Tori opened the door and was surprised to see a strange man in the living room. Spiky black hair, fitted blue shirt and devilish blue eyes which stopped her in her tracks. He looked like someone who often hit the gym, with shoulders as wide as a barn door. He was sitting comfortably, watching the T.V. He looked up as he sighted Tori and for the first time since Tori got to the island, she regretted not spending enough time in front of the mirror. She suddenly became aware of the oversized pajamas she has been wearing ever since Chase knocked on her door that early morning.
So he was a cute man. What was he doing here and why did he take so long to come to her.
“Oh my God! You are so gorgeous!” She uttered before she could control her lips.
The man smiled, giving her a dashing smile. “Hi. I’m Nick. “ He stood up, bringing his hand forward.
Tori drew closer, smiling stupidly as she placed her hand in his while staring at the pair of most devilish eyes she has ever seen.
She had no idea how long she kept holding his hand. His lips were moving but she couldn’t hear a single word, she was drowning in the spell his eyes had cast on her….and those muscles. Oh dear Lord! Where has this man been all her life…
“Tori, I see, you have met Nick. Nick, that’s Tori.”
Tori pulled away quickly as she heard Kaylie’s voice while Nick returned to his seat.
“Yea..i just did. “ Tori replied, expecting an explanation.
“We met last night at the party actually and we danced, how many times was that?” Kaylie asked, moving towards Nick and sat beside him.
“Well, I think it was four times. You were super excited last night. I never knew you would even remember me.” Nick replied, facing Kaylie who never stopped smiling.
Tori calculated everything sharply. This devilishly handsome dude was the man her friend planned to use? Oh No! This one belonged to her.
“Kaylie, your room, now!” She ordered and walked hurriedly to the room.
“I will be right back Nick. My friend can be so dramatic.” She said quickly to Nick.
“It’s okay, I will be waiting right here,” Nick replied.
Quickly, Kaylie followed Tori and as she stepped in the room, Tori closed the door.
“What is it, Tori?” She demanded curiously.
“That man….that fine man, is he the one you plan to use?”
Kaylie scoffed. “This was why you had to bring me here? Well, yes, he is the one. He was the only decent guy I met at the club and I ran into him shortly after I left the shore. Is there any problem…”
Tori nodded. “He is so cute and so sexy Kaylie. Do you think he deserves this?”
Kaylie frowned, wondering why her friend would ask such a dumb question.
“Seriously? Why do you care? He ‘s not your brother, is he? Besides, he is perfect with his good looks, it will just make Chase more jealous.” She added with a chuckle. “Look, I got to go, I don’t want to keep him waiting for so long. Besides, I think I like him and if he asks me out, I will say yes.”
“What? Yes to what exactly?”Tori asked.
“To be his girlfriend of course, what else. Get yourself together Tori, you are being weird. This is my plan, not yours. Once I get to know him very well, then I can walk on my plans.”
Quickly, Kaylie left the room and went back to Nick who was still watching the T.V. He was so Toriply immersed that he was unaware when Kaylie walked back in.
For a while, Kaylie waited for him to say something but his full concentration was on the TV. Shortly after, Tori walked in.
“Oh! You love basketball?” She asked him, as she sat on the next coach.
Her question startled Nick who looked at Kaylie and said. “Wow! I didn’t know when you came in,” then he faced the other side where Kaylie sat. “Yea, I’m a great fan of Basketball, I play as well.”
“Shut the front door!” Tori shouted excitedly. “Which Club do you play for?”
Nick frowned and replied with a smile. “How much do you know about football…”
Kaylie was quiet and she couldn’t but keep quiet as they both went on and on, clearly, they had one thing in common. Unable to take being sidelined any longer…she spoke out.
“Okay, thank You, Tori, we know you love basketball but isn’t there something you need to go and do?” She asked, giving Tori all the clues for her to skedaddle
Tori must have gotten the cue for she stood up. “Well, Nick, or should I say, Falcon, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“Same here,” Nick replied.
As Tori headed towards the entrance, she paused as if she remembered something.
“I’m hosting a dinner tonight and some of our friends are coming, you should come.”
Kaylie frowned. What was she doing? What friends were coming to her place?
“Tori, I thought I’m your only friend here, so what friends are you talking about?” Kaylie asked with a fake smile.
“Well, you will meet them once you come, Kaylie,” Tori replied.
Kaylie was suspicious. What in God’s name was her friend planning? She wasn’t ready to start the game yet. She still needed to get to know Nick for a while.
“So sorry Tori, I’, sure Nick’s got some plans …”
“No, I don’t actually. I will be there. 7 pm, bring your appetite.” Nick replied to her disappointment. “Do you mind if I come with a friend?”
“Oh perfect! The more the merrier.” Tori replied and rushed out quickly, ignoring the scowl Kaylie was sending her.
“Are you sure you really want to go?”She asked.
“Sure. Besides, your friend seems like a friendly person so, I think it will be fun. Been a while I had someone who seemed so interested in Basketball.”
Kaylie managed a smile.
“So did you two meet here?”Nick asked.
Kaylie almost grunted aloud. She was so tired of this.
“Yea, sure we did. So, where are you from?” She asked, changing the topic. Instead, Nick stood up and checked his wristwatch.
“Wow! Time is fast gone. So sorry, wish I could stay a bit longer but I got to go. I have your number so I will call you once it’s seven.”
Kaylie wasn’t pleased so she just nodded and walked him to the door.
Some minutes later, she was the only one in the house. She was so not happy with what Tori just did right now. She quickly picked up her phone and dialed her number. To her dismay, her line was switched off. Angrily, she threw the phone on the couch and grunted angrily as loudly as she could. She hasn’t even gotten one thing about him and Tori just ruined all the time she could have used. Asking him dumb questions, what kind of a woman would like football anyway?
Later, she was lying in her bed in her room. The first time she had met Chase at the restaurant came back to her. It was so easy with him, in fact, everything was so easy between them. Neither of them liked matches but they enjoyed bowling together and had played many times which had always ended each time with her beating him.
She laughed at the memory. Yea, it was Indeed easy with him. SO many times she didn’t even need to look pretty with Chase.
“You are always beautiful to me.” He would always tell her.
Now, she would have to be spending extra time to make herself more appealing to Nick. She sighed. What had she done to herself?





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