Tangle (Episode 9)


They got home in a short while. Helen was fast asleep in the sitting room. Malik didn’t bother waking her up; he simply went into his room. Once inside his room, he brought out the box of sugar and kept it inside his drawer. Malik lay on his bed and slept.

The lovely morning sun beamed its light into his eyes, Malik flashed open his eye and was astounded by the figure standing before him. It was Helen their strange visitor standing there in complete nudity with water dripping down from her body.

Malik couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing; he thought maybe it was a dream or an illusion. He closed his eyes again not giving in to the bad dream but he was forced to open them again when he heard someone call his name.

‘Mr. Malik, Mr. Malik’ Helen muttered softly.
Malik opened his eyes again and still found the same sight before him but this time it was closer and more conspicuous than before.
‘Mr. Malik, please wake up, I need your help’ Helen called again, gently touching his feet.

He became dumbfounded; the very touch of Helen’s hand melted his heart. His hormones got raised as he watched her yellow bare bre*st, he felt like reaching it with his hand and give it a gentle stroke but his common sense took over the whole situation.
‘W w hatttt a a rrre you doing here?’ He mumbled sitting up.

‘Am sorry Mr. Malik, I just finished having my bath but I don’t have a towel, please may I borrow yours?’ she asked feeling no shame.
‘It’s in the wardrobe’ He pointed the direction to her.
She got it in the midst of clothes and wrapped herself in it.

‘Am sorry for waking you up’ she said as she made for the door.
Malik finally let in a breath of relief when he saw her disappear behind the door. He kept wondering what Helen really had in mind by coming to his room naked.

The door opened again and Malik’s heart jumped but calmed down when he saw Jeffery come in.
‘Good morning Malik, hope you slept well’
‘Yeah I did but…’ He wanted to tell his friend what happened but quickly change his mind.

‘But what?’ Jeff asked anxiously.
‘Forget it, just a silly dream I had. I know you don’t come all the way from your room just to simply greet me good morning, what have you come for?’
‘I was woken by chairman’s call this morning, he asked if we have cleared the goods and I told him his goods are highly secured’

‘That’s good, so he can stop worrying’ Malik said.
‘But do you really trust that boy called Peter, what if he sold us out?’ Jeffery asked.
‘Don’t worry he is my boy, I have complete trust in him’ Malik answered.

Later that morning while they were eating, the doorbell suddenly rang. While wondering who could visit them so early in the morning, Jeffery went to get the door. The door opened revealing the doctor at their doorstep, carrying his bag. ‘Good morning Mr. Jeffery’ the doctor greeted with a smile.

Jeffery felt like slamming the door at the doctor but he restrained his anger.
‘Am here to see my patient’ he announced when he noticed the unfriendly look on Jeffery’s face.
He was invited inside and was delighted to see Helen eating happily at the dining room. Malik rose up to meet him as soon as he noticed his presence.

‘Good morning doctor’ Malik greeted.
‘Morning Mr. Malik, am sorry about what happened. I really don’t have a choice’ the doctor said.
‘It’s okay, we are enjoying her company’ Malik said.
Helen who was so engrossed in the food she was eating than to notice the doctor’s presence, was called upon and both friends gave the doctor privacy to attend to his patient.

‘Helen, is that your name now?’ the doctor asked.
‘Yes I chose it, isn’t it good?’ she asked.
‘It is but hope they are treating you well? Do you feel at home here?’
‘Yes I do, the hospitality here is overwhelming’ she answered.

‘Did you remember anything; notice any fragment of your old memory or any strange dream?’
The doctor went ahead asking questions after questions which his patient answered diligently. After a long moment, he completed his test and was about to start taking his leave.

‘Lest I forget, we saw something that may belong to you’ He opened his bag and brought out a small teddy bear.
‘Do you remember this?’ the doctor offered her the bear.
‘I don’t, but I will like to keep it’ she said placing the teddy on the television.
The doctor rose up and took his leave.

TANGLE (Episode 8)

written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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