The table was filled and even the ordered pizza packs have been delivered. Tori rushed to the mirror that was adjacent to the table to redo her makeup. This was fun for her, especially when she knew she had an interest in someone who might actually like her.
As she put on the lipstick. She couldn’t stop thinking. What did Kaylie mean by saying she might date him? Why would she have to say yes when she loved someone else and who actually loved her?
She frowned. She wanted to have it all….she(Tori) would not allow that.
Some minutes later, the doorbell rang. Immediately her heart froze. That must be Kaylie and Nick. Quickly, she went to open the door but to her disappointment, it was Chase and Anne.
“What’s the look for? Ain’t you happy to see us?” Anne asked, teasing as she stepped in.
“Not really,” Tori replied, shutting the door after Chase.
“I see we came too early.” Chase pointed out and then sniffed. ‘Wow! Something so delicious is in the air. Can I have a bite?”
Tori shook her head, handing them each a cup of drink. “No, we need to stay here for the rest.”
Some minutes later, the three of them sat at the lounge with a cup of drink in their hands.
“Are you sure they are coming?” Anne asked, checking the clock hanging on the wall.
“It’s thirty minutes after seven already,” Chase replied.
Tori was disappointed. If Nick didn’t show up, then it was Kaylie who must have convinced him not to.
“Why don’t you call her?” Chase asked.
“No, let’s just go to the table,” Tori replied as they walked to the dining…just then the doorbell rang and Tori’s heart melted.
“That must be them. Action starts soon as soon as I open that door. Are you ready?”
The two nodded, taking their seats at the dining.
Tori walked towards the door and smiled as she saw Nick who looked happy to see her as well. yet they didn’t say anything to each other. He looked even more handsome in his body hug.
“Come on in, I was afraid you wouldn’t show up.”
“Well, we are here,” Kaylie replied as she stepped in first, followed by Nick and then another man who was carrying a bottle of wine.
“Hi, I’m Luke.” The new man said, extending his hand for her to take as well as the wine.
Tori gave one of her dashing smiles, collected the wine first and took his hand warmly.
“I am Tori, nice to meet you, Luke.”
“Thanks for having me. I’m sorry, I must have caused the lateness.” Luke apologize. He was cleanly-shaven, brown hair and didn’t look like a gym fan.
“So, where is everybody?” Kaylie asked,
“In there,” Tori replied as they all walked towards the dining.
Tori smiled as she walked behind with Luke while Nick and Kaylie walked at the front. She was glad. This was finally happening!



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