“Chase, sincerely, I know what I did was wrong and I….”
“No, you don’t sincerely,” Chase said, standing up. Right now, he had the chance of blaming everything that has been happening on her, and this was the only chance he has ever had since she had left him at the aisle. It was like a floodgate had just been opened and he was going to make his ager flow ceaselessly towards the right channel.
“You don’t know what you did. If you know, you wouldn’t even be here. You made me a laughing stock. People laughed at me. I became a joke! Do you know how that felt?”
Anne sat still, covering her face in her hands. Maybe she was sobbing or not but Chase knew his words were getting to her and she should actually feel sorry about that.
“You just left without an explanation, on the wedding day that we have both been looking forward to, well, I guess I was the only one, but still, when you were not interested, why didn’t you say anything? Did I force you to marry me?”
“Chase I’m so sorry, please stop.” Anne cried, “I thought you have forgiven me.”
“Oh yes. I have. But I only did that so I could move on, so I could finally leave you behind me and face my relationship which you had no idea how you messed it up.”
He stopped. She was sobbing profusely and he hated it. He just had to stop, but not without having some explanation.
“Why did you do it, Anne?’
The lady sniffed, wiping her face slowly.
“I don’t know. I knew him right before I met you and I thought he loved me because I really loved him.” She hiccupped and continued. “When I met you, we were taking a break, and I liked you. I never knew he would want me to take him back. SO you started all this wedding plan and I know it was the most unkind thing to do to run away from our wedding, but I didn’t want to hurt you, you were so excited with the wedding and …”
“Bullshit!” Chase blurted before he could stop himself.
“You didn’t want to hurt me because I was excited. So that was why you decide to leave me at the aisle so that the blow could be lesser?” He asked sarcastically. “That was the most painful part, Anne. You were so selfish and so self-centered and you were a cheat!”
Anne breathed out sharply as those statements kicked in.
“I know … I deserve all those things and this is why I am here to apologize personally.”
“I saw your wedding pictures. You both looked quite happy, so where is her?”
She was sober again. “He was abusive, he was always beating me.” Her voice was breaking as she rubbed her left arm. Chase could see some scars which he hadn’t noticed before.

“It started before the wedding but I went on with it because I was too ashamed to come back to you. After the marriage, the beating got worse and I just had to escape. It was while I was thinking of how to go by it that I got your Facebook message.”
Chase was quiet. For some reason, he felt he had been well vindicated. That made him sober. For the first time, he actually believed in the power of the Karma.
“I’m sorry about what you had to go through…”He lied but the woman smiled.
“No, I am sorry for what you had to go through. You have been well vindicated and I have paid for what I did.”

“Was it the same reason why you blocked him on Facebook and all other social media?”
“I wasn’t the one. He did. He had access to all my social media. “
“Wow! Well, I forgave you times back. I should have forgiven you way ahead that time but I was filled with self –pity and insecurity which affected me a lot. I had already messed things up for myself before I realized what I needed to do.”
They both sighed at the same time.
“So where is he now?”
“Back at Paris, we are divorced.” She replied.
“Wow!” Came his reply.
“So, I guess there is nothing stopping us from being together now, is there?” She asked, coming closer.
“Hey! Chill out, lady!” Chase said, backing away. “There is never going to be ‘us’ again. You had your chance and you blew it. I am with someone else now.”
The lady was confused. “You are with someone else? So why did you come here to meet me, why did I pay for our house?”
“Hey. Hold up. I came here with someone else. I have been here for four days now.” He enjoyed the way the excitement vanished from her eyes. “Also, the reason why you decided to pay for the house, beats me. I mean, maybe you have enough money and all. Because we are not staying together.”
“You didn’t say anything before I paid.”
“Oh, I tried. But Taylor got you so excited you weren’t listening.” He replied.
The lady sighed and looked disappointed. “Well…I guess I can have my refund since we won’t be using the house.” She said, standing up and turning to face the other way.
Chase realized he must have been to hash on her and he sort of felt bad for that. she had, after all, paid for all her crimes.
The lady turned around.
“I think you should stay. We can have a drink or two so you will know for sure that I have forgiven you. Besides, this place is a great place, you might meet someone better than I ever was to you.”
The lady smiled. “That was really nice of you to say but, I think If I’m not doing anything here, I should just go…Take care, Chase.” She said, coming closer to kiss him on the cheek before turning around again.
“Wait. I think I might need your help.”
The lady stopped one more time, there was a Torip frown on her face as she faced him. “My help? Please, anything? Do you want the house for your girlfriend, it’s okay by me.”
