The sky was beautifully adorned with glittering stars. The night was cold, Tori was glad she had brought her jacket with her. She found Kaylie outside.
“Kaylie, come on, I’m sorry.
Immediately, Kaylie swung around with a jack. “What the hell was that Tori? What the hell was that?”
Tori sighed. “Please if you just calm down…”
“You just had to bring all of us together without giving a clue, what kind of a person are you? I have not even gotten to know Nick to make my plan work, you made me look like a fool out there.”
“But, you don’t even like this Nick and you don’t know if he’s interested in you…”
“Oh! So you can keep him, right? Is that it? Because I know what you were doing with the whole dinner thing and all basketball bullshit! You just had to see him again! You are such a….” Kaylie stopped before she could say what she would regret.
“I’m sorry Kaylie but I don’t know why you will want to ruin a perfect relationship with someone that loves you, why do you need Nick for that?”
Kaylie clapped. “I see, this is for your own selfish interest, you want me to go back to Chase so you could have him right?”
Tori did a slight gasp. “But you don’t even like him. He is not your type Kaylie. You know this. Why make things so difficult for yourself?”
“You are in no position to tell me what is good for me or what isn’t….”
“Yea, I am, I am your friend.”
“Then mind your own business.” She restored.
Tori took a Torip breath and moved closer to her friend.
“Okay, I’m sorry I went out of line and I almost ruined your plan, I will back out and you can go ahead with Nick. Whatever you chose to do is none of my business, I will respect every choice you make.”
Kaylie calmed down and then turned around.
“I’m sorry for lashing out like that. I just, I feel so bad you know. I feel so stupid. With the way Chase and that slut was all over each other…i just got…”
Kaylie sighed but said nothing. “I’m sorry Tori, I just, you are wrong, I like Nick and I think we can have something fun going on between us at least let me try that before I go back to my normal life. I need you to back off, I found him, not you and the way you are all over him is distracting him from focusing on me, the plan is to make him ask me out.”
“Okay. I will back off. I promise.”
“Can we go back in now?”
“Yea, I will join you.”
Tori returned back to the house. Kaylie must be the most stubborn lady she has ever known. She was just wasting time trying to make someone jealous of someone who wasn’t even interested in her in the first place. She had earlier decided not to take part in their silly competition, she wanted to be neutral. But now, she was definitely not going to be neutral. She would do everything to make sure she goes back to Chase and maybe Nick and I can start something. He was the kind of man she had always wanted and she wasn’t going to allow some stupid game or some stupid pride to mess things up for her.
*** ****
Kaylie watched as Tori disappeared into the house. She hated Chase; she hated him for doing whatever he was doing to her. Anne Statham, she knew that name from somewhere but where?
She also knew that she must have shown some momentary weakness in that room. It wasn’t her fault; she hated surprises, especially those that would torment her like this.
She needed to come up with another plan. She thought for a while. She was going to act normal and nice, Chase must have found out how disturbed the whole dinner together with that lady was making her feel. She shook her head. She had been so embarrassed. Tori was so mean to her, why would she do something like that without telling her anyway. She tried to reason why Tori must be angry with her to have done something like that but she realized, they didn’t have any issue whatsoever, except for one thing. She was always going on and on about why she needed to go back to Chase. Could Tori be forming some kind of friendship with Chase?
**** ****
“What the hell did you think you were doing flirting with that guy?” Chase asked.
Anne scoffed. “Look, Chase, I am doing what you asked me to do okay. You want your girl back and I am your fake girlfriend, I understand that. But in case you’ve forgotten, I am still single and Luke, I think I like him, okay. Don’t worry, I won’t mess up our plan.”
Chase smiled. “No problem, I trust you. Sorry I was being a jerk.”
“You are forgiven but once you and your girl come back together. You are definitely owing me.”
Chase chuckled. “No problem”
That moment, Tori came into the kitchen and found them.
“Hey! What are you two doing in here?” She asked.
“Well, I had to come to make sure that Anne is sticking to the plan.” Answered Chase.
“So is she?”
“Yea, I am,” Anne replied and continued. “I should ask you that. What are you doing with that tall glass of champagne?”
Tori scoffed. “What are you saying?”
“Oh, I saw the way you were looking at the cutey, Nick right? You have a thing for him don’t you?” Anne asked.
“I don’t know what you are talking about, Anne,” Tori replied, smiling.
“Hold up! What is happening right here?” Chase asked.
“Well, we are sticking to your plan but we are allowed to have other plans for ourselves right?” Tori asked.
“Well,” Chase replied. “There is no problem about that. Just as long as it doesn’t mess with whatever plan we had before. By the way, you two are doing great.”
“Oh don’t worry, it’s fine. Go meet the guys okay; we will be right behind you.”
Chase looked at the two ladies suspiciously and then went out.
**** ****
“So, I’m thinking of how we can make this plan work with everyone gaining from it.” Tori began.
“Oh, I’m right behind you girl” Anne replied. “What have you got?”
“First what do you think of that hot guy?” Tori asked.
“Oh, Luke is cute, I like him, he’s got some…”
“Eeew, I’m talking about Nick, not have a thing for Luke?”
Anne thought for a while. “Well, not a thing, but I have always had a thing for doctors especially physicians,” Anne replied.
“Great, then we can all work together and make this happen. We can all leave this place happily with a partner.”
Anne frowned, “how?”
Tori thought for a while. “Kaylie gave me warning outside to stay away from Nick and it’s quite obvious that the dude is into me and he’s got everything I want in a man.”
“Hmm. Yea. Your dream just came true.”
“Yea, with just a slight glitch though. The thing is you and I need to work together to bring Chase and Kaylie together at all cost. With this, everyone could be happy.”
“Just follow my lead. Come let’s go.”




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