Tangle episode 6


On getting to the house, the officer who the D.P.O. appointed to escort the lady to Jeffery’s house, bade them farewell and went back to his station leaving the two friends with their visitor. Immediately the officer left Jeffery hissed and went into his bedroom. The lady who sat on the sofa kept admiring the interior set of the house with her eyes.

‘How are you feeling?’ Malik asked after a long moment of silence.
‘Am feeling good sir’ the lady replied.
‘Feel free; this is your home now. If there is anything you need just tell me’.
‘Okay, thanks for your hospitality’ she appreciated.
‘You are welcome, let me attend to something inside, I will be back to show you around the house’ with this, Malik went in to see his friend.

When he got into the bedroom, he found Jeffery lying down on his bed reading a magazine.
‘Hey, Jeff, what are we going to do about this issue on the ground’ Malik asked.
‘Which issue?’ Jeffery asked, giving little concentration to his friend.
‘Stop kidding Jeff, I mean what do we do concerning the lady we just brought in’ he answered.
‘So you are asking me now? Was it not your idea to bring her home? I thought you were happy with the way things turned out’ Jeffery lamented, putting down the magazine he was reading.

‘So you want to place the whole blame on me now? Aren’t you the one who caused everything right from the start?’ Malik answered angrily.
‘If she spends the next three days in our house, am going to kill her’ Jeff fulminates.
‘Nothing must happen to her, remember the police are involved in this case, she is like a bone tied to our neck’ Malik explained.
‘But what if she discovers our secret?’

‘Don’t worry she won’t, as long as we remain careful. Let’s endure her for the main time and pray she quickly regains her memory’ Malik said before going back to see their visitor.
Malik found the lady caressing the figurine of a bird which was placed on the center table.
‘Hi, there’ Malik announced his presence which startled her.
‘Sorry, am only admiring this bird’ she said.
‘No problem but it’s not a real bird it’s a figurine’.
‘It is beautiful but I don’t think it can fly, can it?’ she asked.
‘No it can’t fly; we use it only for decoration. Come let me show you your room’ He said as he ushered her inside.

‘Here we are’ Malik announced after opening the door to the bedroom.
The lady scanned the well-furnished bedroom with her eyeball, from the huge bed to the full-length mirror and the big wardrobe.
‘This is your toilet and bathroom’ Malik said but the lady wasn’t listening.
Her attention was on a picture she saw on the wall.
‘Who is this?’ she inquired showing the picture to Malik.

‘Her name was Helen, my sister’ Malik answered.
‘Where is she?’
‘She is dead’ Malik said with a bitter expression.
‘Am sorry’ she said when she saw his expression.
‘It’s alright; you should freshen up and relax. I will call you when it’s time to eat’ Malik walked out of the room.

TANGLE (Episode 5)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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