5th August 2017.
Aston Villa, Accra, Ghana. 8:00pm.

She stares at her reflection in the dressing mirror, letting her fingers trail over the two huge ugly scars just above the flesh of her eyes.
She cringes like every other time when she sets eyes on the scar on her face, disfiguring her.
The scar that had managed to disfigure her once perfect and flawless face just about a year ago.

One month. One more month and it was going to be exactly a year after her dad had brought in that woman. A year after her stepmother had deliberately pushed her making her land face first on the pieces of broken flower pots. She could vividly recall how she had screamed when the rough object pierced into the delicate flesh above her eyes. She could vividly recall how her own blood had splashed onto her face.
Alexa sighs heavily, running her fingers over the scars again.
It was a miracle the broken pieces of pots hadn’t directly pierced her eyes seeing as the scars were located just a little above her eyebrows else she would have gone blind by now.

Only God knows how long she had to stay at home for her wounds to heal. The wound was deep. So deep it had to be stitched twice.
And now, all that was left of it were two ugly scars parading on her once perfect face.
“Alexandra!!” The high pitched voice interrupted her thoughts and she snaps back to reality turning to face her two best friends.
“God girl! I’ve been calling you for minutes now. Don’t tell me you spaced out again” Sophie queried adjusting her purple wig.
“We need to leave. The party has begun already” Lydia chimes in zipping the boots she wore.

“Coming” Alexa sighs getting off the dressing chair and staring at her reflexion. Cringing in disgust immediately.
She hated how she looked now.
She used to be perfect, pretty, slim and curvy in all the right places.
But now, due to her wounds she had locked herself up for weeks, months even and now she’s gained weight. Such ugly weight she’s gained. It made the little self-esteem she had left fly out the window.

She rubs her belly. The belly that used to be so flat was now bulging. Fat sticking out in all the wrong places. Her face looked bloated. Her once pretty arms were now chubby looking and her thighs were starting to rub together when she walked. All because during those times she had been suffering from depression, food, mostly junk foods had been her escape. She spent all her time eating and eating just to while away time so she wouldn’t have to think of how people made fun of her facial scars anytime she stepped out.

Scarface. That’s what people called her with.
“Alexa come on!” Sophie whines and she sighs again. She picked up her scarf, wrapped it over her head and pulled it down to cover her forehead where the scars were.
“Finally! Come on!” Lydia drags her as they exit her room and descend the stairs silently and successfully making it out of the house.



This is not my thing. It never was. It never has and never will be.
I pulled down the scarf over my face as I sat near Lydia and Sophie in the club although I didn’t want to come, they forced me to.
I licked my dry lips, fidgeting with my red dress. This dress used to look so good on me back then. But now, it looks like I’m wearing a dress meant for a ten-year-old.
I sighed.

The music in here is too loud. This place is too crowded and sweaty. I hate crowded places. It triggers my anxiety. And I don’t have my antidepressant pills with me.
Oh, God…
“Hey girl, you okay?” Lydia asked me and I nod.
“I’ll go get you something to drink yeah? To calm your nerves” she told me and I silently thanked her.
She came back later with two glasses of white liquid I presume is water since it’s colorless. As for Sophie, she’s already on her second beer since we got here.

“Here Alexa. Relax” Lydia handed me the drink and I took it.
My hands were shaking. I realized. Too many people were squishing themselves into the dance floor.
Oh, God. I licked my lips again. I think I’m going to have a panic attack again.
Clutching the glass, I tipped the contents into my mouth, gulping down everything at a go.
I grimaced when I felt the liquid burn it’s way down my throat, making bubbly sensations in my belly.
I felt strange. This liquid tastes strange. I shook my head.
The sensation didn’t stop.

“Ugh… I.. I think I need fresh air” I told my friends and dashed out without waiting for a response.
The cool evening breeze hits me as soon as I stepped out. I began to take in deep breaths, to steady my rapid heartbeat.
“Careful. You’ll hurt yourself” a sweet, cool yet deep voice said from behind me.
I ignored it and kept focusing on my breath exercise.

“Hey” I heard the voice again and this time, I felt his presence before me. Lifting my head, I came face to face with the most handsome face ever. His eyes. I’m mesmerized.
“Can you hear me Lady. Lady becareful!” He screamed this time and that’s when I heard a squishing sound.
I looked at my hand and realise I’ve been clutching the glass tightly all the while and I just crashed it with my palm. I winced as I felt the shreds of glass pierce into my palm.

“Here let me check it” Mr cutie grabbed my hand and began to pull out the broken pieces of glass in my palm. I didn’t even feel the pain as all I’m interested in is his handsome face. And how his biceps and muscles stretched with every of his movements.
“You’re so hot” I blurted out.
F*ck! Did I just say that. The drink Lydia gave me must contain alcohol..
Mr cutie stopped dressing my wounds and stared up at me, surprise and wonder flashing in his his. He chuckled, his eyes twinkling.

God! This man.
“Even your laughter is so hot,” I said again and he grins.
Okay, what’s wrong with me?
“Your eyes. They’re pretty” I continued.
Oh Lord. What happened to me today? What gibberish am I spewing?
Mr cutie grins wider.
“And you have pretty eyes too. I love them” he said and I frowned.
“I’m not pretty. I’m always mocked anytime I step out. See” I lifted my scarf to show him my ugly scars.

okay, why am I telling my secrets to a stranger?
I stared at my right hand.
And why do I suddenly have ten fingers?
“These scars prove nothing. They just represent the past. You’re pretty, believe me. Your eyes, they’re so blue. Are you a half cast?” He asked with wonder and I grinned sheepishly.

“Yes. My mother. She was from Chile. She was white and my dad is a Ghanaian. I inherited her blue eyes”
“They suit you” Mr cutie since I do not know his name caressed my cheeks and I shudder.
I instantly began to feel hot. My insides were burning. What’s wrong with me? I felt a wetness between my thighs and I pressed them together.
I bite my lip hard.
Why do feel like I want to have s*x? I feel dizzy.
“What’s your name?”
“William,” he told me.
Oh dear Lord, what’s happening to me? His voice. It’s alluring
I leaned closer to William.


She stood in the dark, watching as the medicine took it’s effect on her.
She smiled pulling out her phone when she felt it vibrating against her bum shorts..
“Hello?” she speaks into the phone twirling her hair as she watched them.
“You got the girl?”
“Yep. I’m watching her.” She paused, frowning
“But there’s this guy with her”
“Well separate them then. I need her today. Tonight.”
“Uh OK. I’ll try. She’s drunk anyways”
“I do not care Lydia. Whether she’s drunk or not. Get her away from that guy and bring her to me. Failure to do so, and you won’t be able to touch a single cent of that money, got it?”

“Sure. But wait… How do you know her father is going to make her the sole heir of the Wallace properties?” Lydia asked
“Go do your work and stop prying your nose into matters that do not concern you. Curiosity kills the cat” the voice thunders.
“Okay fine. I’ll bring you Alexa but keep my money ready” she replied and hanged up.



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