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This is a long, chapter and it’s worth the read… let’s have a little truth or dare. I would appreciate your comments too. Thanks in advance.

Manir’s POV


I am outside. Take your time.

I dropped my phone on the console and lean back in my seat. I should be at home, preparing from my trip to Dubai but I really don’t feel like it. I would just use one of my recent travel bags and add what I need; my body sprays and some snacks. I am always on the road, one state to another, one country to another. I live for the trips as I get to broaden my horizon, which in turn increases my creativity.

Andero Limited is a family inheritance from my father’s side of the family of which I am the sole heir. My uncle, Wole, is from my great grandfathers’ brothers’ lineage and has some shares in the company. I really don’t have many people from my father’s side as they are usually too busy to have more than one child, just like my father. The company has loads of interest in real estate, architecture, and construction. I fully function in the real estate segment although I run around everything. My cousins from my mothers’ side, the Joses were also shareholders as they had helped me with funds during the company’s downtime about seven years ago.

I smile as I remember our last get together during the last Christmas.

“Seriously Manir, you need to settle down. You are the only one left without kids you know.” Rayo had said as she stared at her husband, Richard who was coaching her brothers’ children before they began their football match which would later turn to handball. Because Rayo just married and is enjoying the bliss of marriage, she thinks everyone should join the train.

“Rayo, let it go. I am okay this way.”

She laughed and I know what she was saying was coming from a loving heart. “Which man would get tired of having different girls every day?”

“Definitely not me.” I sipped from my cup of blackcurrant juice. Having children around makes the adults take drinks they can put down easily and not having a drunk child in the house, Aunty Lilian made sure of that. The story of when Kieta was ten – Michael’s love child – and drunk due to careless placement of alcoholic drink still scares the family.

“You know Lagos babes are quick to jump into relationships without depth just to get out of debt and show off.” Morris, her immediate elder brother said. “I support Manny on this one.”

“See you rhyming, hah. Why won’t you?” Rayo responded in sibling banter.

“At least I am free from baby mama drama. Be happy for me.” Stating my course, I look to Morris for support.

“Slow down sis, he has to sample well before he settles now.”

I just looked on and smiled at the children antics with Richard and Majid. Michael was nowhere to be found. Thank God Morris stepped in and is now taking the lecture Rayo was doling out on the beauty of committing to one babe.

The vibration of my phone jerked me back to reality and I quickly pick it up. In the space of that short time, I have five messages and two are from Zoya. We really need to exchange phone numbers soon.


Where are you parked? 4:48 PM

Hello? 4:52 PM


My hazards lights are on. 4:53 PM


Oh sweet. 4:53 PM

I unlock the doors and her refreshing presence filled the space of my car.

“What a day! I can’t believe we are seeing in the flesh and when I googled you, oh my …” Her sweet voice went on.

Okay, when I saw her at the office, all that was in my head was Man, you have hit gold, time to shine. But right now with her chatty self, immaculate body and what I know about her from our chats, I think I really like her personality.


“Uh yes?” I turned to face her with a smile and she burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry.” She said in between laughter, “I got carried away, it’s just that I can’t believe it!. Arrrgggghhh”


“I really did not take you to be this type of babe Queen Zo.”

She cocked her head to the side as she glanced at me, “No more Queen Zo, my name is Zoya.”

Playing along, I mimic her. “Hello, Zoya.”

“No, scrap that, Ehizoya but you can call me Zoya.” Then she pulled out her hand to shake me formally which I obliged her.

“Nice to meet you Zoya. I’m Benedict in public but my close pals call me Manir or Manny.”

With a coy smile, she puckered. “Of course, Manny.”

“You just ruined it.” And I smiled. I ignite the car and set the gear to drive.

“Waoh, so here we are…How has your day been?”

“It started off annoying the –”

“But I apologized now,” Zoya said in a whiny voice. If I had not met with her at work today, I would have been irritated by her antics but she is fascinating so I continue.

“Calm down,” I flicked a glance at her while I continued driving into the Lagos after work traffic. “It started off annoying then later became exceptional. And before you ask, good exceptional.”

She giggled and I felt good.

I knew what she was going to ask because that was how we commenced our chats on most days.

“And yours?”

“It started off shitty aswear, but along came you…”

Four years of social media friendship can cause one to make crazy statements. Were I not interested in her, I wouldn’t have bothered, but we had made promises and dares that right now, I am more than willing to follow through.

