Green petals


Like two lovebirds,
We ran out into the rain,hand in hand.
As awful as We danced,
Never Have i seen a better dancer than you.
You are unique in your words and your love completes me.

If ever two were one,then surely We.
You cherished My soul even When there was nothing To love.
We are like a perfect pair of socks;
Carefully knitted alike by the heavens.
Your love entangles me in a world unseen by many.
My heart knows no bounds To loving you,For i am madly in love with you.

Be My Lord and let me be your queen and slave .
In making love,our souls are burned into one.
A bond beyond bond.
Your name is carved in My heart.
Without you i am like a lost book.

But, even with the depth of My love;
I won’t hold on If you are not willing.
If you walk away i wont call your name.
I Am unselfishly in love with you,
And If you find a much better love in the arms of another.
I Will Gladly join you two in matrimony .

I Am yours If you are mine



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