IT girl


Her walks are majestic but she’s not royal and is not called her majesty
Although she’s tall, she’s not called her highness
Maybe because the titles are not given based on your physical quality but blood quality
Looking so perfect in the imperfections of her imperfectly perfect garment and adornment
She knows she’s not it and she doesn’t impose to be it but then she won’t take any less. Like an ocean that can never be filled to its brim because it has no brim or maybe the whole earth is it’s capacity and hence, it can’t be filled. She won’t take any less of the “it girl”
She’s hungry and thirsty
Her tongue the ever wet well can no longer wet her throat let alone quench her thirst and the worms in her stomach can no longer stand the famine that they also resolve to feed on themselves. Yet she said to herself I shall not defile myself with the king’s meat funny enough she doesn’t even have a vegetable as an option for her like Daniel and the other Hebrew boys
It’s a beautiful morning, a very hot burning afternoon with the heavy scorching sun hitting directly on her bare fine skin that had begun to wrinkles from the sun effect and at night comes the cold and freezing atmosphere. Her clothing fits for the beautiful morning, not perfect for the hot noon because the decoration in the gown made it stuffy and itchy on her skin under the scorching sun and too skimpy for the cold nights.
The houses on the hilltop are all booked and filled up,
The caves and mountains are opened to all; only that even the wildest beast of the field live there also.
There are no more Samaritan and there never was because they only existed in the parable Jesus told his disciples
Maybe they have been eaten up by the wolves like sheep scattered amongst wolves.
Maybe there were Samaritan but died after Jesus and went on extinct because he never lied
She chooses the mountain for the mountain are for fortress-like come forth and REST and when she went in, no rest came forth.
She struggled with the habitats of the mountain; her confidence, integrity, and peace were defiled simultaneously.
In all these, she walked majestically and glamorously. Oh, wait! Glamorous is the new breathtaking but she has no breath in her.
Happiness is life
Peace is health
Love is blood
Since breath is to live and life is happiness, then she’s not living because she doesn’t have that breathe of happiness that gives life.
She’s very unhealthy because she has no peace even if there’s blood running through her veins.
Call a doctor to place her on life support… Sorry I meant happiness support to enable her to breathe happiness so she can live again.
Call her priest to pray and bless her with peace so she can have a sound mind and live healthier
Call her family to show her more love to boost her blood volume. Besides, we all say blood is life.
And if her brothers are far away and out of reach, you go call her friend to donate bags of blood to her for some are closer than a brother.
She may not be royalty
She may not be noble
She may not be the “IT GIRL”
But her doctor, priest, friends, and family can make her be majestic, glamorous, and elegant.


By Alveena


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