Blue eyes.
That’s all I can think of as this lady whose name I’m yet to know leans closer to me.
She bites her lips and I almost groan. Hasn’t anyone told her not to bite the lips in such a manner in front of a guy?
I stared at her. She doesn’t look like someone who is regular at a club. She looks too innocent for that.
“You never told me your name”
“Alexandra,” she said and stumbles making me wrap my arms around her waist to steady her.

“Mm. Alexandra” I whispered, tasting the name on my lips.
“My name sounds sweet when you say it Mr cutie” she grins and I chuckled.
Yep, she’s definitely drunk.
“Come let’s clean your wound yea?” I pulled away. She smears her bloodied palm over her bare thighs and I winced.
“Come on” I lead her a few meters away from the club and stopped when I came across an empty quiet, dark spot.
“Here, sit” I gestured to the large rock.
She obeyed quietly.
I bite my lip.
I need to get back to my brothers before they begin to think I’ve gone missing.
I sighed.
“Sit here and don’t move. I’ll try to see if I can find a pharmacy nearby. Stay put okay?” I said and she nods gingerly.
“Come back soon please” she pulls her knees to her chest and hugged herself.
She’s fragile. Too fragile.
“I’ll be back soon” I replied and sprinted away.



One minute.
Two minutes.
Three minutes.
Oh dear, why is he taking so long?
Relax Alexa.
It’s been just a few minutes since he left.
I tried to convince myself but I can’t seem to relax. For some strange reason, I seem to be scared of the dark…
I feel like I’m being watched.
I feel uneasy, dizzy and drunk.
I placed my head on my knees and shut my eyes, rocking myself back and forth.
Please return soon Will. Please.
I pray gingerly.

I heard footsteps and my eyes shoot open.
“Oh thank God you’re back William. I was greeting scared and…” My words get stuck in my throat when I realize the silhouette of the person standing before me was much taller, bigger and bulkier than William. And it was not just one. There were two of them.
I gulped, taking a step backward.
“Ugh hi. May I help you?” I asked meekly.
They didn’t respond. They just keep their stance watching me with unblinking eyes.
I gulped again, feeling my anxiety rise again.
Surprisingly Wills had managed to calm me down earlier but now?…
Umm… Are you lost?” I tried again reaching into my purse for my phone… Danm it! I left my purse in the club.

“Ugh… Seems like you don’t need my help s…so I’ll just ummm leave” I turned quickly to leave when strong arms grabbed me, nails digging into my skin.
I winced.
“Not so fast Alexandra Wallace”
I shuddered in fear.
How did he know my name?
What do they want?
“What do..y..you want? I.. I don’t have money. Let me go please”
“Oh as for money we’re gonna get a lot if we bring you” the one who wasn’t grabbing me smirks.

His voice sends disgusting shivers down my spine.
“W…what do you want?” I asked feeling my panic rising.
“Oh, you’ll see. In due time” the other says and begins to drag me.
Without thinking, my instincts set in and I sink my teeth into his arm biting as hard as I can till I taste blood in my mouth.
He hisses letting go of me abruptly.
Taking it as my cue, I turned and ran.
But I didn’t get far. I didn’t get far when I felt someone yanked me from behind making me topple forward. The bulkiest amongst the two grabbed my neck.
I choked. Colour drains from my face as I began to pant.

“Look here lady, we’re not here to play games. We love to do a quiet and clean job, get our money and disappear. We hate when our victims try to make our work difficult just like you’re doing right now. Do not make me hurt you, lady!” He growls at me digging his nails into my thigh. Gasping for breath and with his hand still choking me, I yanked my thigh away causing the hem of my dress to tear.
He lets go of my neck and I broke into a coughing fit, tears blinding my vision. He turned to his partner and began to whisper something in a different language.

Seeing their distraction, I turned to run and yet again I couldn’t get far. They were to huge for me. Too strong. I felt myself being pushed forward and like a flash, I got the sense of a déjà vu as I topple forward.
A loud scream escaped me as I fell, hitting my head on the rock I was seated on earlier. I heard the ripping sound as the scar on my left eyebrow rips open, save from its stitches making blood gush out..I
I screamed. Pain shooting across my entire system. It bloody hurts.
“You fool!!” Both men grabbed me and yanked me up harshly, blood from my scar spilling down my face.
As they dragged me, I didn’t fight anymore. I can’t. I’m weak. Dizzy.