After driving for an hour through the traffic and talking about work, life, and every other thing we could stumble upon, I arrive at her neighborhood with her direction. Not a bad place and definitely not far from my crib. To think she stayed at Ikosi all along and she couldn’t make time out to see me or visit me. Zoya was one weird lady. Her latest excuse was that her boyfriend would not be cool with it but with everything she says about the guy, I don’t see him standing if I decide to step into the picture which I am considering.

“You know you owe me something right?” We are currently parked in front of her house and I know I can get what she was owing me under the cloak of the encroaching darkness. She had let it slip during our discussion that her dad was on his usual trip and her sister was in school, yet to return for her break.

“Naa… not in this life.” As she made to open the door, I use the central lock button to lock her in.

“Manny? Are you kidding me?” She turned to face me and I smirked at her.

“Naa.. not in this life,” I said mimicking her earlier response. I think I am getting used to her tilting and cocking of her head. “I really didn’t want to hold you on it, but you left me with no choice.”

“How?” She leaned her back on the door as if trying to get far away from the big bad wolf, which happens to be me. I really don’t mind.

I smiled at her, my hands encouraging her to go ahead.

“Manir, just because I sent you a kissing smiley and you said you wanted a real one and I said when we ever meet in person you can kiss me for all you want doesn’t mean I meant.”

“I believe you are a woman of your words.”

“Seriously Manir, flattery would get you nowhere.”

“But you are not leaving here until I get what you promised. After all, I didn’t ask for it.”

“Manir..” Haha, she sounded like she wanted to but didn’t want to. What is with ladies and keeping up appearances. This is the same lady who described to me in details how she gave her first blow job without throwing up.

“I have all night babe, a promise is –”

“You have to prepare for your flight for tomorrow.”

“You are not my PA, I would have taken you home to help with that.”

“But we just met…”

“I’m not asking you to have sex with me.” She rolled her eyes at that, “I am only asking for a simple kiss. I can remember another time where you said Christians should greet their brothers in the Lord with holy kisses.”

Her eyes went round like saucers and I surprised myself by laughing, “I was reporting my argument with my friend, that wasn’t me!”

“It’s just a kiss. Simple kiss –”

“What if I was just teasing you all along?”

“Truth or dare?” this was a game we played every time we were bored listing our daily routine and it had helped us know each other more.


“Chicken.” She thinks she can escape her verdict but I’ll let her know two can play this game. “Do you have an excuse for a boyfriend?” that got me a glare but I was not backing down.

“Yes or no, Queen Zo?”

She let out air she had gathered, “Yes.”

“So you see, you have been sincere with me all along.” I wiggled my brows as I decided to be done with it once and for all. I leaned towards her, “It’s just a kiss between two longtime friends babe.”

“Okay, okay. It’s just a kiss.” She closed her eyes and puckered her lips. If only she knew that I had been thinking of this moment since I realized the naïve but sexy lady stepping into the conference room as her.

I smiled and let her hang there. My eyes traced her delicate features, her sharp nose that she once told me she was self-conscious about. I can’t wait to find out the patch of hair she said she had mistakenly cut off while loosening her hair months ago.

“Hurry up Manir, I have never kissed a stranger before. I would get to write this in my –”

Our lips touched and she shut up. Her warm breath fanned my face and I inhaled deeply. I didn’t do anything, we just remained that way for brief seconds. I don’t know if she was trying to moisten her dry lips but I felt her tongue graze my lips and that was when I quickly brought my hands to her face to deepen the kiss then withdrew back to my space.

She immediately opened her eyes and had the gut to smile.

“For one second, I thought I had to teach you to kiss.”


“Maybe you have just been teasing about your many conquests.” Then she laughed. I unlocked the door and she opened it.

“Thanks for the ride, have a safe flight.” One of her legs was already out of the ride.

“Sure, give me your phone please.” She handed me her unlocked phone and I dialed my phone number.

“Oh,” she said when she heard my phone ringing and I handed her phone back to her.

“We would see when I return?” It was more of a statement than a question.


“Have a great night.” And I couldn’t resist it, “Say hi to Eric okay.”

“Get out!” She slammed the door and I drove off.

She had once said that she could not fathom how guys would have a girlfriend and still kiss, make out or have sex with another girl.

I like her.


Don’t you?

What do you think about the kiss? Way over the top? Why did he even force it?

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Fiction Stories

The Church Scandal (Episode 8)



The Church Scandal

The Church Scandal (Episode 8)


On the night of the graduation, Just after the
ordination, a gospel party was thrown at the
school auditorium for the graduates.
Uduak, Mfon, Inibehe and Eno were seated on
the same table. They had a sip of the heavens
wine over again, until it finished and they
demanded for another one.

