Chase kept watching how Kaylie fidgeted with her food. He wanted to laugh but had to control himself. She always played with her food anytime she was feeling uneasy or out of place. Poor her. He kept looking at her, she looked sad and angry at the same time and Chase knew Tori would be in a big problem afterward. Well, at least now, he could be rest-assured that Tori was rooting for him. Talk about Tori, she was more excited than usual. She seemed to be conversing endlessly and laughing with Nick. Wow! Sorry, Kaylie.
“So, how about we start by telling ourselves why we each came to the island and what we do in our different lives. “ Chase started. He needed to do something that would get everyone talking.
“Oh! That’s a great idea baby. I will go first.” Anne replied
At first, Chase frowned. He wondered what she was going to say exactly, Definitely not the truth, he hoped.
“I am Anne Statham, everyone.” She began.
“Hi, Anne.” Everyone chorused.
“Thanks, guys. So I recently got divorced and I came here to take some time off and to spend part of the money that I had just earned from my divorce. I am a realtor. I am happy, I am free and you guys are wonderful. Cheers.” She said, raising her glass.
Everyone raised their glass and later clapped.
Chase relaxed. It wasn’t what he had been afraid off.
“I will go second,” Luke said quickly.
“Alright, go ahead man.”
“Well, I am Luke, a physician; I recently lost my girlfriend to another man.” Everyone was quiet as he said this. “Anyways, I came here to feel sorry for myself and to hook up with my friend here, Nick. Thanks for having me.”
Everyone clapped for him as he finished.
“So sorry about your girlfriend man, don’t worry, you are in the right place to heal and move on,” Chase said to him.
“Thanks, man,” Luke replied.
“So who is next?” Chase asked, looking around the room, Kaylie seemed not to be interested.
“How about you Kaylie?” Nick asked, poking her on the shoulder. “Why are you here and what do you do?”
Kaylie sighed and forced a smile. “Well, hi everyone. I am Kaylie, I work in the media house and I am here to make some changes in my life. Find a man, have fun and move on.”
“Wow!” Luke began. “I guess I’m a lucky guy,”
Everyone exchanged glances immediately. Chase needed some time to process that. okay, now, Luke thought he was the man for Kaylie because she just stated she wanted to find a man.
“Sorry Luke, I’m with your friend,” Kaylie replied.
“Oh, no problem, I think you two have lots in common,” Nick replied. “We are not actually a couple so it’s okay.”
Kaylie was quiet and she stood up, to excuse herself.
“Wow! Is it just me or is that this place just got hotter?” Anne asked as soon as Anne was out of sight.
Chase sent Tori a look to go check on her. She scowled at him but still left anyways. Afterwards, Nick said something about wanting to make a call outside and left.
“So, Luke, you are a physician?” Anne began, addressing Luke who nodded.
“How many years have you been into practice?”
“10 years Anne. Why?”
“I have a thing for physicians,” Anne replied.
Chase laughed, trying to make the whole thing look a bit unserious. What the hell was Anne doing?
“Well, thanks, Anne. You ‘ve got a great guy there.” Luke stated on purpose.
Anne leaned closer to him. “Don’t worry, it’s an open relationship. Besides, I know a thing or two about losing someone and later realize they were the best thing in your life.”
“Yea. “
Chase stood up. “Don’t take her seriously Luke, she‘s just toying with you.”
Luke managed a smile. “Okay, I know. Thanks for the heads-up man.”
“Come with me now” Chase ordered as he left the table as well with Anne.





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