Loves Pain


So i write!
Broken glasses on the floor.
Why haven’t you spoken to me a week?
We finally got together but it feels like I just lost you.
In a haphazard manner, I designed the glasses at the doorstep.
I suddenly want to hurt you,
Feel my pain and my desire for you,
In this evil sketch, there must be a wrong line.

I hurriedly pick up the glasses, you mustn’t get hurt,Not a scratch.
What God teaches about love?
Love a neighbour as you love yourself.
Walk through a trail of broken and then prepare it for a soul.
I have a heart, it’s filled with love.
My heart may waiver,but my faith won’t.
Fly away like a bird,
Savour your world like a freed prisoner.

Am lost for words, the letters are hiding.
My heart is being weaved,my soul being brushed.
Am being mended,
A broken piece made whole.
Perfectly designed to fit into Christ’s side.
A good piece to be put in place for the purpose of thy creation.
The time is fast approaching.
The bells will soon be rung.
Wake up o sleeper.
Look into what is important
Merry or Mercy.

Love or lust
Need or want,
A purpose well fulfilled,
A life well spent.
Put up the curtains, the show has begun.
Play your part, and win thy life.
All too soon, the curtains will be put down.
When the director takes the stage.

IT girl


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