The taxi carrying Anita stopped opposite an elegant hotel, she alighted and walked in. She had rid her mind off the thought of the mystery man, what occupied her mind as she proceeded towards the hotel’s hall was how she was going to give an awesome performance. Although she had rehearsed quite a few times but she was still feeling nervous.

On getting to the hall’s entrance, she met heavy security checks. The concert’s pass was being checked and people were being scanned for weapons. She approached them and they demanded her pass. She fished into her bag to produce it out but to her disappointment, she couldn’t find it. She checked everywhere until the reality became dawn on her that she had lost her pass to the concert where she was going to perform.

She tried to reason with the securities but they wouldn’t lend any listening ear. They were given strict order not to let anyone without the pass in, regardless of his or her status. Anita was confused, she brought out her phone and dialed one of the organizer’s number but the number was not available. She begged the securities again but they were indifferent to her pleas. Charles her manager had really worked so hard to make sure she gets to perform in this big concert to help her forthcoming single gain recognition.

Lost in thought, she was jolted back to life by the hotel’s waiter.
‘Excuse me ma, are you miss Anita?’ Asked the waiter.
‘Yes please, any problem?’ She replied.
‘Not at all, a man brought this here just now. He said it belongs to you.’ He brought out her pass which Anita almost snatched from him.
‘Thank you so so much.’ She said happily as she collected the pass, showed it to the securities and went into the hall.

The moment she got in, she got hooked by one of the organizers.
‘Thought you changed your mind about performing, I was about calling someone else to fill your spot.’ Said the man.
‘Am sorry, my flight was delayed.’ She replied.
‘Just go to the backstage and get yourself prepared, please don’t screw up.’ He warned.
‘I won’t sir, thanks so much.’ She answered.

Anita stood at the backstage with her headphone, rehearsing and making sure she had committed all the lyrics in her song to heart. Of course, she wrote the song and could sing it anywhere but she needed to tighten all loose end just to make sure she won’t mess up.
Her time finally came and she was called to stage. She took the mic and started singing. As she sings, she could see the whole audience already on their feet dancing. Just as it used to be when she sings in her church.

Extremely happy about this, when she finished with the song, she began singing an acapella of another song she was working on.
As she sings vigorously, the audience roared in excitement. She suddenly heard someone blew her a whistle, she looked in the direction and was stupefied to see that it was the mysterious Segun. Immediate she lost her nerve and her performance would have been destroyed if she hadn’t quickly got hold of herself and abruptly brought the song to its end.


Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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