David knew the answer to his mother’s question won’t be good, so in other to protect his friend, he feigned a cough.
“Sorry my son, take water.” His mom offered but instead of accepting the cup of water, he coughed much harder.

When he stopped after long seconds, the whole conversation was changed. David took over and started telling the tale of his experience studying overseas. The meal ended and the plates were packed to the kitchen.
Even though Mrs. Amandi initially declined, Omolara insisted on assisting in washing the dishes.

So she was in the kitchen with the maid washing.
“You really shouldn’t have troubled yourself, this isn’t more than I can handle.” The maid said.
“I know but have been used to washing plates after a meal since I was young. So I always feel somehow sitting down watching someone else washing my dish. ” Omolara replied.

“Alright, sister Lara. Do you know that you are the first lady I would ever see with brother David? He must have really really liked you. ” The maid said and lightening of fear struck in Lara’s heart.
“What! Is that so? ” She said putting on a smile to conceal her fear.

“You are a very lucky woman. Brother David is a very good man. He is gentle, honest, God fearing, handsome and overall he came from a very good family. Isn’t that all a woman would want in a man?” The maid said.
“Yes. ” Omolara answered with her wry smile.
“All these qualities you counted are factors that will make it impossible for us to get married. Such a man is not meant for me. ” She said in her heart.

While Omolara was assisting the maid in the kitchen, Mrs. Amandi and her son were having a discussion in the sitting room.
“Mr dear son, your friend is such a good girl. ” She said.
“She is remarkable, that’s why I like her. ” David boasted.
“What does she do for a living? ” She asked.

“Although she is a university graduate, she is currently a professional fashion designer. She works at Colony.” David answered.
“What! That’s good. Do you love her? ” She asked staring in her son’s eyeballs.
David put on a smile.
“To be since, I do but am yet to tell her. ” He replied.
“She seems to be good but be sure she is a sincere born again Christian before you talk to her. ” His mom said.

Later when Omolara was done at the kitchen, she told everyone she was about going. Mrs. Amandi went in and came back with a wrapped package.
“Please help me manage this token gift.” She said.
“Thank you so much ma.” She said as she accepted the package.

David later drove her out of the compound on the way to her house. They drove silently for a while until David parked the car at the roadside.
“Why are we stopping here?” She asked curiously.
“Am sorry, I want us to talk. ” He said.
“I have to be on my way. ” She said in annoyance as she made to open the door.

“No please, I promise I won’t take your time. ” He said.
“What do you want to say?” She asked.
“Omolara, I fell in love with you the moment I set my eyes on you at the beach. Words alone cannot explain how badly I want you. Please let me be your lover. ” He proposed staring into her eyeballs.

He waited for a reply but Omolara kept mute. She only spoke after David had waited for what seems like an eternity.
“Am sorry David, it can never be possible. ” She replied.
“Why? Lara please, we can make it work. ” He said.
“Leave me alone David. We can’t be together. ” She said with tears in her voice. When David was about to talk again, she opened the door and left angrily.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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