Quickening my steps I crossed the road to the other side and made my way towards the spot where I left Alexandra.
I feel strange.
I don’t know why but I want to get to her so badly. Clutching the polythene bag which contained the necessities I need, I rushed even more.
I’m almost there. Almost there.
I heard the high pitched scream and my eyes widen, my pulse accelerating.
It couldn’t be her right?

The scream booms across the silent atmosphere and that’s when my legs began to move on their own accord. Running with my heart on my sleeves, as I’ve never done before.
When I got to the spot, I couldn’t find her seated where I left her. Instead, the street lights illuminate the tiny spot and my breath hitches. Blood. Sprayed all over the rock.
“Alexa!!” I dropped the bags and began to walk frantically searching for her.
And that’s when I spotted them. Two men who looked like they’d been lifting weights all their lives, dragging a bleeding Alexa.

“Hey, you!!! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?!!” I growled rushing towards them, adrenaline pumping through my veins.
They stared at me for a second and then they dropped Alexa before scurrying off.
Honestly, I didn’t expect them to run off without a fight. They could have easily beaten me to a pulp but they just ran.
I shake my head, turning off thoughts of them and rushed to Alexa. Oh my God.
She’s bleeding.. F*ck! I dropped the items I bought from the pharmacy how do I clean her wounds now.

“Alexa, can you hear me? I’m sorry I took too long to come. I’m sorry Alexa. Alexa? Can you hear me?” I gathered her in my arms, pulling out my handkerchief to dab her wounds.
“Will… P..pill… P…panic attack” she stutters and it took a while for her words to register.
Pill? Panic attack?
“Alexa? Where are your pills? Tell me and I’ll get them for you. Where did you leave your pills please tell me” I ask desperately but she didn’t answer.
She’s beginning to hyperventilate. Fear gripped me.
“Alexa breath. You have to breathe. Take in long deep breaths.. Alexa come on! Breath!!”
All my efforts were in vain. Oh, Lord.
She needs to breath. What to do?

Glancing at her dress, I grabbed the bust and rip it apart to give her more space to breathe. I pulled off my jacket to fan her and that’s when I felt a strong blow hit me. I groaned… F*ck!
“You bastard!! I’m going to kill you!!” A deep voice thunders behind me and I turned.
There’s an angry looking man with a woman and two men behind him.
“Sir I was only trying to..” My words get caught in my throat when another blow comes my way. I stumble back in shock.
“This is a misunderstanding sir. I was only….” Another blow lands on my face and I groaned spitting out blood.
The man pushed me aside and rushed to Alexa.
“Oh Alexa. My daughter. Look what he did to you…”



I can hear my father’s soothing voice. What I don’t understand is how he got to know I was here? Who gave him that information?
“Linux, get her into the car, have her take her pills and make sure she gets medical treatment. You, Mark, stay here” I heard father instruct his two bodyguards and soon, I felt been lifted off the ground.
What’s going on? Who told me father I was here?
With great difficulty, I opened my eyes and that’s when I saw her. Alice. My stepmother standing behind father. The witch! I’m sure she planned everything and then brought my father here. Conniving bitch!
“And you young man, you tried to rape my daughter!”

“No Sir…I..”
“Shut up! Do you think I didn’t see how her clothes are torn? The blood on her thighs and face? I swear you messed with the wrong girl this time. I’ll make sure you rot in jail!” My father spits.
I wanted to tell him. To tell my father William is innocent. He’s just a good Samaritan. I wanted to tell my father those who hurt me have escaped but I can’t. My throat feels dry. My eyes feel heavy. My breaths are coming in short spams.
“Mark, take him to the police station. Make sure he doesn’t get bail. I swear you’re going to rot in jail for touching my daughter. Mark grabbed him!”
My father growled.
And that’s the last thing I heard before darkness engulfed me.



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