TANGLE (Episode 8)


As soon as it was half past nine that evening, the two friends started getting ready to go clear their goods at the dock.
‘Where are you going by this time of the night?’ Helen asked when she noticed both men dressed up.
‘We are going to hold a meeting with one of our clients, a white man who just came into the country’ Malik lied.

‘Please take me with you, I haven’t seen a white man before, except on the television’ she begged.
Jeffery shot her a terrible look.
‘Don’t worry, we would be back in a few moments’ Malik promised and they both exit the house.

They ground their car to a halt at the dock where they had four men waiting for them. They both alighted from the car and walked to the men.
‘Good evening gentlemen, thanks for meeting us here at this time of the night. We have huge work to do, we need your help in loading our goods which are inside the cargo over there into that lorry quickly’ Jeffery said.

‘We have to finish this in less than two hours, each of you will be generously rewarded when the task is complete, so please let’s work hard. These goods are fragile, handle them with adequate care. Now let’s set the ball rolling’ Malik commanded.
The men started loading the huge carton from the cargo into the lorry. Within one and a half hour, they were through with the job. Malik paid them and three of them left.

‘Now Peter, let’s get the goods to our warehouse. Drive the lorry and we will follow you from behind’ Malik ordered the only man left. Malik was about to go join Jeffery who was waiting in the car when his eyes caught something. A carton has fallen from the lorry and the content of the carton revealed itself to be a box of sugar. He picked the box and kept it in his pocket before putting the carton back to where it had fallen. The lorry zoomed off, followed by the car with Malik inside.

TANGLE (Episode 7)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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