The Church Scandal (Episode 7)

“This doesn‟t taste like the Nigerian table wine.”
Eno said to Mfon.
“Of course not. My daddy used to buy a lot of
this when he visited here.” Uduak said.
Eno stared at her meanly and said, “I wasn‟t
talking to you. I am talking to my husband.”

Mfon was already tired of trying to stop the
bicker between his wife and Uduak, he just gave
a loud sigh and shook his head.
Inibehe was searching for Nduke with his eyes in the crowd.

When he finally caught a glimpse of her in the
crowd trying to walk herself out of the door, he
got up and followed her.
She went to have a sip of the dark rum she’d
used in baking her birthday cake.

She gulped down the last sip of it and threw the
bottle on the sandy floor. He was right behind
her, but she wasn’t aware. A sudden cold wind
gusted on her. She held herself together and
strolled toward the school beach side. It was
lonely and cold, but the dark rum kept her warm.

She couldn’t think of anything else but Inibehe,
the picture of him appeared in her head.
She stared at the waters, the way it unfold itself and scattered into the sands, running toward
her. She was not aware that Inibehe was right
behind her.

“Nduke….” He called out her name so gently she
felt an inexplicable need to cry. She knew it was
him, the sound of his voice skipped her heart. He looked like a man ready for a confrontation.

“I won‟t let you go, I promise. Don’t be sad.”
His voice ran like a caress over nerves stretched
too tight. She fought an urge to throw herself
into his arms.
“There’s a storm coming in, you have to stand
with me. You have to stand with me in this
storm, because there will be no umbrella.”

He hugged her backwardly, her scented body
lotion thrilled the moment.
Her hand lifted to stop him, but he held them
tight and began to kiss her again.
Inibehe knew it might be the last time he was
going to kiss her that way, so he kissed her even
deeper and more passionately that she felt the
impact when he released her lips and took it
back like he was never going to let it go.

As they sank into the white sand by the beach
side, She told herself that she was going to
forsake her ego and be with the love of her life.
His presence still managed to take a lot of hurts
and sad feelings away at the moment.

He cried when she took his hands to her chest.
“Make love to me for the last time.” She said. He
flashed her grin and her heart stood still. How
was it possible to feel so enervated, yet so
completely aware all at that same time?
“I won‟t make love to you. Let’s get married here and now.”

“How? No pastor to bless us.”
“We are pastors, we were ordained today. God is
here already. Let’s make vows. look…” He
brought out a necklace that had a picture of him
inside a tiny frame. And showed her the one that had a picture of her inside a closed tiny frame too. Ridiculous tears stung her eyes.

Inibehe hung the necklace that had his picture
on it on her neck. It was gold necklace with a
diamond pendant of their faces in it. He took her hands and cut her fingers with a tiny blade.
“Ouch!” She exclaimed painfully. He licked the
blood in her hands without seeking for her
permission. He then cut his hands with the blade and she licked his blood too without hesitation.

“I will love you forever.” He said with so much
“I will love you forever too.” He withdrew his
hand slowly, trailing it over her skin. It began to
rain softly, and then wind driven rain began to
beat them. He began to giggle, while she
laughed. But there were still sadness in her eyes.

“I can‟t believe I did this.” He said. “I just wanna prove to you that I can’t ever love someone else.” He said, staring at her as if he were trying to see past her words, to read her thoughts.

They didn’t make love. He couldn’t just do it. He
felt he was taking advantage of her body simply
because she would let him.
They hugged themselves in the rain until the icy
cold ran through their spines.

He’d dreamed about her, her remarkable eyes,
but he’d only pictured them filled with sadness
that nearly matched his own.



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Fiction Stories







The cool air felt heavy against my bare arms, as
if they were holding onto raindrops that were
reluctant to fall. It was a cold Sunday evening,
I sat comfortably under the comfort of my
children’s duvet, while I watched them sleep.

Diary of A Pastor’s Wife (Episode 5)

Then I heard familiar voices in the sitting room.
David and Ifeoma were back from church.
“Don’t worry, she won’t do anything to you.
Take off your jacket, let’s go inside.”

David Instructed, serious faced as they entered
the sitting room. Ifeoma sat quietly on the
couch. Her heart skipped a bit when she saw
me appear in the sitting room, immediately she
sensed my watchful eyes, she became bold
and confident.

