You keep running from the truth, but you know it’s true
Everyone becomes your enemy because they offered to help
You are stupidly in love with an infidel who cares only for himself
Yet you love him blindly
But for how long will you continue in slavery?
You cook! You wash! You clean! You nurture his children
Yet the monster hits you, beats you and cheats
You abandoned your family, your bundle of Joy and completeness
For a complete stranger who in turn enslaved you
What’s your marriage if not serfdom? no dowry, no family relationship,
no affection, no show of appreciation.
He’s a liar..a chronic liar yet you chose him.
You keep wondering!!
if you are going to be with him forever…is there hope?
You keep wondering…
what the end is going to turn out to be
You keep wondering…
do you really love thee
You keep wondering…
when the games are going to quit
aren’t you tired???
He lied!
He’s a liar and you are a fool
How quickly you fell
How high was the fall…..oh how naive could you be?
He lies so beautifully and you smile ignorantly without your brains
A cunning thief he is, disguised in pretty clothes
And a sweet accent… Oh, you fell!
For his lies and fake life…… you fell!
How could you let your desire for false freedom lead you into captivity??
He lured you into his web…and you chose to remain captive
He spoke about greener pastures, painted pictures so enchanting
You were deceived out of your own desperation and stupidity
By his promises and tales you put your needs ahead of logic
What a fool you are!
You’ve been chained….because you let your emotions led you
Chained in a land you know not. Chained to a bed you know not
Sold yourself to give pleasure to a man you know not
Your choices, you despise
Your life, you hate
why can’t you see…why are you being stupid?
call out for freedom
Where art thou?!
Bring me back those days
Those days I had it all…the life I desire..the future I aspire
cry! cry!! cry!!!
stop asking where to start from….just make a move
Take a bold step…be brave to be strong
There’s life without him…YES:!!
Slavery can be over only if you agree.
The days draw nigh..please take a step of freedom.

Green Petals


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