Trauma (Episode 12)


After Juwon left, Jumoke pondered more on what he had said about. Although she was afraid of hurting the little creature or herself but also this pregnancy will bring her shame. How is she going to tell her parent? Will they ever believe that she was raped? These were the question running through her mind before the worms inside her started crying. She got up and went to cook something edible for herself.

Bisi came home to be welcomed with the formidable aroma of Jummy’s stew. It filled her nostrils as she entered the room.
“Iya Ibeji, this stew you are cooking is something else ” Bisi joked.
“Bisi what’s with the name? I don’t like it ” Jummy refuted.

“Na u Sabi, abeg what have you cooked am famished,” Bisi said as she watched Jummy put off the fire. A moment later both ladies were waging war against a heap of rice and stew before them.
“Where is Tolu?” Jummy asked.
“He went to Bayo’s place” Bisi replied.
” I still don’t know how am going to get the remaining #4000″

“Juwon came here a few hours ago and I explained to him. He advised and begged me not to abort it ” Jummy explained.
“Why? What is his problem with it? You shouldn’t have told him about it in the first place ”
“I know, it was a mistake” Jummy replied.
“I already told my boyfriend about it and he promised to send it tomorrow, ” Bisi said.
“Thank you very much ”

Jummy with his two friends were chatting outside the house early morning the following day when Juwon came. He greeted them all and excused Jummy from their midst to talk to her privately.
“Jummy are you still going to do it? ” He asked.
“Yes I am, I can’t bear the burden and shame,” she said.
“What if something happens to you during the process? ” Juwon said.

“What is your concern about this? It’s my life, I can do whatever I like with it” Jummy flared up.
“Am sorry, this is the money you asked for ” he brought out the money.
“OK thank you very much ” Jummy.
“I very much wish you won’t regret this,” he said before leaving.

Jummy went to her friends and happily told them she has got the money. They didn’t need to wait for Bisi’s boyfriend anymore.

A few hours later Bisi leads her on the way to the clinic where the pregnancy will be taken care of. Jummy’s brown bag dangled by her side as they trekked the tarred road looking for a taxi. Suddenly Bisi noticed a bike come close to them and before she could say a word, it’s rider snatched Jummy’s handbag and zoomed off.

TRAUMA (Episode 11)

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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