks that David realized her precious friend was among the mentally deranged girls dancing naked.



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