“You should let me be please madam Ekom. It
is not my fault that pastor wants Me.” she said
in a shaky tone.
“Get prepared for where God will be taking you
to Ifeoma. Very soon, you will be so ashamed of yourself, God has revealed to me how such
a day will be.”

“And I hope he also revealed to you that I
have finally agreed to divorce you Ekom. You
and your adopted kids should start packing.”
David said, he didn’t look directly at my face.
I flew on the center table firmly and slapped
him twice on the Face.

You and your Adulterous lover will leave this
house of my sweat for me and my Children. I
toiled with you! Prayed that we grow together.
I carried the sands of this house on my head,
which led to my first and last miscarriage!
Go to hell with your divorce paper, I am God’s
own woman, I detest divorce. I will be patient.

Go to hell with your church! With your lover!
Shame on you two! ” I snapped at them, I was
throwing curses at them. Tears rolled down my
cheeks, I made choking sounds as I walked
angrily into the Room. A film of sweat coated
my entire body like a second skin.

The silence was broken only by the whir of the
ceiling fan as it sliced through the still air.
David sat down and slowly lowered his head
into his hands.
“Ekom, unbelievable. You mean David said
these words to you?”
Pastor Felix asked. He has been David’s
childhood friend since the days of theological
school. He founded a big church and had a
large congregation too.

Pastor Felix was a mature looking man, who had grey hairs and wore round spectacles at all times. He was a learned man of God who was highly respected.
He was also the president of Pastors Forum.

“How can a church as big as Hills ministries
condone such sinful act from their pastor? I am
so disappointed to hear this. What did Lady
Georgina say about this?” He asked in a
baritone voice.

My eyes were heavy, and I was trying so hard
to control tears from running out again.
“It’s okay Ekom. I am really sorry. I need you
to pray seriously now. You are a strong
woman.” he said as he patted my back softly.

“I am holding a pastor’s meeting for this
reason by tomorrow.” He said authoritatively.
My nerves bit with frustration and tension. I
was so ashamed that my marriage was going


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Fiction Stories






Tega’s laughter subsided, but a wistful smile
remained on her face.
Omote had told her about her encounter with
Isioma, who was popularly known as ‘the
school fucker’ in secondary school.


“Does she still do that her busy body?” Tega
asked, smiling wide.
“Ahhh….yes o.” Omote giggled.
“I am surprise that she said she is married.
what then was she doing at a hotel with a
small boy?”

“I don’t know o. She asked me to call her. So
maybe we will talk about that when we see.”
“Ah! Isioma the crazy girl.” Tega laughed.
There was a loud knock on the door. Tega and
Omote wondered who it was.
“Are you expecting a visitor?” Tega asked.

Omote walked to the door and opened it
immediately she saw who it was.
“It’s Kennedy.” She whispered to Tega and
clicked the door open.
“Where is my money?” Kennedy asked in a
baritone voice. His face became stern. There
were beads of sweat on his face, and he
looked pale.

Omote did not look at his face, rather, she felt
his surprise.
“He didn’t touch me.” Omote said with a frown
on her face.
“Meaning that he didn’t give me any money.”

“Liar!” Kennedy yelled. ” You mean that a
whole Chief Akporo who gives girls 100k as
thanks for coming, did not give you a dime
“Maybe he doesn’t like me. But I swear on my
late father’s grave, that man didn’t give me a
kobo. He only said that he was going to see
me again.”

“If I find out that you are lying enh, I will make
sure Chief doesn’t see you again.” His voice
was getting louder, his head bobbing. He
walked away and slammed the door

“Omor. Kennedy introduces you to big men? I
thought you said he is just a good friend?”
Tega asked softly, she continued, “Did the man
give you money?”
“Holy mary, Yes!” She yelled. “He gave me
200k, and I am supposed to give Ken 20k.”
She sat gently on the couch.

“So why can’t you give him, since you will have
a whole 180k to yourself?”
“Because I am trying to set up a business for
you. Since you can’t use what you have to get
what you want. let me be the twerp.”

“I didn’t send you to go about sleeping with
men for money. I will not give out my body for
Money!” Tega said arrogantly.
“But you can sleep with a man for love and silly
emotions? See, I am not doing this for you, I
am doing this for mama. She has suffered
enough for Us. If I want to waste my time, and
watch you as my elder sister to hustle and take
care of us, we will all die.

Start thinking of what you can do, so that I can make plans to give you some money. you think sey to find job for Lagos na beans?” Omote said and walked angrily into the room.
Tega said nothing. She sat carefully on the
couch and bit her finger nails.

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