Kaylie walked into the dining room with Nick and stopped in her tracks as she sighted the ‘supposed visitors.’ The lady had a hand on Chase’s laps, while he covered it with his hand. They both were talking quietly and smiling at the same time.
They seemed not to be aware of their presence and she gripped Nick’s hand tightly, turning around to send shades at Tori.

If shades could kill, she knew Tori would have died. How could she do this to her without prior notice! Nick hadn’t even asked her yet. Tori, however, was busy smiling with Luke and was finally announced the presence.
“Hello, I guess everyone Is here….”
Just then, Chase and the lady looked up.

“Hi.” The lady said to them as sweetly as she could. No doubt she was a beautiful woman and she looked familiar. Kaylie replied with a “hi” before taking her seat.
Chase stood up shaking hands with Nick and Luke.
“Hi man, I’m Nick and this is Luke….” Nick started.
“Hi Luke, I’m Chase, this is my girlfriend, Anne.”
Something tightened in Anne’s tummy as she heard this. The lady was as smiles as they exchanged greetings.
“Hi, Kaylie. How are you doing?” Chase asked with a smile.

That moment it was like everywhere was frozen as the atmosphere was quieter than earlier. For the first time in a while, she felt like all the eyes in the room were on her.
“Hello, Chase.” She replied, feeling awkward. She was going to kill Tori after this night.
“So you two know each other?” Nick asked before pulling out a chair for her.

Before she could respond, Chase beat her to it. “Yes, we were in a relationship until we were not.”
Kaylie snapped her eyes shut. That was so humiliating. She took another look at Tori as she sat down, but she realized she wasn’t even paying attention to it as she started serving them.

“Oh, so she is the lady you’ve been telling me about?” The lady said to Chase, placing a hand on his cheek. Kaylie almost scoffed. This was so stupid. Why did she come here anyway and when did Chase and Tori become friends that she had to invite them over?
“Yea,” Chase replied.
That minute, she felt Anne take a look at her and then smiled.

“Don’t worry, I will punish him for you. He has been a really bad boy.” She whispered to her, leaning a bit forward but everyone could hear her, some laughed at her statement while others were indifferent. Others like Tori and Nick who seemed to be talking and smiling at each other.

Kaylie felt so stupid; Nick hadn’t even said anything about her. Why would he? They were not a couple yet. This was so wrong in so many ways.
Some minutes later, everyone was at the table, busy eating while cracking jokes. Kaylie and Nick were sitting by the sides of the table opposite Anne and Chase who wouldn’t keep their hands off each other, it was making Kaylie’s stomach churn. Tori and Luke were both sitting at the edges.

Kaylie felt completely like a stranger, it was like she was not even part of whatever was going on and she was putting the blame and the pressure on the bacon and beef in her plate.





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