TRAUMA (Episode 11)



Tolu held the paper to her face and carefully read it’s content to confirm what Jummy had said.
“This is serious trouble, how are we going to do it? ” She asked in confusion.
“I think the only solution we have right now is to find a way to remove it,” said Bisi.
The others stared at Bisi surprisingly as she gave the suggestion.
“Bisi you don’t mean abortion do you?” Tolu asked.
“Yes, I do. Why are you people staring at me as if am a devil? Is there any big deal in aborting an unwanted pregnancy? ” She said.

“I don’t want to murder young blood for a crime he knows nothing about ” Jummy replied.
Bisi drew closer to her and held her hands.
“Don’t say that this isn’t your fault. You can’t allow that unfortunate guy to destroy your life with what he did. Nobody needs this baby right now, I think it will be better if you can terminate this pregnancy until the time you have the full capability of taking care of a baby” she advised.
“But what about her safety? How are we sure nothing is going to happen to her during the abortion ?” Tolu asked.

“This is her first time of doing it so it is less likely for any complication to occur and besides I have a qualified doctor who will do it within three hours without any problem,” Bisi said.
“Am scared of it Bisi, give me some time to think about it ” said Jummy.
“Ok but remember time is not a luxury you have now. This is the early stage where it will be so easy to remove” after she had said this, she went out of the room.
Jummy made a deep sigh.
“What am I going to do now? ” Jummy asked.
“Don’t worry, God will lead us through ” Tolu answered.

Later that evening, Bisi was able to convince them that removing the baby was the right thing to do in such a situation. She told them the bill was #15000 and they started raising the money but all they could raise was #11000. They thought about how to get the rest but couldn’t figure it out until they slept.

About half-past eleven the next morning, Jummy was woken up by the incessant knock on the door. Her friends had gone for their exam. She forced her tired body up and went to open the door. As the door creaked open, it was Juwon’s smiling face that greeted her.
“Good afternoon Jummy” He greeted as he entered.
“It’s not afternoon yet ” Jummy corrected.
“Apologies, I was deceived by the sun. I actually came here to check how you are feeling ” he said.

“Am ok now, thank you very much” she replied.
“So how have you been studying for our forthcoming paper? ”
“Have been trying”.
“Juwon I have a favor to ask you, ” She said.
“What is it? Ask me anything ” he said.
“Am in need of #4000 I want to use it for something important ”
“Ok, I will see what I can do about it tomorrow. Hope that is all? ” He asked.
“Actually I want to do something but am scared about it ” Jummy replied.
“What is it? ”
“Juwon can you believe that am pregnant? ” she said.

“What!!!” Juwon exclaimed.
“I have no other choice than to abort it but am scared ” she explained.
“Jummy please don’t abort this pregnancy ”
“It threatens to sabotage my future” she complained.
“I understand all you stand to lose but you need to understand that this baby didn’t come to you as an accident. It’s a gift from God ”
“What are you saying Juwon? How do you expect me to cope with a baby? How am I going to take care of it?” Jummy asked.

“I know this is hard for you but what if something bad happens to you while trying to abort it? Please, Jummy leave this pregnancy alone, I don’t want to lose you” he said.
“Thanks for your concern, I honestly don’t want to but I haven’t got any other choice ” she explained.

TRAUMA (Episode 10)


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe


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