“No. That’s not it…..”
“Oh, I thought you are here with someone…”
“Yes I am, but just listen, please. Damn! You talk too fast.”
Anne chuckled. “Okay, what is it?”
“When I heard about your marriage on Facebook, I became so jealous and so insecure that it affected my relationship.”
The lady looked surprised. ‘What happened?”
“Well, I started thinking she might also start behaving as you did. You know. Things were so right between you and I and you just bolted. The same happened with Kaylie and I and I just got scared. I started pulling away and she got tired and now, both of us are stuck here on this island and we are not talking.”
“Wow. I am so sorry.”
“Yea. Yo should be.” He teased and they both laughed. “But you should be since it was your fault, to begin with, so you need to help me fix it.”
“Okay, Chase. What would you like me to do?”
“I need you to pretend to be my fake girlfriend.”
For a while, Anne was quiet and was looking at him as if she had lost his mind. Then she burst into laughter.
“What? Chase? Look I know you are creative but not as twisted as that.”
“Look, I need this. She is so adamant and so proud and doesn’t want to accept that she still has feelings for me and I need to win her back so we could both enjoy our vacation together. I am so tired of not being able to talk to her.”
Anne was quietly studying him and smiling at the same time.
“What?” He asked.
“You are in love with her. I have seen that look so many times.”
“Well, I am.”
“So why don’t you just tell her?”
“She knows this. I have been trying to win her back since I got back but she wanted me not to talk to her and I had to respect that. I just don’t like how she is pushing herself to get rid of me. The more she tried, the more I feel she is trying too hard. So I just want to know how she will react when she finally realizes that she has lost me, will she be happy or will she regret her actions?”
“Wow! That is intense Chase.”
“I wish someone will fight for me like that.”
“Yea, I know, I had that and I lost it..blah.blah,,”
Chase smiled. “Well, I’m glad we can joke about it. So are you in or not?”
“So I act like a fake girlfriend, well, I think it should be interesting. So what are the rules exactly? Are we allowed to…kiss?”
“Ugh! No.”
Anne laughed. “You know you used to like kissing my lips.”
“Yea, that was then, not anymore. So for real, Anne please I need you to do this for me.”
“Well, since I was the cause, well, I think I’m cool with it. Besides, it might be fun to watch.”
Chase sighed. “Thank you.”
“So what are we to do?”
“Oh, don’t worry,” Chase replied, dialing Tori’s number. “I have the master planner; she will come to join us soon.”
“ have an ally already? Nice, who is she rooting for?”
“Well, she is Kaylie’s friend and she seems to be rooting for me, I think.”
“You think? Are you not sure? What if she is trying to keep you two apart?”
Before Chase could reply, Tori picked up the call.
“Chase, where are you?” She asked.
“Well, I..urgh. I don’t even know how to describe this place….” Chase started, looking at Anne for help.
“Just tell her the white house. I’m sure she will get it.” Anne quickly said.
“The white house….ok….see you soon.” Chase ended the call. “Why would you ask if she is rooting for us or trying to bring us apart?”
“Nothing, just saying. But since you trust her, there is no problem. Oh, is she the one coming from there?”
Chase glanced towards where Anne was pointing and Indeedd it was Tori. She kept admiring the house as she came closer.
“Wait, let me guess, this was where you would have had your honeymoon?” She asked as she got closer to them.
“Bingo!” Chase stated.
“Wow! It’s really nice.” Tori said before facing Anne. “So she is the sly right, the heartbreaker?”
Chase was surprised at Tori’s outburst and so was Anne.
“You told her?” She asked, looking at Chase, looking a bit disappointed.
“Well, yea. I did but…”
“Ye he did and so what? You know, you are something else lady. You had to come over here, to show yourself here? You have some guts…Do you know how much things you have messed up and …”
Chase had to pull her away aside.
“Look, Tori, you need to calm down. I and Anne have settled our differences.”
“What? What differences? Don’t tell me you are friends with her because that will put me in a terrible position with her with the way I had attacked her like that.”
Chase smiled. “It’s Okay. All you need to do is to apologize to her. I will tell her that you are just being a good friend. Besides, she has agreed to help in getting Kaylie back.”
“What! Did you ask her? Why?”
“Well, I thought it would make things simpler. You know, I don’t want to lead some innocent girl on, just because I want to use her to get me back on the same page with my girlfriend. It will be so unfair. So I just thought of, making her do it since I messed things up because I wasn’t quite over her and now, she is willing to do that.”
