Kaylie heard the doorbell rang and went to get it. She was glad that her friend was finally here.
“How are you?” Tori asked, throwing her purse on the settee and taking a seat.
“I’m alright.” She lied and sat down beside her.
“So are we cool?” Tori asked.
“Cool about what?”
“About Nick.”
“Oh, please, the first time he set his eyes on you I knew he liked you so, we are cool. Besides, he wasn’t my type.” Kaylie confessed and Tori laughed.
“I knew it. You can be so stubborn. Why do you always do that? why do you tend to make some things a competition? Why can’t you just take a break and let things work themselves out? Why do you have to always want to win?”
Kaylie sighed at all the questions Tori kept bombarding her with. But she was right. She always wanted to win and she had always seen everything as a competition.
“Look, I don’t know Tori, it’s just who I am.” She replied.
“That’s bad. If you keep up doing that you will start seeing everything as a threat.”
Kaylie was quiet for a while and later asked. “So, when did you and Chase become friends anyway?”
“Well, that was the night you got drunk when I had to call him,” Tori replied. “But that kiss tonight was something else babe, you cannot even deny not to have felt anything.”
Kaylie chuckled as she remembered. “Yea, it was. I caught me by surprise actually and then I just….” She started but her voice trailed off. There was no perfect word for that.
Tori smiled. “Does that mean you know that you are still in love with him?”
Kaylie thought for a while. As usual, she wanted to fight it…
“Don’t fight it, just let it out.” Tori cautioned.
Kaylie took a Torip breath and nodded. “Yes. I am…but it doesn’t mean anything. He is with someone else now and ….”
Tori banged the table. “Stop that ridiculous excuses! What is with you and trying to come up with a ‘but’ for every damn thing? When I saw you with Nick, you think I cared if you two were together? I saw him, I liked him and I went for him. Didn’t you see that? I know you did.”
Kaylie stood up. “I am not like you okay? I wasn’t brought up in that way to have strong guts and believe in my guts.”
“Well, you need to start grooming your guts then,” Tori replied. “Did he tell you he’s leaving tomorrow?”
Kaylie nodded.
“Did he also tell you the reason why he did what he did that led to your break up?”
She shook her head. “I didn’t give him enough chances to.”
Tori shook her head. “What about this? Did he tell you he is attempting to seek a transfer from his place of work to another city?”
Kaylie gasped. Her heart sank as she heard that. “No.”
“Well, he is, once he leaves here tomorrow night and that means you both will never ever see again.”
Kaylie winced. She had been feeling so depressed since she heard he was leaving the island and now he was going to another city. Her life would suck.
“But…what if he does the same thing again? What if he hurts me again?”
Tori gasped “Then you forgive him, again and again, because of your happiness and because you love him but if you want him to stop doing that you need to learn how to listen. Listen to what prompted him into doing what he did. He has everything you want in a man and he is not perfect so he can make mistakes. Don’t expect a perfect relationship.”
Kaylie stood up.” I don’t want him to hurt me again.”
“So why are you telling me that when you can always go ahead and tell him. Trust me/…infact, you already told me not to meddle but I am your friend, you know he loves you, we both know. In fact, I think he is the only guy that I have ever seen to be this in love. He would do anything for you. so why are you making yourself miserable when all you need to do is to listen and forgive.” Tori stood up. “I have done what is expected of me as a friend. The rest is in your hands.”
“Are you going?”
“Oh, yea. I am. I need to call my man, he told me to call him once I feel like and I will. That is how to do it-you go for him because he is what you want.” With this, Tori stood up, picked up her purse and brought out a card.
Kaylie watched as she dialed the number.
“Hello, its Tori…I’m ready…okay, I will meet you.” With this, she turned to her again. “I love you and you deserve to be happy. You are a good person and you are very patient with everything but sometimes, you need to act and not wait. You need to forgive easily so that someday you would wake up and realize you have no one to talk to. You need to go for something and not wait till the time goes by. Yes, he hurt you but you have punished him enough. I saw the way you looked when he kissed you. I saw the way you looked at him when you thought no one was watching. You are still in love with him so why pretend. Look at me, I am going to Nick, if he asks me to follow him on a trip or something, I will go, as you know, my writing job offers me good flexibility. Chase will be gone and who would be with you? Loneliness is a terrible thing. It is like death. It kills someone slowly. ” She leaned closer to Kaylie and kissed her on the cheek. “Once you make up your mind, you will find him at the beach.”
Kaylie watched as Tori left, shutting the door after her. Then she sat down to have a Torip thinking. Something was off about tonight. Now that Tori and Chase were good friends, was it possible that she had told Chase her plan to get back at him? Plus who was that lady she had seen with Chase? He hadn’t seen her with any particular lady since they got here and now all of a sudden, he just magically appears to have a girlfriend, it was too convenient. She wasn’t buying it.
Taking up her phone she logged into her Facebook account. She wanted to search for any ‘Anne” who has Chase as a friend on Facebook.
She could hardly remember the last time she used Facebook, she couldn’t even remember her password. Thankfully, she hadn’t logged out the last time and the first pop message she got was from Anne Statham. She frowned. That was strange.
“Hello Chase, I am at the beach now, please we need to talk.”
What? What was the meaning of all this? Oh! She realized it was Chase’s account she had logged into.
She checked the messages and saw all the messages that had been sent by Anne, the same lady who she just saw tonight.
For some reason, she paused. Could Chase be cheating on her as well? All of a sudden, she was covered in her own sweat. She clicked on the message one after the other.
