TANGLE (Episode 5)


Malik couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night, he was so terrified by the nightmare he had. He wished he could walk up to his one and only friend and talk to him about the dream but he knew Jeff wouldn’t take it seriously so he decided to take the issue out of his mind. It’s been three days since he last visited the hospital, the doctor called him several times but he ignored the call, trying to forget everything that happened and focus on their business.

The next morning, Malik got up early and made a warm tea for himself. He felt tired, owing to lack of sleep, as he went to the gym equipment they had at home. He got on the treadmill and began the exercise. Jeffery came out of his bedroom yawning, he was surprised to see his friend doing exercise early in the morning.
‘Are you going for an audition for the next series of Fast and furious?’ Jeffery joked.
‘Is that how they greet early in the morning in your village?’ Malik replied after stopping his exercise.

‘Am very sorry sir, I should have prostrated before you and say good morning daddy, nonsense’ Jeffery went to the kitchen and came back with a cup of tea.
‘What came over you, Malik? It’s been a long time since I have seen you on that thing’ Jeffery asked referring to the treadmill.
‘I just felt the need to exercise my body that’s all, when are we going to clear our goods? You know they got to the port yesterday’ Malik asked.
‘Let’s go today, it’s dangerous leaving our goods at the port for too long’ he replied.
Suddenly, Jeffery’s phone rang out from his pocket. He brought it out and picked the call.

‘Hello Chairman, good morning sir’ he greeted.
‘I was told the consignment reached its destination safely’ voice from the phone said
‘Yes sir, I got the message that it arrived yesterday’ Jeffery replied.
‘When are you going to clear it?’ The voice asked.
‘We will clear it this evening, put your mind at ease sir’ he answered.
‘Make sure you do and I want it delivered to my customer in four days time, no loose ends’ the voice said.
‘Ok sir’ he answered and the call ended.

‘That was the chairman; he said we must deliver the goods to his customer in four days time’ Jeffery informed his partner.
‘Okay, but we have to be careful, these goods is more than the one we have previously handled, I think we should clear it with the cover of the night’ Malik said.
‘Well let’s start making the plan’ Jeffery said.
The doorbell rang and Malik went to check who it was. When he opened the door he found to his chagrin, two men dressed in the police uniform at the doorstep.

‘Good morning officers, how may I help you?’ he asked politely while opening the door for them to come in.
‘We are here to see Mr. Jeffery and Mr. Malik’ one of the officers answered.
‘Let me call my lawyer’ Jeffery requested.
‘That isn’t necessary, we only request your presence in our station to clear a misunderstanding’ the second officer said.
With no choice, Malik and Jeffery followed the officers to their station.

At the station, they were told to wait in an office. After a few moments the D.P.O. came in with the doctor taking care of the lady they hit.
‘Hello gentlemen, am sorry for disturbing you this morning. The good doctor here told us what happened a few days ago between you guys and a lady who is currently in his hospital. He told us to help him persuade you to accept the responsibility for your victim. She is suffering from a terrible memory loss and we haven’t been able to locate any member of his family, so you guys must take her into your house and take good care of her until she regains her memory.
Jeffery boiled with anger as he listens to the D.P.O’s speech but there was nothing he could do.

‘Here is a document you have to sign that you assume the full responsibility for the young lady’ DPO said bringing out a document.
‘Is signing a document really necessary?’ Malik asked.
‘Yes it is, please do sign it and take the lady home with you, we will check up on her from time to time’ the D.P.O. concluded his speech as they both signed the document reluctantly.
After leaving the police station, they went to the hospital where they picked the lady up and drove her to their house.

TANGLE (Episode 4)


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