Tori met Nick at the beach and she couldn’t help but smile as he came closer.
“The call came sooner than I expected. Your plan must have worked. “ Nick said.
“Well, I’ve done my part, everything relies on them now.” She replied.
“Okay, by them you mean, Chase and what’s her name again?”
“Yea, so are they together now?”
“I don’t know, I have done my part as a good friend and It’s not my problem anymore. But I think they will be, really soon.”
“Well, I’m glad. So, can we take a walk together?”
Tori smiled. “Sure but not before this..” She said, bringing his head lower with her hands and pressing her lips firmly against his.

****** ****

“Your room is really nice,” Anne stated as she climbed on the bed. “I almost missed seeing this.”
“Oh, thank you. I got it for quite a large amount so I’m happy it paid off eventually.” Luke replied, climbing on the bed to meet her. “So, what about Chase? I hope I won’t get punched or anything and hope no one is going to call again?”
“Chase is not my problem anymore and everything is perfect. Now are you ready or not?”
“Oh, I’m ready when you are,” Luke replied and they both chuckled as he pulled the blanket over them.
It was a beautiful starry night at the beach. Everyone was sitting down under stars so brilliant. They were sitting in two ’s. Music played loudly from somewhere around the campfire. She recognized XYLO’s voice immediately. It was one of Chase’s favorite songs and it was coming from somewhere around the campfire at the shore. It wasn’t all that loud but it was loud enough for her to hear the lyrics.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t remember
Waking up with you when we were together
I lost my temper, you left at midnight
We saw the tears fall like rain on the headlights

It was always you and me
How could we be nothing, nothing?
I know that we don’t speak
But if I could ask you one thing, one thing?……..

It was like the song was talking to her directly. It had always been both of them together and she lost her temper and had driven him too far because she couldn’t forgive. The song was bringing tears to her eyes and she began to regret how she had acted. Slowly, she walked towards the campfire and sat down, staring into the fire as she listened and as she cried.

(Why can’t we fucking get along?
Forget everything we did wrong
‘Cause you’ve been the one
You know this will never change
But every day, I still wait for you
No, I don’t want this to be true……)
***** ***

Chase saw her face brightly where she sat crying, his heart went to her. Taking slow steps, he walked towards her and sat beside her.

I still wait for you
(But every day, I still wait) I still wait for you
(But every day, I still wait) I still wait for you
I still wait for you……

When they were finally sitting down together, neither of them said anything. He waited to see her reaction and realized since she was still sitting and not saying anything, she was willing to listen.
“I got my broken by my ex before I met….” He started. “ She left me at the aisle and ran away with another man. I should have waited to heal before rushing into our relationship but I didn’t. I thought I needed someone else to take my mind off the brokenness and the sadness and that was when I met you. I never knew I was going to fall in love with you. I had thought it would be just something for a short while.
That day at the restaurant, I saw her picture, her wedding picture and I panicked. I was not enough for her, so how would I know if I was enough for her. I was insecure, I was scared and I allowed my past to mess with my present. I started seeing signs where there were no signs, I started comparing you two together and I got so messed up inside .”
Kaylie was looking at him now, listening…
“I knew it was wrong for me to push you out but then you brought up Hatteras Island, this was where we had wanted to have our honeymoon, so I became further away from you.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“ I didn’t want you to think probably I had feelings for her again because I didn’t. I was just wallowing in self-pity and I destroyed what we had.
She gave me no explanation on why she did what she had to do. She said I was inadequate. This was a lady we planned to settle down. she never showed any signal to indicate she wasn’t interested. Later I realized she had blocked me. That was when I moved down here and I met you and….everything just clicked between us and I thought I was finally getting over her. Not until I saw those pictures of her wedding day.
I started thinking maybe I was not enough for you too and I was so confused. I got in touch with a shrink who made me realize I was messing things up by shutting you out and by my incapacity to let my past go. I tried to make it work but I was just so messed up and I didn’t know how to do the right thing again. I am so sorry.”
Kaylie smiled.

“You know, before I met you, I had just gotten my heart broken. I found out that my ex then cheated. He told me. Before he came to confess, he was withdrawn and he wasn’t talking to me. In fact, he did everything you did. I saw all those signs and I knew you were keeping things from me. I was so scared. I started comparing you two and I was afraid you might have done a similar thing.”
Chase took her hand in his, looking into her eyes. “ We both made a mistake of not dealing with our pasts before we met. We thought we were enough to heal us. I shut you out, baby it will never happen again. From now on, you will share in every part of my life, both good or bad.”
Kaylie smiled. “I would love that. I am so sorry for being so stubborn and being so proud, I just ….and I forgive you for using your ex to make me feel jealous.”
Chase was surprised. “You knew? How?”
“The name rang a bell when I heard it and I checked your Facebook, plus you know you once logged on my phone to access your Facebook account and with some info from her as well, especially, seeing her with Luke tonight and they were all cozy…I had to ask them.”
Chase smiled. “ Well, thank God there are no more secrets between us.”
“No more secrets baby, swear it.”
“I swear,” he replied.
“God I missed you so much!”
“I missed you too so much. I had actually thought it would take me the whole of ten days to claim you back.”
She smiled, “so are you saying I’m cheap?” she joked.
“No, I’m just saying, you are too much in love with me.”
Slowly, Chase brought his lips down to hers. That moment the song changed.
Looks like we made it-

Look how far we’ve come, my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we’d get there someday
They said “I bet they’ll never make it”
But just look at us holding on
We’re still together still going strong
You’re still the one I run to
The on that I belong to
You’re still the one I want for life
(You’re still the one)
You’re still the one I love
The only one I dream of
You’re still the one I kiss good night
“Oh, look, it’s our song.” Chase said, standing up while she did the same as they began to move to the song of Shania Twain. Later they realized they weren’t the only one. Most of the people sitting were all standing up, all holding their partners and moving slowly to the song.
From across the fire, Kaylie spotted Tori, who was also dancing with Nick.
“Oh my God! The plan worked.” Tori shouted excitedly. Then she waved at her friend and she waved at her back.
“So, are you still going tomorrow Chase?” Kaylie asked.
“If I’m going , I’m going with you. Nothing will come between us ever again. “Chase replied, looking into her eyes.
“Well, we should stay and enjoy our vacation then.”
“Whatever you say darling, as long as we are together.”



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