Tori was busy thinking. “ I don’t trust her Chase, what if she tries to keep you two apart? You know she is here for one thing which is you and now, you want her to be your fake girlfriend?”
Chase almost laughed out. What was wrong with these two anyway. The same thought Anne had concerning Tori was the same thing Tori was having concerning her. “I don’t know what’s up with the both of you but I think I can work with her and I am not stupid. I’ve got an eye on just one woman and that is Kaylie. So don’t worry. Besides, she just got divorced.”
Tori gasped. “Wow! Served her right.”
“Oh come on stop. I think it’s okay for us to say I have been well vindicated so we can forgive her and move on right?”
Tori gasped and nodded. “Yea.”
“By the way, what did earlier, how you snapped at her, was so uncalled for but it showed you care about me and Kaylie and I really appreciate that Tori. You are a good friend.”
She smiled. “Well, I suck most times but sometimes I make a lot of sense.”
“Don’t be so full of yourself, now come on, let’s go apologize.”
Reluctantly Tori turned around to face Anne who seemed unbothered.
“Hi, I’m Tori. I’m sorry for everything that I said earlier. You know I thought we haven’t forgiven you yet but now that I know we have, I think we can be friends. ”
For a while, Anne said nothing and just looked at Chase who winked at her to go ahead and be cool.
“Well, I’m Anne and I forgive you, thanks for forgiving me too. As he had told you, I paid for it and since it affected his relationship. I am willing to make things right.” Tori continued.
“Oh, common, it is okay. I deserved it.” Anne said with a smile and continued. “Besides, it offers any consolation, I had actually said something about you too.”
Tori gasped. “Really. Was it awful?”
“Yea, I thought you are into Chase when he told me you both are working together.”
Tori laughed at Anne’s honesty. “Well, I liked him before I knew my friend was dating him. Besides, I kinda like the bad boys, you know, basketball, loud music, six packs, and devilish eyes.” She said with a wink.
“Wow! Cool choice.” Anne replied.
“Yea, until they break my heart. Then it becomes a bad choice. Maybe I will go for something serious this time. No more casual.” Tori lamented.
“Great, now we can all be friends and we can work on the plan.”Chase started. “So, Tori, what exactly is the plan?”
Tori stared at them both and then scoffed. “Look, Chase, something else just came up.”
“What is it?”
“She’s hooking up with someone pretty soon.”
Chase gasped. “What? She isn’t supposed to do that. She is supposed to be hooking up with me.”
“Well, you are pretty hooked up with a girl she saw you hugging earlier so …”
Chase shook his head. “I would need to up my game, find out everything about this dude. Is it a serious thing or a casual thing?”
“Oh, she is really tired of anything serious. She wants casual, something simple and not difficult. She doesn’t want to handle guilt or feelings or anything like that.”
As Tori talked, Chase began to remember some things. Kaylie had never been a casual person; she had always been a serious type. For some reason, he knew that whatever she wanted to do or was planning to do could be related to whatever plan she was having to get rid of him.
“Look, we need to find out about this guy and thankfully, we have a plan on the ground. We all need to come together, Tori, I need to meet this guy. Do something to make us all be together, maybe a dinner or something.”
Tori stood up. “Yea, I think that is a very grand plan. I will think of something. But what are you going to do with that?” She asked.
“We can all get to meet each other,” Chase replied, showing off a mischievous grin and putting hands in his pocket. “You should know in every competition, you must get to meet your opponents.”
Tori smiled. “Wow. I think that makes a lot of sense.” Suddenly her phone rang. “I need to go, I think she’s the one calling me.”
“Wait, let me see her picture, so I can know how best to get dressed once the game begins.”
Tori dipped a hand into her purse and brought out her phone, showing the screen to Anne. On it was Kaylie’s picture while she was in her pink bikini, the first time they had met. Anne could see someone with more body than she was, blonde hair and a pretty face.
“Wow! She is really pretty, no wonder you are so hooked up.” She said to Chase.
“She is a great person in and out,” Chase replied with a smile.
“Ok, I think I might be jealous…”Anne said, passing the phone to Tori.
“You don’t get to be jealous Anne. Tell her Chase, this is for Kaylie, you had your chance.” With this, Tori walked away.
For a while, they both watched her walk away.
“So what do you think of her? Still, think she means to sabotage the whole plan?”
Anne scoffed. “Please, as if my opinion counts…but for what’s worth, I think she is really cool and she has your best interest at heart.”
“Thanks, maybe you have really changed after all.”





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