“Chase, I got your message too late as I’m already in Hatteras Island”
“Are you sure you are not coming?”
“Please I need you to come”
“We can fix this, where are you?”
“I booked the place we were supposed to spend our honeymoon, don’t you want to even check it out”
“If I don’t see you within two days, I will assume you have moved on and I will find my way.”
What was the meaning of all these? Honeymoon? Was he planning to get married to another person? Did Tori know about all these? What kind of game was this? Did he hook up with his ex or had he been cheating all along?
She couldn’t understand anything and she had no idea of what to do. So she dialed Tori’s number. Tears were flooding her eyes and she could her heartbreaking faster than she had ever experienced before.
Tori picked.
“Tori, I know about Anne. You knew, didn’t you? You all took me for a fool! You all lied to me! You are so despicable. I don’t ever want to see you again!” Then she ended the call and switched off the phone.
Not only did Chase lie to her, but even the lady that had been her friend. This was why she hated making friends. How could they? They all ganged up together to make a fool out of her. Anne was his ex and she came to reunite with him? So all the kisses, all her confusion, everything was a joke….she had almost thought everything would be fine. She couldn’t stop crying.
Suddenly her door burst open and Tori with Anne rushed in at the same time.
“What are you doing here, please just leave…”
“Babe, please, it’s not what you think? We are all supporting you and Chase…” Tori started.
“You? I could never believe any word that comes out of your mouth again.” Kaylie shouted at her.
“Calm down Kaylie, please, for the sake of your happiness.” Anne began.
“Look, I saw the messages you sent to him, I know he cheated on me with you and now…”
“No, no no. He was my ex, I met him before you did!” Anne shouted at the top of her voice and this seemed to catch Kaylie’s attention.
‘What are you saying?” Kaylie asked, cleaning her face.
“You need to sit down and listen to this,” Tori said sternly.
Kaylie sat. “Okay, I want to hear what you have to say.”
“Tell her everything, Anne,” Tori said to her taking a seat as well.
So Anne started recounting all that happened between herself and Chase. How they had met while he was in school and how they had planned to get married before she abandoned him at the aisle.
Kaylie frowned. “Why would you do that?”
“Because I was naïve, stupid and reckless and I lost the best thing in my life. I don’t want you to do the same.”
Kaylie was quiet. “So, what happened next?”
“So, I went to Paris and got married to my ex. I think he found out elsewhere because I ex-blocked him on social media. He later opened an account to tell me how much I hurt him and how much what I did….in fact, let me show you.” Anne brought out her phone and navigated to her Facebook account. Then she passed the phone to Kaylie.
Kaylie got the phone and read the content-she realized the day was 15th of July, the night she had broken up with him and there was no profile picture, indicating it was a new account.
Hello Anne.
This is Chase your ex-fiancé whom you abandoned at the aisle. You are the most wicked woman I have ever met in my entire life and I regret the day I set my eyes on you. what you did to me was wicked but for the sake of the woman I love, I forgive you. What you did to me is affecting my relationship and I was told I needed to forgive you to move on and because I have someone whom I Toriply love. I hope you get everything you deserve. Good Riddance.
After this Kaylie saw Anne’s several replies but which never got delivered.
Chase, please I am so sorry. I know what I did was wrong . I was so stupid.
Please, are you there?
I will unblock you on Facebook and will try your main account.
Kaylie handed her back the phone. “He never told me about you,” Kaylie said but kept quiet as she remembered they had both agreed not to talk about their pasts.
“I think he was doing his best to put the past behind,” Anne replied and continued. “So that led to all those messages you must have seen in his inbox. This place was supposed to be for our honeymoon….”
“Wait.” Kaylie stopped her. “Hatteras Island, here?”
Anne nodded and this made Kaylie remember how he had reacted the first time she had spoken to him about this place.
“I wish he had talked to me,” Kaylie said regrettably. “Why didn’t he talk to me?”
“Well, you need to ask him that,” Tori replied.
“So after I got divorced.” Anne continued. “I didn’t get his reply so I just came here straight.”
“The day she arrived was that day we saw them with Taylor at the shore, remember?” Tori asked and Kaylie nodded. Then Tori continued to explain all what they had planned just for her and Chase to come back together.
“You were part of it too?” Kaylie asked, Kaylie, now getting amused as to how they have all come together just because of her.
“Yes. Chase asked me to be his fake girlfriend after he told me everything that happened. He wanted to see how you would react if you know he has moved on.” Anne replied.
“I think, you should listen to this,” Tori said, bringing out her phone. She scrolled through and played audio. “ I recorded it the night he carried you from the club.”
Kaylie smiled as she heard Chase’s clear voice-
“Yea and without any explanation or head up, then she blocked me on our social media, I rushed into my new relationship with Kaylie without giving myself enough time to heal. So when I discovered that she got married, it broke my heart and I couldn’t handle it. I was so stupid, I should have just healed, I should have told her , but I didn’t want her to see me as being weak, I didn’t want her to think maybe I wanted to go back to my ex or that she wasn’t enough for me because she is all I need and I love her so much.”
As she listened, her heart was melting. Kaylie knew for sure that Chase really loved her, the realization hit her so fast that her heart began to race. He didn’t betray her, he never cheated on her. He was still hers after all. She needed to get her man back.
Tori smiled as she saw the smile on her friend’s face. “That smile could only mean one thing. That means I and Anne can go back to what we were doing before. All the best girlie. Go find him before it’s too late.” Tori said, standing up.
Before they left, the three hugged and they all moved out together.



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