*The “No” stigma.*


His heart keeps throbbing,
Beads of sweat running down from his face.
The world seems to be at a standstill,
He hears the clock ticking in his head,
A second seems like an hour.
His feet is getting heavier but he must keep moving.
He walks over slowly, with every ounce of mustered courage he has.

“Hello,” he says in a nervous voice as he extends his hand politely.
“Hi,” she replies snobbishly and size up the young man.
She walks away, he doesn’t meet her taste.
Off she goes, giggling loudly with her friends,
Leaving the young man to wallow in regrets of making the first move.
Head bowed, heart broken, he walks away in the skirt of shame.
His ego forever bruised.

Wrong Wishes

~Ufuoma B.A

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