David was still feeling remorseful for what he did to Lara when his mother came into his room.
“My lovely son, hope am not disturbing. ” She asked as she walked in.
“Not at all, mom,” David replied.

She sat on the bed very close to her son.
“So David what do you want to do now. ” Her mom asked.
“Am planning on writing a motivational book, am just conducting some research to widen my knowledge. ” He explained.
“That’s good. David I wouldn’t want you to misconstrue your father’s intention towards you. He was only trying to make sure you achieve the best in life.”

“Mom I understand and am not holding any grudge against anyone.” He said.
“OK, so what about Omolara, did you get her home? ”
“Yes, ma. ”
“She is such a nice girl, where did you know her? ” She asked.
“She is the lady I told you I accidentally hit. ” He replied.
“Oh! She is the one? Ok, which church does she attend? ” She asked.
“Am not really sure.”

“That’s not good enough, make sure you invite her to church this Sunday, I would like to have a word with her.” She said.
“I will try. ” David said.

After his mom left, David tried Lara’s number again but she still didn’t pick up. He then decided to go visit her house.

Around two pm the next day, Omolara saw David at her doorstep carrying a bag.
“Hello, Lara. ” He greeted with smiling face. Lara whose face wasn’t welcoming invited him in.
“Apologies in a million Lara, I don’t really mean to embarrass you yesterday. ” He pleaded immediately they are both seated.

“You didn’t David, it only came as a shock to me. I really wasn’t expecting it from you.” She said.
“Am sorry. I hope this would mend the friendship bridge I broke yesterday. ” David brought out a package from the bag he brought in. He opened the package and brought out a beautiful female shoe.

“David, you really don’t need to buy this for me,” Omolara said.
“I do, it’s my way of rendering an apology. ” He replied.
“I have already accepted your apology but I can’t accept this gift. ” She said.
“Why? Don’t you like it? ” He asked.
“It’s not that, we are friends alright but I would like us to keep things simple. I can’t afford any complication in our friendship. ” She explained.

David sighed.
“Alright, at least we are on good term now.”
“David I don’t mean to hurt your ego. ” She spoke.
“I will be lying if I say you don’t. Lest I forget, mom said she would like to see you in our church this Sunday.”

“What! Hope no problem? ” She asked surprisingly.
“Not at all, She just want you to attend the thanksgiving service. ” He explained.
“OK” She replied.
“Is that a yes? ” David asked.
“I really can’t say for now. ” She answered.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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